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Making The Walking
Dead Bury The Dead

By Ted Twietmeyer
10 -6 -7

Imagine finding out that "someone has a contract out on you." (In America and probably much of the civilized world, that's a common expression that an assassin has been hired to cancel your breathing ability.)
So what would you do? Run away? Where could you hide? Logically it comes down to either fighting for your life or losing it. The sad truth is that there IS a contract out on your life. And it's big brother (Uncle) who signed the contract. Think the word "Peon" is archaic and describes a non-existent way of life? Think again. There are those in power who "pee-on" you everyday, and few take notice of it.
First, let's look at war. Public schools give a sanitized viewpoint of war throughout Earth's history, and tell you that war is merely a reason to take or re-take land. But it isn't really about taking or re-taking land. It's all about taking the lives of another race of people. And it's always about a DIFFERENT race that's the other side.
There are numerous examples of this, such as the Indians and the Pakistanis, Serbians and the Croatians, the Jews and Arabs, American government (whites) against Iraqis who are Persian-Arabs, and perhaps soon the Iranians to name just a few of the better- known conflicts. And in Africa, indigenous black people are trying to exterminate European whites. What about the land in Africa? Much of it is now hotter, drier and more useless than ever. In reality, most of these conflicts have nothing to do with re-taking land. Land may often the pretense used, but today it's really about extermination. Who in the mid-east would fight over boiling hot, dry empty desert which often doesn't even have a single oil well on it, or any oil under it?
Palestine and the Gaza strip are another case in point. Baghdad is another one. These are reduced to shot-up, bombed-out labyrinths of rubble.
And in the course of these wars there will be the dead. Numerous types of weapons are used to take lives in war, with each weapon designed for use in a certain situation or environment. (More about this later.) Soldiers that survive each battle are given the task of burying the dead. It has nothing to do with respect for the dead, but everything to do with the stench, Cholera and other diseases resulting from rotting flesh.
Soldiers that survive get burial detail often using bulldozers instead of shovels. In Iraq, contractors get to do the dirty work so troops can continue on with the business of running patrols and finding "insurgents." (Or is it more like instigating more oppression in the populace to foment the creation of insurgents?) Of course, the word insurgent is nothing more than political-speak for a patriot. These are terrible people of course - they love their country and simply want the invaders to get the hell out. If you die on enemy soil, expect a quick bulldozer burial in an unmarked grave, dog tags and all. If you die on your own soil and not the result of nuclear, bio or chemical warfare, perhaps your body will be sent home for military burial. Often those who bury the dead today will themselves be buried tomorrow. In either case, the walking dead bury the dead.
But the crux of all this isn't just about war. All of this comes full circle down to you and me and the contract out on us. Billions live their lives every day often in quiet desperation. In industry, there are jobs commonly known as "busy-work." For the few readers who haven't heard of this, busy-work is simply stupid, pointless jobs to keep people busy when their regular job has nothing for them to do. For example, sorting parts or putting things away, dusting, sweeping, etc But there are other forms of busy-work.
The economic structure is such that all day, every day there is considerable busy-work in everyone's life. Billions of people world-wide in "developed countries" all worry about paying bills, taxes, medical bills, house and car payments, cooking, cleaning etc The list is far too long to include here. But most will agree that money issues are their biggest concern. And that IS by design. The idea is to keep people as busy as possible. Keep them worrying about income, bills, survival and taxes with Uncle's left hand ­ so they won't see what Uncle's right hand is doing to them. Just don't bend over to pick anything up unless you look behind you first Uncle just might be waiting for the right moment.
Many years ago when I was just out of school I began work at Kodak. At that time, more than 65,000 people worked for the company which had the affectionate nick-name on CB radio, "The yellow box." When I received my first paycheck from the company, I commented to a 35 year employee and relative of Kodak that my paycheck was barely enough to pay my bills as a single man. His answer was a simple one which I'll never forget, "They have it all figured out to give you just enough to live on." And time proved he was correct. But that was then.
Today, corporations (including Kodak) no longer care enough about you to be sure you even have enough to live on. Starting in the 1980's, Kodak management cooked up a new trick to stave off layoffs and save money. They began giving employees a mandatory week off every month - without pay. This went on for a few years before the first ever layoffs from Kodak began. Up until that time, Kodak never had mass layoffs and a job there meant you were set for life. Then it too, began creating the walking dead. Today it is said that the most dangerous job position in America is that of late night convenience store clerk. And it pays the least, too.
