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Was OJ Correctly Found
Innocent? Some Believe So

From Dick Fojut

From Dick Fojut in Tucson, AZ
Apparently most news-media people - and possibly most other Americans (especially those who never watched or listened to the original murder trial) - are totally convinced O.J. Simpson WAS guilty of murdering his wife and wrongly "escaped" justice. Angrily, they now demand "retribution" and want Simpson punished (perhaps with Life in prison) for the overblown fiasco in Las Vegas. For the reasons listed below, I suggest the "hang O.J." majority may be mistaken. In June of 2,000 I Emailed the following to several hundred establishment and alternative media people, with information about the OJ Simpson trial that most of them seemed ignorant about. (Only a few even acknowledged the Email.) Please read it and judge for yourself...
* Chicago private investigator Sherman Skolnick publicly contended that members of the narcotics-distributing Japanese Mafia, the YAKUZA - or - competing Mexican Herrera mob, slaughtered drug-dealing Nicole and Ron... Skolnick further claimed the murder was filmed by the DEA - and also watched by O.J.'s own detectives. None attempted to stop the murders. According to Skolnick, to cover up the role of the narcotics gangs, the crooked L.A. police framed Simpson...
Further below in this Email, read Skolnick's essay about the above as presented years back on Chicago Public Access TV. I think you will also be amazed to read Skolnick's allegation that some giant American banks are (or were then) mostly owned by the Japanese Yakuza mafia; Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
(Controversial Sherman Skolnick, who died a few years back, was the famous, paraplegic Chicago private investigator whose earlier revelations about a bunch of corrupt Illinois Judges - including former Gov. Kerner - led to their convictions and imprisonment. Since the 1950s he had been producing a popular weekly public access TV show in Chicago.)
* At the O.J. murder trial, defense lawyer Lee Bailey's questioning of the two original investigating detectives (not Furman) demolished the prosecution's case against O.J. in the very first days of trial testimony! The detectives' testimony was never again mentioned by the media (or even by showy, but inept defense lawyer Johnny Cochran)... but it was REMEMBERED by the Jurors in the first trial.
On a single later network TV interview, several of the jurors said the early testimony (following) convinced the entire jury to vote O.J. innocent. Their TV interview comments were also ignored and not further repeated by the rest of the media.
(My wife and I watched on TV or listened on radio to the ENTIRE O.J. murder trial from the first day.)
But FIRST, recall the Prosecution's scenario... The waiting, but impatient (nearsighted) chauffeur, testified he saw a dark figure (obviously the panicked, blood spattered O.J. rushing from the murders) going in the front door of his house. In his upstairs bedroom O.J. washed off the evidence, stuffed his bloody clothes in a bag and rushed down to be driven off to the airport. A little "problem" there... The prosecution skipped over the fact that in what amounted to only a relatively few minutes, O.J came out of his house showered, spic and span, carrying some of his bags. And other of his bags were ALREADY sitting outside the house.
In early questioning of the 2 main detectives, F. Lee Bailey got them to admit some incredible things!
Following is THE testimony the jurors remembered that led them to find O.J. innocent....
* Detective Lange admitted to F. Lee Bailey, they could not find a trace of blood OR dirt on the white (or light covered), stairs or on the walls leading to O.J.'s upstairs bedroom.... OR on the white bedroom carpet OR in the bathroom. (The single dark sock with his blood spot went strangely "unnoticed" until days later.)
* The same detective then testified that they took apart ALL the plumbing in the bathroom but could not find one drop or flake of blood in the pipes! The media people present heard this but never later repeated that testimony!
Influential Radio Talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy DIDN'T hear it. They had decided Simpson was guilty BEFORE the trial began (and pronounced him guilty to their trusting listeners). But my wife and I heard it. And the Jurors heard it. And the Jurors remembered!
Is O.J. one of the world's greatest magicians?...
In faxes to (pompous) Rush and Liddy during the O.J. trial, I repeated the detectives' testimony. And I also suggested to them that O.J. must be one the world's greatest magician-murderers.... O.J. LEVITATED up the stairs into his bedroom... disintegrated his bloody clothes... bathed and dried in Ethereal water that disappeared.
Caused clean clothes to form around his body... all in just a few minutes of entering the house. Then (still levitated) he floated down the stairs to his front door. BUT the big dummy made ONE MISTAKE! He dropped one sock stained with a drop of his blood, on the bedroom floor!
