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Did UFOs Cause Burn Marks
On Witnesses Home? - Photo

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Date: December 7, 2005
Time: 6:30 p.m.
I adopted a rescued Havanese from a rescue group approximately 3 weeks ago. I sit out with him in the back yard trying to train him to do his duty outside.
About one week ago I saw something going across the sky south to north. It seemed longer then a plane and lights seemed to stretch the length of it. Mostly red lights. What I noticed was the extremely slow pace it went and there was no sound.
Last night I was sitting facing east in the dark with Nate. I looked up at the stars and noticed nothing but the star in the east that is the brightest right now. Suddenly, and approximately directly under the north star?, down a little I saw what appeared to be a string of lights again. No sound. I would try and describe it as like a string bean or Chestnut tree whip with lights from one end to the other. Not straight, but rather bent back, maybe like a boomerang but with not as much bend, just curved slightly.
As I looked up another appeared to the right and one to the left behind it. I just looked down at the dog and said "see ya" and went immediately in the house. I tried to get my daughter on the phone and then my son and one neighbor and finally got one to look outside and they saw nothing. I finally had the courage to look and saw nothing. then saw it towards the west almost straight up, as I went to tell the neighbor on the phone about it, I looked again it was gone. They hover, not fly in any direction. The first and last appearances were separated by about an hour. They do not fly away, they simply disappear. I am hoping there is just something wrong with my eyes, but just had complete eye exam by Dr. (doctor's name removed). After I went in the house after talking to neighbor the phone ran and all that was there was a noise like muffled helicopter blades, later I thought I heard that outside but figured I was just losing my mind. This morning the television will not go on, will have to check batteries, light in kitchen would not go on, will check bulb.
Curved slightly backwards string of lights and two or three times the size of a plane? No sound, hovers/fly's slow and silent.
Additional Information:
Okay I finally remembered to take a picture of the burn marks on the garage from November 2005. They are right under the overhang and I cannot think of anything that would be that high up to make them. They have been there for two years - rain snow sleet hail.
They were there the next morning after the first time I thought I saw the three UFOs. The light on the wall directly opposite these marks in the house was also blown out, as was the television cable setup and during the evening the phone in the kitchen had rung and you could only hear what sounded like chopper blades whirling.
Thank you to the witness for the really interesting report and for the photo which was sent along.
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