But it isn't enough for government to have millions of working people scraping by on crumbs from the bastard's table. Uncle wants more oppression:
Insure that disease, both intentional and natural, take millions of lives and do nothing to stop it.
Insure genetically alter food will have undesirable long term effects.
Permit neurotoxins in almost all manufactured foods. Ignore the test results which show they are deadly
Start wars where soldiers not only die, but those that live can bring home fatal sicknesses to their families like a modern version of hundreds of thousands of Typhoid Maries. And keep family doctors in the dark so they will remain completely untrained to recognize, diagnose or treat the mysterious engineered bio diseases.
Permit health insurance plans to be influenced by doctors and drug companies, causing countless numbers of people to suffer and die because they cannot afford treatment.
Ignore the fact that those who live from serious illnesses will be saddled with a lifetime of debt, forced to pay six and seven figure hospital bills which are collected by utterly ruthless lawyers employed by hospitals.
Fill all living space indoors and out with invisible microwaves from many different sources, with a plethora of frequencies interacting with each other in both known and unknown ways, altering our DNA and causing serious illnesses.
Protect big pharmaceutical companies - in 2002, buried in the Homeland Security legislation was a provision to protect pharmaceutical corporations from lawsuits for mercury poisoning. Specifically named in the legislation were LILLY, ELI, & CO, ELI LILLY AND COMPANY, UNITED STATES. So mercury in vaccines is SAFE?
Remember what I said earlier about numerous weapons used in war? These things listed above are but a few of the silent weapons being used for the contracts out on you and me.
Biohazard sign from "Terrorism and Domestic Preparedness" official website
Jacksonville, FL [1]
(I was unable to find an official warning sign for a chemical warfare zone. It may be the scull and bones symbol.)
And yet even with all these attacks against us mentally, physically and economically it still isn't considered by Uncle to be enough pressure and misery! The elite are quite animate that "80-90% of the world's population should be exterminated." Don't think for one minute that Uncle disagrees with that. The disabled and mentally challenged will be the first to do, reducing the drain on social service programs. Several world government leaders have already supported this insane idea. It's also laid out in the Georgia Guidestones and the UN plans.
Respected nature lover Jacque Cousteau was a man that people loved and respected. But he had his own Draconian plans, too. Cousteau advocated that 350,000 people a day must die to "stabilize" the world population level. This is also an important part of the new world order plan. Cousteau (like most of the hypocrites) didn't take his own life to show the world he is an example. Instead, he lived to be 87 years old and died of heart failure. Obviously he didn't want himself to be part of his daily condemned 350,000. [2]
Georgia Guidestones [3]
Guidestones close-up [4] - At the top of this monument is the statement "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE." Limiting the population of the Earth to 500 million will require the extermination of approximately 90% of the world's people.
New world order cowards don't want the dirty work of cleaning up after a mass extermination. There would be no easy way to stop the spread of disease from millions of rotting corpses, which will commence within a few days after any mass extermination. It is impossible to clean up such a mess fast enough. And it won't matter if nuclear, chemical or biological weapons are used.
Birds, flies and wild animals are scavengers and their consumption of rotting corpses will quickly spread Cholera and other diseases everywhere by way of droppings and possibly bug bites. Rain and wind are also disease vectors that will spread contagions far and wide. Disease will spread among the people and among "the chosen ones" equally for a very long time. As the Good Book says, "Rain falls on the just and the unjust." This is probably why the order hasn't engineered some major "terrorist attack" in a big city, although numerous rumors of such an imminent attack have been spread for about 6 years.
It's far more important to apply logic and reason to the terrorism issue, instead of fear and panic.
Let's look at the terrorism issue with cold logic. Extermination probably will most likely NOT be carried out with mass methods such as helicopter sprayed neurotoxins, or mass biological or chemical attacks. The most efficient and safe method for leaders to implement their evil plan is to kill people slowly, giving them enough time for the walking dead to bury the dead for them. Incurable diseases are better suited for this sort of thing.
Rich, new world order cowards are also penny-pinchers and do not want to pay one cent for cleaning up their carnage. If you ever met a millionaire or billionaire, you would quickly realize that they are the stingiest, tightest and often the most miserable people you will ever meet. I can tell you that from personal experience, and know several of these people. Overnight money can change people from kind and caring to stingy, ruthless and selfish. And once someone earns their first million dollars? That's not enough. They are millionaires and no in the multi-millionaire class. It doesn't stop there when that goal is reached either.