And about Shapiro and the bloody Glove(s) that "didn't fit." Something Shapiro told to G. Gordon Liddy later is worth mentioning...
* Long after the first trial. SHAPIRO (no friend of O.J. Remember he suggested O.J. confess in a plea bargain) told Liddy during a radio interview that I heard, that he (Shapiro) had tried on the murder glove(s) the night before... He found them snug. Shapiro told Liddy that he went to see O.J. the next day and asked O.J. to put his hand up against Shapiro's hand.
When Shapiro saw how HUGE O.J.'s hand was against his own... Shapiro told O.J.: "TRY ON THE GLOVES!" (He did in court. Didn't fit.)
Certainly Liddy and Shapiro should remember that program. I certainly do! (Shapiro has also since died.)
Following is just one of the incredible transcripts about WHO really killed Ron and Nicole according to Skolnick, from an earlier Sherman Skolnick broadcast, reprinted on the "Conspiracy Nation" website (also carried for a time on Sherman's own website archives). The story is outdated to them now and off their websites. Fortunately I saved it as a text file - along with 11 others, with even more Skolnick revelations on the O.J. trial and the crooked L.A. cops in league with the mobs.
According to investigator Skolnick, Nicole and Ron were distributing drugs through a chain of stores she got from O.J. as divorce settlement. And Skolnick also claimed the mob(s), after the trial, told O.J. that if he talks about them they will kill EVERY last member of his extended family. (Unfortunately, Skolnick died a few years back. But you may find more of his articles about the trial through a Google search.)
Skolnick's former website was <http://skolnicksreport.com>http://skolnicksreport.com/
Details of the O.J. Simpson Affair
By Sherman H. Skolnick
Harsh realities need to be understood. Yet, the mainstream press seldom tells us. Just as if someone out there is saying, "Shut your mouth!"
A case in point is the O.J. Simpson Affair.
HARSH REALITY #1 -- SHUT YOUR MOUTH: To be a major sports star, do you have to get along well with criminal interests?
Does that make you a mafia crony, or just promoting your career in the face of the real world? Skeptics need to examine the federal case of Norby Walters and Lloyd Bloom. The court trial, 1988-89, showed that known gangsters seemed to control sports agents who, in turn, controlled sports stars. (One of the mafia-dominated sports agents was later murdered.) Cynics point to the fact that a higher court judge, reportedly pals himself with mafioso, overturned the convictions of the sports agents charged with corruption and threats.
The major news organs are heavily into sports promoting. Some, like the Chicago Tribune, own a baseball team (The Cubs). The TV networks reportedly find it necessary to be cronies of criminal interests in promoting sports events. It is called avoiding financial hang-ups.
So if we conclude that O.J. Simpson, from early in his career, found it necessary to be a gangster pal, should we be sympathetic? Probably so. As a former sports hero, O.J. was sponsored by Hertz, the car rental firm. Going back into their history, one finds that they reportedly were no angels. Some savvy folks whisper that Hertz, in the past if not also the present, were reportedly close to criminals.
And O.J. reportedly was a sizeable owner in a nationwide storage firm reportedly started by an intelligence agent who was also close to foreign and domestic gangsters. (The founder was sent to prison for massive S&L fraud in California.)
The list of O.J.'s reported criminal links goes on and on.
O.J. reportedly owned several fast food stores. Sounds innocent enough. As part of the bitter divorce, ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson got control of some of those businesses. And into the picture were brought corrupt police brass as secret owners/operators. The places were reportedly turned into dope distribution centers, with the huge cash flow disguised as proceeds from business.
Remember: food stores, restaurants, and other large receivers of cash, are exempt from U.S. Treasury regulations requiring a report on where more than ten thousand dollars comes from, if deposited with a financial entity like a bank.
And the funds from the stores, as well as from some of the Hertz franchises she controlled, were washed through California banks -- most of which are owned by the Japanese, and a principal portion being the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza.
HARSH REALITY #2 -- SHUT YOUR MOUTH: Two major dope gangs distribute dope in California, and wash the loot through businesses and banks.
