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The License To Kill
By JB Campbell

If you had a license to lie, steal and kill with total impunity, would you give it up without a fight?
Blackwater USA has that license. They got it from Bush, who also gave it to Triple Canopy and some other hired civilian killers. That is, they're civilians hired to kill civilians. They tore the ass out of it the other day and wasted a couple of dozen civilians in plain sight. This was too much even for our Iraqi lapdogs, who demanded that Blackwater's license be revoked. Bush said no dice. Blackwater, a faith-based outfit, will form the cadre of civilian-killers back here at home, and they need their continuing education. So they'll stay. That's how American democracy works. We shove it down their throats until they choke.A lot of us would like a license to kill because there's a lot of rats that need eliminating. But lie and steal? I don't think so. We don't need to lie to rats, or steal anything they have.
There are some people who do need that license to lie, steal and kill. They've had it for over sixty years and they've used it every day of those sixty years. They lied about who they were, they lied about what happened to them, they lied about what they did to others. Of course, they were licensed to lie by their favorite prayer (the Kol Nidre) long before they got their license to kill. Then, with that license, they started killing. When they'd killed enough certain people, they stole their country. But to hold onto it, they still needed that license to kill. These are the rats I mentioned.
Obviously, anyone who threatens that license must be destroyed. We'll return to this overall license later.
Some of us may not have thought about the USS Liberty incident as much as we should. That is, we have not thought about it in the right way. The attackers were licensed to kill the American sailors. Licensed by whom? They were licensed by Lyndon B. Johnson.  He ordered the Liberty into the war zone with no protection. The nearest American ships were kept hundreds of miles away while the spy ship was ordered to plod around just off Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula. The attackers spent several hours making sure it was the right ship, overflying it many times in American C-47 and Flying Boxcar airplanes. Then, as Captain McGonagle said, the attack began from seemingly every direction at once. The Americans had no idea who was attacking. When they finally saw the unmarked French jet fighters, they still couldn't tell. Did Arabs have French fighters?
The first thing the attackers did was to demolish all the radio transmitters. I was puzzled when I first heard this in 1979. How could they be so accurate as to hit all the antennae and dishes in the first pass? A 2006 online documentary, LOSS OF LIBERTY, explains that the attackers' missiles and cannon fire were guided by the antennae themselves. This was the key to the attack's success and shows the careful planning. If the American sailors were able to call for help, the whole plan would be wrecked. The ship would have to sink without a trace, as quickly as possible. The hours of overflights in the morning doubtless produced good photographs of the antennae and dishes for the fighter pilots to study.
One brave soul recounts in the film how he ran a coaxial antenna along the length of the burning ship to act as a temporary transmitter. This one feat saved millions of Egyptian lives and the entire Middle East from a Zionist takeover. The radioman got an SOS off to the aircraft carriers USS America and Saratoga, hundreds of miles away. The attackers quickly destroyed the coaxial antenna but it was too late. This was about fifteen minutes into the attack.
The signal did not specify who was attacking them because they still didn't know. No one knew except Lyndon Johnson and his Zionist cronies in DC, who very much did not want to hear a distress call from the Liberty. But they did. So did the commanders of the aircraft carriers, who immediately ordered fighters launched to fight the unknown attackers. At twenty minutes into the attack, the US defense secretary, Robert McNamara, radioed the first aircraft carrier commander and ordered the planes to return to the ship.
When the other ship launched fighters, Lyndon Johnson himself called the admiral and demanded obedience.  "I'd rather they sink the goddamned ship than embarrass our friends!"
That is, twenty minutes into the attack, Lyndon Johnson knew who was attacking. The American sailors on the Liberty wouldn't know for another hour and forty minutes. This is the key to the whole thing.
As soon as the bootlegged distress call was heard by the attackers, they called off the air attack, figuring the American jets were en route. which they briefly were. The air attack included rockets, cannon, machine guns and napalm. There were 160 casualties by now, nine of them dead, the rest severely wounded in most cases. The captain was severely wounded, all of the rest of the men on the bridge with him dead or wounded.
But they didn't call off the torpedo boats. The attackers could hear that the Americans couldn't identify them, so the plan could still work if they could just sink the ship. Three PT boats, with two torpedoes each, lined up and fired all six at the wounded spy ship. Somehow, McGonagle ordered a maneuver that caused all but one torpedo to miss. But that one tore a forty foot hole below the waterline and instantly killed twenty-five men and wounded some more. 
At this point, it seemed that the ship would sink, so McGonagle ordered Abandon Ship. Lifeboats were put over the side and the Israeli PT boats immediately machine gunned them into canvas rags.  But the Liberty didn't sink. When it became apparent to the attackers that it wouldn't sink, a large helicopter approached. The Americans saw a squad of heavily armed men preparing to board the ship, doubtless to kill the survivors and scuttle the wreck. They made it clear with their personal arms that they would resist and the helicopter withdrew.  Then, in the most classic example of chutzpah ever, one of the Jewish PT boat commanders came alongside and asked if they could be of assistance? McGonagle gave him the finger and the PT boat went away.