The ultra-rich billionaires spend much of their time worrying about keeping every penny they have and making more. As one of them stated some time ago, "Before I was rich, I worried about getting rich before I was too old. Now that I'm rich I spend much of my time worrying about losing my money." Do people like Donald Trump appear happy to you? But we can be sure that new ideas to hasten the population reduction process are in the works, while making sure that walking dead will continue to bury the dead.
Destroying the infrastructure will automatically destroy the structure of any civilized society. Think about what happens at local stores and gas stations when electricity is off for a week. Now imagine what carnage will happen if electricity is off indefinitely, no running water or heat in winter. No wonder cities like Baghdad without a working infrastructure are dangerous places. So would New York City, Los Angeles or any city anywhere in the world. It immediately becomes survival of the fittest. Will the walking dead bury the dead? Probably not in this case. They would be too busy just trying to survive.
And what would be the price tag to rebuild the infrastructure in any city? Billions of dollars and years of work, which is far more than anyone will pay whether be rich genocidal types or the government. Look at Iraq- five years later after it was declared that the war was won, Baghdad (and probably other cities) are still without water and power. The truth is that the US will never rebuild Iraq for the Iraqi people, despite all the big speeches claiming how much the Iraqi people are loved by America. Israel is no better ­ in fact, they are quite proud of their influence around the world and their outright genocide of other races like the Arab sects, such as Palestinians. Yet they claim to fear God?
After looking at all this, does it all mean there only fear and no solution? Here is one part of the solution you can do right away - don't participate in ANY of the games being silently played with you. Live within your means no matter what it takes. Don't spend what you don't have and can't afford to. Learn to do without that which you really don't need, and you'll reduce the number of bills in your mail. It will reduce the level of stress in your life every day. Avoid food additives of all kinds, genetically modified foods and anything that's a diet drink or diet food. Avoid cell phones, Wi-fi and ALL needless wireless toys. Billions of people worldwide have already forgotten that mankind lived for countless millennia without any of this nonsense. Do people really think they need to fit in, and accept misery that comes along with it? I for one have never bought into that paradigm.
Is all this impossible to do? Not at all when you realize just what's at stake with your life.
When I walk through parks with my wife, almost always we see people tethered to a piece of plastic clipped to their belt or dangling from their hand. Happy people are out taking a quiet stroll. The peace is suddenly shattered by an idiotic, retarded, loud ring-tone announcing an incoming utterly pointless phone call. Or the air- head in the supermarket with the phone welded to her ear, "Yes, I'm in the store now.going up aisle 2 now. About to get the peanut butter we talked about. Heading for the register now. See you soon, bye." I just want to take that phone from her hand, and throw it at the closest wall. Then tell her, "Oh, I'm sorry. I couldn't control myself - just like you can't with a phone."
The real truth is that there is really nothing in life that can't wait while you take a stroll somewhere to unwind, or simply relax at home. Some may say, "But what if someone dies? That's an emergency!" To that I simply respond, "No matter how fast you get there - that person will still be dead! What do you think people did just 25 years ago BEFORE cell phones existed? Get real! They called and left a message, or just called you back when you were home!" I usually get the inevitable phone-addict-idiot answer, "I can't even imagine living without my cell phone." This is pathetic to say the least. What can compare to getting the masses to PAY to irradiate their brains with microwave radiation, several times each day?
Everyone has grown up knowing that LSD and pot are not exactly good for your metabolism. Are genetically altered foods, food additives, cell phones and cell towers, Wi-fi and wireless toys and more acceptable and harmless just because Uncle hasn't told you they are harmful? Are you really lying to yourself by counting on big brother to protect you? Then you have already forgotten that Uncle is the one who signed that contract out on you, and he's in bed with ALL the big corporations.
Those in power want to make you believe you can't live without any of the genetically altered foods, neurotoxins, chemicals, food additives and numerous useless electronic toys which shorten your life. The leaders of the extermination movement already know of these issues and smile from ear to ear. The Japanese (in Japan) are amazing ­ they are leading innovators in consumer electronics and may be the world's greatest clean-freaks.