Gang #1 are the Herrera dope gang of Mexico, tight with the American CIA. For political survival, state and federal prosecutors and law enforcement officials know it is forbidden to start up with the Herreras. Safer to grab some street corner doper-nobody. To promote so-called "national security," the mainstream press knows it is generally forbidden to publicize spy agency confederates and CIA's dirty tricks.
Dope gang #2 are the Yakuza who, like the Herreras, are tight as well with the CIA. (See the book, "Yakuza" by David E. Kaplan and Alec Dubro.)
Prior to the double murders, O.J. reportedly told business associates that his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, and their confederates, were dealing dope. O.J. reportedly said he told Nicole and Ron to stop it, or he would stop it, because the dope dealing was endangering his family and his other businesses. (Was that a threat by O.J.? Stop it? How?)
To keep track of this dope dealing, and because of his jealousy of his ex-wife Nicole, O.J. had detectives tracking Nicole (also tracking Ron?).
An undercover federal drug enforcement team, equipped with see-in-the-dark video, were tracking Ron. From past surveillance, they firmly believed he was part of a widespread homosexual dope gang, fronting for the Yakuza -- distributing the stuff *on* *credit* to fancy people, celebrities and such, contacted through waiters (like Ron) in fancy eating places like the Mezzaluna Restaurant where Ron worked. Ron's reputed sidekick and fellow waiter was MICHAEL NIGG. (Was Nigg also Ron's room-mate, or did Nigg have a girl friend as a "beard?")
On the night of the double horror, Nicole reportedly received a phone call from a friend, pleading that ex-husband O.J. has to come up, pronto, with several hundred thousand dollars -- or else -- to make good a dope debt.
Both the narcs and O.J.'s detectives reportedly witnessed Nicole and Ron cut up, Samurai-style, by a dope hit team. The video reportedly shows them as 3 or 4 hispanics or orientals. If the trial evidence is true, was that O.J.'s shoe-print at the murder scene, *after-the-fact*, alerted by his detectives reportedly having witnessed the bloodbath?
Naive people ask: Why didn't the narcs and/or the detectives stop the murders? For one thing, the narcs know their top dogs at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration are highly corrupt, and have given the Herreras and other major dope traffickers a pass. (See the book, "The Underground Empire," by James Mills.)
Also, both teams knew better than to interfere with the bloody turf wars between the Herreras and the Yakuza in California.
Insofar as the L.A. police later planted "evidence" implicating O.J., was this a type of police "logic"? "Well, O.J. is in with criminals anyway, so let's sink him one way or another."
O.J. trial judge Lance Ito was reportedly in a position to know what the double murders were really all about. His wife, L.A. Police Captain Margaret York, has been in charge of investigating police department corruption. Captain York reportedly knew of the other police brass as the corrupt secret owners/operators of the fast food sites, formerly O.J.'s businesses (Did O.J. still retain an interest?).
Captain York reportedly also was the liaison to DEA and examined the files and records of the undercover narc team as well as the video.
The District Attorney was also in a position to know. O.J. defense team member, lawyer Robert Shapiro, is reportedly close with known major drug traffickers. Are they just "clients"? Did defense attorney Johnnie Cochran know? Judge Ito blocked Cochran from trying to bring up matters about a dope hit team or similar items.
Others who apparently found out inside details and the terrible secrets of the O.J. Simpson Affair apparently had to be snuffed out.
VICTIM #1: Judge Ito's courtroom bailiff in the O.J. case, Antranik Geuvjehizian, murdered in July, 1995. A TV network program in a notice in various TV guides, called it by the name of the series, "Unsolved Mysteries." But, it did not go on the air as scheduled for Friday, October 27, 1995. So the program has its own unsolved mystery.
VICTIM #2: Robin Clark, covering the trial for the Philadelphia Inquirer, a somewhat more independent and outspoken paper -- he apparently was murdered by having his car shoved into on-coming traffic.
VICTIM #3: His son disappeared during the trial. Was he kidnapped? The police did not accept the story when CBS reporter at the trial Dominic Dunne's son returned.
VICTIM #4: In September, 1995, about 3 weeks before the verdict by the jury, Ron Goldman's fellow waiter and reputed dope gang member, Michael Nigg, was murdered by assassins who shot him in the head.
