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911 Conspiracies -
When A Knock Is A Boost

Webster G. Tarpley

Tuesday's History Channel program on 9/11 Conspiracies ­ Fact or Fiction shows how powerful our movement has become, and how contemptible our opposition is. The deck was stacked, the animations were distorted and fantastic, and the framework was rather nasty, but this was, of course, NBC News (read General Electric) which is now a hedge fund in drag. And even NBC News, often the slimiest of the networks, has been forced to pretend to refute numerous factual criticisms of the official story, one by one. I say pretend because most of the refutations were simply blanket denials, with no facts or reasoning beyond mere assertions that the 9/11 truth theses are not true, offend the families, are disgusting, or "corrosive," and other meaningless verbiage. 
Some of the attempts at substantive refutation involved dodges and subterfuges that seemed new, at least to me. It sounded like one of their pseudo-experts was arguing that the wings of the alleged airplane at the Pentagon had broken off through hitting objects on the Pentagon lawn. If that was so, where are the wings and the jet engines on that pristine Pentalawn? This pitiful construct is self-contradictory and destroys itself. We also heard that building 7 was hollow at the base, quite an achievement under the New York City building code. The bottom of building 7 was, we now discover, an amphitheater, with no support columns, but only trusses! I guess if your argument is ruptured, then you need a truss. Another pseudo-expert thought that a commercial aircraft could transform itself into an artillery shell or tank round and punch through the Pentagon rings that way, despite the obvious difficulty. CIA man Michael Scheuer says all the evidence points to al Qaeda, but where is all that evidence, Mike? There was none in this program, to be sure. Otherwise, Mike was reduced to some pitiful whining that there are too many decent patriotic people in the CIA ­ a moot point.
Some of the little people had obviously been leaned on to get them to change their testimony. But that was done with a nominalist stupidity worthy of William of Okham, the dumbest philosopher of the late Middle Ages. The wretched New York TV reporter had to say that he had reported secondary explosions, but not bombs. What precisely is the difference, when heard from afar? The poor Shanksville coroner had said that after a few minutes at the crash site, he had stopped being a coroner because there were no bodies. Now he says that he meant that he became an undertaker. Again, what is the distinction he is driving at? Where there bodies yes or no?
Most of the refutations were weak, fishy, lame, and unconvincing. In particular, any time they have to bring on Chip Berlet, that well-known gutter-dwelling character assassin and mercenary of the foundations, you know they are in big trouble, and he was quite prominent. I believe strongly in the victory of reality over fabrication and lies, and I suspect that this was the response of many viewers tonight. If we had a focus group, we could be sure, but I think more 9/11 came into the world than there were doubters who fell back into the official version based on this program.
But look at all the important factual material they had to present. The viewers got to see the squibs coming out of the twin towers. They got to see building 7 coming down, with ample comparisons to controlled demolition cases. They got to hear and see the infamous Silverstein. They got to see the singed hole in the internal rings of the Pentagon. They got to see the Shanksville crater. They got to hear about false flag operations from a chorus of authoritative voices, and for that there was no refutation. They also got a good source list for further research: Loose Change was prominent, as were Alex Jones and 9/11 Mysteries. Thierry Meyssan, the founder of our worldwide movement, got more recognition tonight than he has ever received in this country, and it is about time ­ his book the Big Lie is and remains a classic. They go to know David Ray Griffin, Bob Bowman, Jim Fetzer and many more. There was even a plug for my own 9/11 Synthetic Terror. Any serious, intelligent person ­ and there still are some ­ knows exactly where to go to find out more, and that can only be a big plus.
I have seen real raving slanders from NBC News, and they look different. Slanders are a relentless barrage of terms like Nazi, communist, SS, anti-semite, racist, white supremacist, Ku Klux Klan, and so forth, with no substance at all. There were only a few intervals when things began to get ugly in that way, and I do not think they convinced anybody.
Most revealing of the moral bankruptcy, intellectual cowardice, and overall weakness of the NBC spin machine were the themes they left out completely. Most glaring was that, even though he was allowed a couple of brief comments, literally all of Professor Steven Jones' work on thermite-thermate as the key to the controlled demolition of the twin towers was completely ignored. They seem to have concluded that refuting this would be a hopeless task.
They also avoided the most critical pieces of political evidence. There was not a word about the crucial "Angel is next" message accompanied by an array of top-secret code words received by the Secret Service, which is the one documented instance during the day when the invisible government-rogue network, the authors of the coup, actually came out of the shadows and spoke. Then, there was not one mention of the twenty-five plus (25 plus !!!) drills, exercises, and maneuvers which were either in progress on 9/11, had recently been concluded, or were in advanced stages of planning. Viewers who know 9/11 only through this program would not know that there was a single drill going on, even though the Kean-Hamilton commission did talk about Amalgam Virgo, at least during the hearings, and Vanity Fair last summer did acknowledge that some air drills were going on. 
There was discussion about the pros and cons of cell phone calls, but not a mention of the August 2001 drill at the Department of Transportation that had a scenario of a hijacked aircraft with cell phone calls coming in. Similarly, the program was much concerned with the intrinsically weak thesis of a stand-down, without once delving into the dozen or so Air Force drills that were ongoing and that really do explain the lack of air defense ­ along with the activities of a certain Colonel Marr. In my dealings with the NBC producer and his team, I went out of my way to stress these two points ­ "Angel is next" and the 25+ drills. At the Austin conference where much of this material was taped, I made an entire speech on "Angel is next," Bush's movements on 9/11, and the drills. But not a word got through. Several speakers, myself included, also pounded them as much as possible about the question of the NEW 9/11 and the looming war with Iran. At rally at the University of Texas tower, we already had the report about Cheney saying on Face the Nation that morning that his main fear was not of terrorist armed not with airline tickets and box cutters, but of a nuclear bomb in a US city. But the NBC people were not interested in that one, either.
The NBC program also tended to allege that the 9/11 truth movement sees Bush and Cheney as the prime movers and directors of 9/11 ­ an absurd thesis. Bush is a moron, and Cheney is a moribund old drunk with four heart attacks, quadruple bypass surgery, and a pacemaker that has to be serviced every couple of years. I tried to make the NBC people understand the idea of an invisible government much older than Bush and Cheney, going back in the present form at least to 1895, when J.P. Morgan forced President Grover Cleveland to knuckle and under and give Morgan and London total control over the US public debt. NBC was not having any of that, either.
I would urge people in the movement to ponder why specifically these themes were so totally excluded from a broadcast which was otherwise reasonably wide-ranging. I would argue that our oligarchical enemies in the invisible government are very much afraid of issues like the Jones thermite-thermate thesis, "Angel is next," Bush's movements on 9/11, the 25+ drills of 9/11, and the new 9/11. They do not much like to hear the invisible government itself talked about, either. Based on this, I would appeal to the 9/11 truth movement as a whole to redouble its attacks on precisely these themes to maximize the damage to the myth-mongers. Hammer them home mercilessly, for their power is enormous. We need to focus on the best scientific-technical evidence, and the best political evidence, as represented by these issues.
Part of the genius of the 9/11 truth movement is our ability to make even the financier-controlled media spread our ideas and work for us. Despite the worst intentions of NBC News, I would say that this is what they have accomplished. They have kept 9/11 truth research in the public eye. There is an old Broadway saying ­ "A knock is a boost." In other words, if we are so obscure and so crazy, why do we merit any attention at all? Two-hour documentaries are not cheap and need to get some ratings. Clearly we are not so obscure as NBC News would have us believe. In fact, if we can hold off the new 9/11 for a few more months, 2007 may turn out to be our finest hour.



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