So, there they were, dead in the water, listing badly with no lifeboats. Now we learn that an American spy plane was overhead the whole time, watching and listening to the attackers and the brief cries for help. But the air crew did nothing to help the Americans sailors, so perhaps they were in on it, too.
McGonagle finally figured that the ship could make some steam, so he ordered to make way for Malta, hundreds of miles away. The ship was listing heavily but it limped all the way, unassisted. Actually, a Soviet ship also came alongside and offered help. McGonagle gave them the finger, too. But no American ship offered any help. The guys on the Liberty would not see another American for seventeen hours.
It was at this point, on Malta, that Admiral Isaac Kidd came aboard and scared the hell out of everyone with threats of court martial, prison "or worse" if they talked about what happened. Even to family members. No one in America was allowed to know that Israel tried its best to kill them all, because it would have also been known that America and its President did its best to kill them all. And not a word was said by any American survivor of the massacre for twenty-two years, when James Ennes' Assault on the Liberty was published in '79. Ennes was also severely wounded in the attack.
When Johnson and McNamara ordered the recall of the fighters from the aircraft carriers, they did so in the expectation that the USS Liberty would sink with all hands, because that was the plan. This was the greatest, most deliberate act of treachery since Roosevelt prevented Admiral Kimmel from being told the Japanese were coming to Pearl Harbor.
It's my theory, and a pretty good one, that this is the trillion dollar secret that Israel holds over the US government, the reason that our Secretary of State just said that of course Israel must be paid in Euros if that's what it wants. She reportedly said, before heading off to Camp David,  "We need to place our Israeli obligations at the top of our national priority list. Israel should not suffer any inconvenience due to currency fluctuations."
This is what is known as a general, all-purpose license. No matter how many wars you start, no matter how many people you murder, no matter how much land you steal, you should not suffer any inconvenience due to currency fluctuations.
I'm pretty sure that Lyndon Johnson's 1967 mass murder of the American sailors is the gold mine ("Our Israeli obligations") that lets Israel make us pay what is now reported as over a trillion and a half dollars as our cost of loving the Democrats of the Desert since 1973. Part of this unimaginable cost is our wealth transfers to Israel, but much of it is in the massive costs at the gas pump and the costs of things that mushroom from that, but not including the costs of the new police state which is to protect us from those who are angry over our support for Israel. Again, Israel's role is to create conditions that make the price of oil go up. That's why this enclave of orthodox assassins was put right in the middle of the Middle East. It was done by Standard Oil through its Manhattan think tank known as the Council on Foreign Relations, Standard's own ministry of war. Standard Oil now masquerades as many oil companies but is still one big Rothschild octopus. When Standard's pit bulls in Palestine make the price of oil go up, more of our savings go to Standard. It's the most vicious cycle imaginable.
Although Johnson's botched attempt to sink the Liberty gave Israel crowbar access to the US Treasury Department, that's not the big license I'm talking about. But the Zionist failure to drown all the American sailors was a catastrophe of Biblical proportions for Zionism. Imagine what would have happened if it had been successful. According to James Bamford in one of his NSA books, a nuclear B-52 was already en route to burn Cairo and had to be recalled only when Israel was identified as the attacker. That was just for openers.
Americans would have had a pure and perfect hatred of all Moslems for sinking an unarmed American ship in such treacherous fashion. Total war would have been declared against all Arab countries and Americans would have cheered Israel on as our vanguard assault force. In fact, Israel would have been requested to create a trustworthy Eretz Yisroel, or Greater Israel, meaning the Jewish state would have soon stretched from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers: the real dream of Zion. This was the ghastly plan that Johnson set in motion when he ordered the Liberty to its doom. And it was a fine plan. It should have worked. An ancient, re-habbed WWII freighter (one of Henry Kaiser's Liberty ships, ironically) overloaded with spy equipment and radios? Virtually unarmed and unable to defend itself. Should have been like shooting a duck in a barrel. The planners left out just one little thing: the J-Factor. The Jewish Plan for Arabia had to be postponed for decades and was only resumed on September 11, 2001. The failure of the Liberty attack was a monumental setback, not really appreciated by many non-Jews.
The J-Factor is something that pops up whenever Jews have more power than they should. They had total power in Russia after their Bolshevik coup. They, as usual, took full advantage of their advantage and slaughtered many millions of non-Jewish Russians, Ukrainians and other peoples who were under the spell of Christianity. Then the J-Factor kicked in and, after laying waste to Russia, the Jews lost power first to Stalin and then to a succession of non-Jewish psychos. 