Did any of these victims have inside data about the Mark Fuhrman details -- a bigoted L.A. detective who apparently planted "evidence" incriminating O.J.? The Fuhrman details -- him hating blacks and such -- was that intentionally put into the case by *both* *sides*? Defendants have been known to pay for prosecutors to corruptly sabotage the prosecution of a defendant, to save a defendant from jail. In law, errors in the trial that could on appeal of a guilty verdict invalidate that verdict, are called "reversible errors." Sometimes they are just accidental. Sometimes, they are corruptly arranged. Were the Mark Fuhrman bigot-revealing tapes arranged ahead of the time -- known ahead of time -- so that revealing that would throw out later a guilty verdict against O.J.?
In the criminal defense of O.J., supervising those detectives (different bunch than those reportedly at the murder scene) was a former New York cop, long reportedly on the mafia payroll. He was reportedly a silent partner in mafia gay bars and gay disco bars jointly with Mattie "The Horse" Ianello, now a jail bird.
Why was that ex-cop brought in to head the detectives of the defense team? Reportedly because he is an expert on gay violence and on *dope* *hit* *teams*. So that was apparently early-on known or suspected of what the double murders were all about.
And this reputed mafia-friendly ex-cop reportedly dug very, very deep into the dope business. And he came up apparently with a link to the California turf dope wars between the Herreras and the Yakuza, linked to the CIA-dope and guns operation throughout the southern states, starting in the 1980s. Among the links was to the CIA-dope brought in through the strange airport at Mena, Arkansas, arranged by Ollie North and George Bush. Clinton claims now that as governor he was told by the CIA to mind his own business, that it was one of their covert operations and he was not to interfere.
So, if the public now demands that the secret DEA records and video of the double murders be released -- well, the highly corrupt DEA bosses are inclined to withstand the pressure. And so also opposing public disclosure would be the Clinton White House. The DEA and Clinton are subject to blackmail, as a result of the digging reportedly by the ex-cop from New York.
Some at DEA reportedly claim that they would like to ask Ron's father, Fred Goldman, if he knew about his son's dope dealing. But Fred Goldman has mobilized public opinion to his favor and may be immune from hard questions like that.
This all may be the biggest or one of the biggest scandals of the 20th century -- the apparatus of state and federal government covering up a double murder.
(Note: Banks reportedly washing the Yakuza dope loot include California-headquartered Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank, major owner of Household International and Household Bank. The former O.J.-owned businesses reportedly dope dealing with the help of Nicole reportedly used these banks to launder the loot. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are principally owned reputedly by the Yakuza.)
(Note: Starting on August 18, 1996, was a series in the San Jose Mercury News about the CIA causing the flood of dope into California. How does that series of stories relate to the DEA and the foregoing story about O.J. Simpson? Is there an overlap between the CIA, the California dope gangs, the Herrera dope gangs, and the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza?)
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Mr. Skolnick, since 1963, has been founder/chairman of a public-interest group, CITIZENS' COMMITTEE TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS, researching and disclosing certain instances of judicial corruption and political murders. Since 1971, as editor of updates of the group's work, called HOTLINE NEWS, a 5-minute recorded phone message, changed several times per week -- a regular phone call -- (312) 731-1100. Since 1991, a regular participant, now moderator, of a popular, public access cable TV program, called "Broadsides", in Chicago and suburbs -- on most every Monday evening in Chicago, on Channel 21 cable, 9 p.m., available to some 400,000 households. His comments appear on Internet on several websites; archives of his stories can be pulled up and printed out. Also, on Internet, his stories appear on some five categories of news groups, such as alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater and alt.activism. Office (8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days): (312) 375-5741. 9800 So. Oglesby Avenue, Chicago, IL 60617-4870. Call before sending FAX. (After October 12, 1996, AREA CODE changes to 773.)
A few highlights of the group's work: Caused the biggest bribery scandal in U.S. history, the collapse of the Illinois Supreme Court, 1969. Investigation of the sabotaged Watergate plane crash,1972-73. 12 Watergate figures perished including Mrs. E. Howard Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar. One of the first to comment on the Vice President Spiro Agnew bribery mess, resulting in his downfall, 1973. Investigation and disclosure causing the jailing for bribery of the highest level sitting federal judge in American history, Chicago Federal Appeals Judge Otto Kerner, Jr., 1973. Touching off "Operation Greylord," in which 20 local judges and 40 lawyers jailed for bribery, 1983-1993.


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