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No More Wars For Israel
Conference A Success

By Wendy Campbell
10- 16 -7

In spite of efforts to close down the "No Wars For Israel Conference" by its political foes, known as Zionists and NeoCons, the conference did take place, but at a different venue than had been planned. Apparently the usual overreaching swarm of Zionist extremists posing as police had threatened the hotel, and all the other hotels in the area, that there was going to be a conference there labelling us with the usual names they smear anyone with who challenge Zionism (you ought to know all about that by now). The Marriott Hotel out of fear decided to present the organizers with a $20,000 deposit request in case of "trouble". Since the organizers could not immediately come up with that sum, they were forced to find another venue, which is what happened.
In a church hall, the conference convened featuring an impressive line-up of speakers, including:
Eileen Fleming, author, videographer and human rights activist, who interviewed and videotaped Mordechai Vanunu, the famous Israeli whistle-blower who exposed the fact that Israel has many nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and Israel kidnapped him and put him in prison for 18 years for this courageous act of the highest order of morality. The conference was dedicated to Mr. Vanunu. Find out more about him and how to help with his legal fees at Fleming's website: www.WeAreWideAwake.org.
Michael Collins Piper, noted author of many outstanding books and journalist for the American Free Press: www.americanfreepress.net
Mark Glenn, author, human rights activist and organizer of the conference on "No Wars for Israel". His website is www.crescentandcross.com
Charles Carlson, director of Strait Gate Ministries, spoke about the dangers of Christian Zionism in particular. His website is www.whtt.org
Dr. Kaukab Siddique, editor of www.NewTrendMag.org.
Dr. Hesham Tillawi of www.currentissues.tv spoke about the abuse of the word "anti-Semitism" and the need to neutralize the stigma of the word and focus on the real issues of equal rights for all regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender.
Phil Tourney, a survivor of the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli jets and torpedo boats, a treacherous act which was hushed up by the US government up until just a few years ago. He told the spellbound audience his personal experience in full, chilling detail of that horrendous day, and the ensuing forced cover-up by the US government which doubled the pain and anguish which he and the other survivors had to endure. Their website is: www.ussliberty.com. Watch documentaries about it on YouTube.com.
Ellen Mariani, widow of a man who was killed on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on 911, who has sought a public trial rather than accept "hush money" from the government. She discussed the ways in which the government and lawyers conspired to thwart a trial to bring the Truth to the forefront. For more info on 911 Truth: www.911blogger.com.
Wendy Campbell, of MarWen Media, spoke about "Something Is Rotten in the State of America: Israel", discussing the need for the US to break all ties with the apartheid state of Israel and to stop fighting immoral wars on its behalf. Her websites are: www.marwenmedia.com and www.exposingisraeliapartheid.com
There were other speakers as well. In a few days a video clip of much of the conference will be available on various websites including www.currentissues.tv. Currently there are some radio interviews with participants at the protest in front of the Marriott Hotel in Irvine at www.whatreallyhappened.com
Although there were ups and downs and frustrating twists and turns during the entire event, the organizers were pleased that they were able to proceed with the conference where there was about 60 in attendance, despite the incredible challenges and organizational mishaps. Many new connections and friendships were made. Thanks to the internet, the message has been and will continue to be sent out in text, audio MP3s, and streaming video to a worldwide audience.
In protest of the Marriott's subservience to Zionist pressure to suppress our right to freedom of speech, we had a rally outside of the hotel with signs saying "No More Wars for Israel" and many passersby in their cars touted their horns and gave us peace signs and thumbs up in support. No passersby subjected us to any negative sign language, such as "flipping us the bird" or any thumbs down. It was all positve feedback which further underscored to us that our belief is correct: that many American people do not support the immoral "war on terror". It is being pushed by Zionists, war-time profiteers and the military industrial complex and it is NOT in the best interests of the American people. Far from it.


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