Hollywood, same thing. Total Zionist Jewish power quickly wrecked America's perception of itself and the rest of the world's perception of us.   Hollywood movies legitimized the European landgrab from the Indians, maybe to legitimize the coming Jewish theft of Palestine. Of course, the movies created war fever and hatred for Germans and Japanese in a surprisingly quick manner, coordinated perfectly with Roosevelt's conspiracy, which suddenly produced fabulous fighters, bombers, warships and tanks, courtesy of the Federal Reserve. Jewish Hollywood actually destroyed the American culture, such as it was before a bunch of Zionist Jewish crooks ripped of Tom Edison and his motion picture process, splitting for the West Coast to avoid prosecution in New Jersey. 
The Federal Reserve Corporation is Zionism's ultimate scam and it has finally accomplished the near total destruction of its own Federal Reserve Note, to the extent that the Zionist parasite, racist state is rumored to want our welfare not in "dollars" but Euros.
Jewish Americans are in virtual control of our legal system. It has pretty much self-destructed, what with over two million Americans in prison, most on crimes of self-abuse. The US Justice Department is a Jewish playground. Nearly all lawyers are Jews or honorary Jews. The non-Jewish ones pretend to be Jews, the way many Christians pretend to be Hebrews.
The whole concept of urban life, living elbow to elbow, is essentially Jewish. You don't find many Jews in the countryside, beyond the suburbs. That's because if you live in the real country, you have to be able to take care of yourself physically, mechanically, financially. You must have something real to offer others, to trade for what you need. Most Jews can't farm and they can't make things. They need suckers in the cities, where they can buy low and sell high. 
The Jews had total power over the USS Liberty. US Zionist Jews sent the ship to the kill zone where Israeli Jews would sink it. Imagine a combined attack by jet fighters and torpedo boats lasting two hours against a defenseless, thin-skinned old tub. It's unbelievable that they couldn't sink it. But there was the J-Factor. They really can't do anything right for very long. They need non-Jews to do the difficult things correctly.
As Theodore Herzl infamously proclaimed, "We are the destroyers!" And, yes, they are the supreme destroyers of everything they touch, but they even screw up destroying things. Eventually, they have to get non-Jews to finish the job. They destroyed all decency between nations in the period 1911 ­ 1913 with their control over Woodrow Wilson. But they themselves couldn't kill the hated Gentiles, so they arranged for us to kill ourselves in the most shocking and senseless violence the world had seen, surpassing even the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Twenty years later they smashed international relations and declared a Zionist war on Germany (read the history books), but of course had no intention or ability actually to fight it. The Gentiles jumped in and killed themselves in unimaginable numbers, all over the world. This is the result of Christians always trying to prove themselves worthy in Jewish eyes.
The J-Factor is shorthand for Jewish incompetence due to lack of giddy, heady self-control when in power. Yes, they find it easy and natural to climb into unearned positions of power. Once they get there, though, they often don't know what to do.
In the artificial world of banking and finance, they DO know what to do, which is to adulterate and debase the value of money. But in all other fields, they must fake it. When you try to fake it, you are eventually revealed as a fraud and a liar. Zionists do this over and over because they have the idea that they can do anything. As the jaundiced Jewish Evelyn Kaye points out in her book, The Hole in the Sheet, you won't find any orthodox Jews at the controls of airliners or in any positions where honest work is involved. The orthodox prefer to occupy their time arguing about passages in the Talmud. And most regular Jews shy away from practical work, tending toward occupations that they invent in their imaginations. Thousands of them find rewarding careers in the imaginary and lucrative Holocaust industry.
The Holocaust is now wrecked by the J-Factor. The Holocaust has been the number one Zionist license to kill. It was the basis of their theft of Palestine and it has been the emotional gun to keep the hated Gentiles from criticizing them. Yes, they still have the power to send pacifistic old guys to prison for "denying" them their license to kill. That's how they see it. If you threaten their holy license to kill and lie and steal, you must be destroyed. If the Holocaust is finally revealed as a big lie and exaggeration in enough minds, the Jews realize that they will no longer be allowed to kill their victims. 
Ahmadinejad's great crime is to cast doubt on the Holocaust as it has been spun for decades, as he did with his revisionist conference in Tehran. Everyone knows, even the IAEA, that Iran has neither nuclear weapons nor the will to possess them. Everyone knows that Iran has never attacked anyone and probably never will. The Israelis know this and the CIA knows it. Apparently, the US military knows it and is not eager to attack Iran, considering what they've experienced in Iraq. But Ahmadinejad is now the ultimate enemy of the Jews because he has done more than any other leader to revoke their license to kill.
He always returns to the same simple truth: No matter what did or didn't happen in Europe, the Jews had no right to steal Palestine. I think this simple truth, thanks to the Iranian leader, will become generally accepted now. The Jews know this and will kill everyone they can before the truth fully coalesces. The truth is our license to kill ­ in self defense, of course. It can never be revoked because the truth is not based on lies.


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