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Peres Boasts Israelis Are
'Buying Out Manhattan'

By Jean D'Eau 
HenryMakow.com Budapest Bureau

As you certainly know, "Maariv" is a popular Hebrew language newspaper in Israel. On the other hand, the "Magyar Nemzet" is the main oppositional (conservative) newspaper in Hungary. Last Saturday, the Hungarian newspaper had the guts to publish a few lines ( http://www.mno.hu/portal/522600?searchtext=Peresz) on a recent "Maariv" article which was about the October 10th Tel-Aviv speech of Israeli President Shimon Peres in a business circle. The Hungarian article quotes Peres as saying (Hungarian translation from Hebrew by the newspaper and transled by myself from Hungarian to English):
"Israel is getting through the economical crisis, a war as well as the withdrawal from Gaza and is reaching now an exceptional economic performance. The Israeli economy is flourishing. (...) It is possible to found empires today without settling colonies and using the military. Look at how big an empire has built Bill Gates without the use of police and military, see what a big power he represents today. Contrasting with this, governments are unable to use their power since, even if they make projects, they have no money to realise them. Thus, governments are limited in their functioning while the private companies have no such limits. Israeli businessmen invest in the whole world, the Israeli economy was never so successful, we have conquered our economical sovereignty, presently we are buying out Manhattan, Poland and Hungary."
Maybe the Americans should know about this because, if we believe Peres, Israel doesn't need any more the US tax payers' money...


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