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The New Inquisition

At the pinnacle of influence the Roman Catholic Church initiated the Inquisition to solidify its power: to steal property and wealth, while eliminating a number of its potential 'enemies.' To do this the 'church' created a climate of terror and suspicion that culminated in institutionalized barbarity, administered in SECRET. Their primary weapons were fear, torture, and an absolute political supremacy that their captive populations could not initially challenge.
This also describes the Decider's policies today, as these crimes have been carried out in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and dozens of black-sites where renditions and torture have been conducted-right in front of the world.
Where the Inquisition was focused on profits, the aggrandizement of power and the elimination of 'unbelievers:' The New World Order has used its bogus creation of a global cabal-financed through the international Money-Changers-to do the same things to entire countries, as the Medieval Inquisition did to individuals.
Just as the populations being persecuted by the Inquisition were seemingly paralyzed by church sponsored terror of these secret powers, and the state's unwavering support for those powers: Today's 'leaders' took that treason a step further.
This time those elected and appointed to protect Americans, from this "new" despotic torture, and from the financial rape and plunder of their lives-remain completely disconnected from any public awareness of the true crimes being carried out under a number of criminally formulated
The United States has an enormous bureaucracy supposedly created to stop anything remotely related to what happens every minute of every day-now!
One has to wonder why we still pretend to have a government at all. There is now no longer any citizen input, no accountability of the executive or the congress-and when the lower courts rule they tend to deny the citizens their constitutional-rights, as these are supposedly guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. So why do we participate in this charade?
When we petition the government for redress of our grievances, those petitions mostly fall on deaf ears, and end up in that political black hole from which no actual on-the-record response is ever issued. Most recently the White House has terminated the practice of responding to Freedom of Information requests. (1)
The Vice-President has now taken charge of overseeing the White House Logs, a practice that was the duty of the U.S. Secret Service, before Cheney had a need to block the public from knowing who came to see him. But then Cheney also recently announced that he is no longer part of the executive branch of government, and hence cannot be ordered to testify before the Congress. The coup d'etat is complete: and the nation is still riveted to "other things," supposedly far more important than 'political posturing.' Below is what happens when the Watch-dogs that supposedly guard the people from government abuse and colossal excesses are paid off!
?None of this is "new." This is simply the high-tech version of that very old idea of the Inquisition: but this time carried out upon an unthinkable scale, against the population of the entire planet.
All of these crimes and more are about to come together with a vengeance with the coronation of the North American Union-that twisted disenfranchisement of the three nations that now compose North America.
"A 1998 document which WND has obtained shows the North American Super Corridor Coalition, or NASCO, was originally named the North American Superhighway Coalition.
The document plays into an emerging debate in which a number of critics, including President Bush, want to deny that a NAFTA "Superhighway" exists." (2)
This isn't about "Waking UP the people ­ they know what's been going on.
This is about taking another look at The New Inquisition from the point of view of the "prisoners" that we've become through willful inattention. If you close your eyes you can almost see us all just waiting peacefully in line to be tortured, raped or murdered-all because too many just couldn't find the time to Question anything!
1) White House to Remove FOIA Information
2) Name Changed to Hide "Superhighway"


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