Back in 1989, I was tasked with taking a visiting Japanese business executive to dinner without any notice. I had my second car with me that day. Every time we came to a stoplight, he was hiding his face from the car next to me as though someone would recognize him (out of 300 million people.) But the Japanese don't seem to care about the detrimental effects of microwaves because of their child-like obsession with electronic devices. Japanese society has beenone of strict regimentation, respect and protocol. OBEY is the code of the day in Japan. But they too, will be burying or cremating their dead as a consequence of their blind addiction.
Numerous quiet weapons (disguised as advancements in science) are all promoted by a simple basic marketing strategy. Marketing is a science/art of making you believe you can't live without a certain product or service. Marketing is so powerful it can make most people run out and purchase something or dial a phone and order it. Shopping channels have this down to a highly refined science.
Setting a fad is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool there is. Today it's Bluetooth and MP3 players. Next year the fad could change to chip implants or overt mind control.
If you refuse to buy into marketing propaganda both literally and figuratively, you'll live a happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser life.
After all, do you REALLY want to help Uncle execute his contract on you? Your fate is largely up to you, not Uncle.
Ted Twietmeyer
1. DO NOT email about HAARP. I'm sick of hearing about it from numerous people that have no concept of the limitations it has, and regurgitate into emails the endless drivel floating around the web about it. I will not read these emails nor will I respond to them.
2. If you are about to email me asking as many already have, "How can someone who writes about science all the time write about politics?" I'll give you your answer now: "Why not?" Unfortunately in today's world the two are more intricately related than ever before. It is science which is being used to slowly exterminate the people of the world in the name of twisted politics and social engineering.
3. I do my best to respond to all emails if they are rational.
[1] http://www.coj.net/Departments/Fire+and+Rescue/Emergency +Preparedness/Preparedness/Terrorism.htm
[2] http://www.nndb.com/people/250/000085992/
[3] http://www.unidiversal.com/Georgia_Guidestones.jpg
[4] http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/images/ga/ GANUBguidestones3.jpg
Update - From Ted
Converting People To The Truth
It seemed it was time to write this. I've received a large number of great emails from readers who took the time to write me with kind remarks. Many have expressed frustration with trying to share with others the numerous topics here on rense.com. I'll try to share with you what I know about doing this, while trying to keep it as brief as possible.
To begin with, it's important to understand that you are a convert. Yes, a convert. That is, you have had your paradigm shifted to the truth of what is happening all around you. I too, am a convert. Now, there aren't too many memorable things that happen to us that we remember in our life, and exactly where it happened. Prior to my own conversion, my most vivid memory was sitting in an elementary school class and hearing that President Kennedy was shot.
My next memorable event was about a year before 9-11, when my paradigm shift took place. I was standing outside on the deck, and without warning it all hit me and came together, like a ton of bricks. It was then that I realized that almost everything I knew about life had serious errors. Once this happens to you, you'll never be the same again. And since you are reading this, you too, most likely have been through this too. When 9-11 happened, I was on my way to work. I can even remember the exact part of the interstate I was on when I heard the news on radio. But I do remember that the shock of it and what it meant, actually caused my nose to become numb. It was because of my realization of what the event meant.
Converting people to the truth is not all that different from being a missionary for a church. It requires people to discard almost everything they know to be the truth. This is something like shock treatment. Remember you are trying to overcome a lifetime of extremely effective propaganda that has created the paradigm they live in. It has formed their world, and you are attempting to create a 10.0 earthquake in it. It may be all minor to you, but no to them. The key to conversion is this: You ask THEM a question about something so bold there is no wiggle-room for them.
For example, ask them why Bush ordered the nuclear cruise missiles loaded under the wings of a B-52. When they can't answer it (which is predictable) point out to them that only an order from the commander in chief can cause such an action. Then ask them what would happen if these were used on American soil. Do it along these lines. Use a news item which is so big it's in both the mainstream and alternative news. Something that they can't respond with the classic cozy answer, "well, I didn't see it on network television news."
It is the questions that get people thinking, not lectures. But take it slow, because you are attempting to create a massive paradigm shift. Doing this with senior citizens almost never works and here's why. They know most of their life is over, and just want to live out the remainder of their life in peace. Your missionary work is probably most effective on younger adults - for example about 18 to perhaps 45. Why? Because the younger someone is, the more open they tend to be and doing a paradigm shift is easier. They have a more flexible built-in defense mechanism which is what resists changing their paradigm.
Remember - we've all been through it!
Ted Twietmeyer



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