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The Ford Foundation Attacks
The Kennebunkport Warning

By Webster Tarpley

The following scurrilous attack constitutes a declaration of war by the Ford Foundation, the flagship foundation of the US ruling elite and the foundation most engaged in the suppression of domestic political opposition, against the Philadelphia Platform of July 4, 2007, and the Kennebunkport Warning, published on August 26, 2007. These documents can be viewed at actindependent.org. The author of the following screed is the slimy character assassin Chip Berlet, the leading figure of Political Research Associates of Massachusetts, an entity which, according to published accounts, received some $325,000 in funding from the Ford Foundation between 2002 and 2006.
This article represents a strategic decision on the part of Berlet's Ford Foundation paymasters that the Philadelphia and Kennebunkport documents represent a threat to the political hegemony of the financier elite who are betting on synthetic terrorism, new false flag operations, and a nuclear attack on Iran to clear the way for totalitarian rule in the US. The Ford Foundation is now committing considerable resources, not just to maintain the US peace, impeachment, and anti-globalization movements in their current fragmented and ineffective form, but also specifically to sabotage the Philadelphia and Kennebunkport initiatives.
From now on, as a rule of thumb, it will be fair to say that those seeking to tear down the Philadelphia and Kennebunkport convergence clearly represent the running dogs of the Ford Foundation, operating as stooges, pawns, foot soldiers and water carriers for the infamous Berlet, and deserving to be exposed as such. Whether they are conscious, paid agents or merely dupes can be determined later on. We must also recall that, under Reagan's Executive Order 12333, the classic functions of the cold war CIA and FBI have been privatized into various fronts, and especially into foundations. These days, to be foundation funded often implies a close but surreptitious link to the intelligence community.
The Philadelphia Platform seeks to unite the antiwar, impeachment, anti-globalization, labor, civil rights, civil liberties, fair elections, and related movements into a single united front outside of the Republican and Democratic Parties. It calls for the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and end to all US aggression everywhere, the rollback of the police state, and rule by people, not bankers, with the entire effort energized by 9/11 truth. It urges people to engage in mass political education, to take back the airwaves, and to run for Congress. The Kennebunkport Warning calls for action to head off the present war emergency, marked by daily reports of the Cheney faction pressing for a nuclear attack on Iran, to be covered in turn by a new 9/11 and/or a new Gulf of Tonkin incident. This danger has been underlined by the recent Israeli bombing of Syria, and by the August 30 rogue nuclear-armed B-52 affair, with the mysterious deaths of personnel associated with that incident.
Activists of the 9/11 truth movement will recall Berlet as the gutter thug brought in by the foundation-backed Amy Goodman on her deeply compromised Democracy Now program to harass David Ray Griffin a couple of years ago. Berlet worked for the National Student Association, which was exposed as a CIA front. His true expertise is in narcotics, which he acquired during a stint as Washington DC bureau chief for High Times Magazine. More recently, Berlet appeared on the History Channel's 9/11 Conspiracies broadcast to slander of the entire 9/11 truth movement as mentally unbalanced individuals who have a pathological need to believe in conspiracies. Berlet has been slandering 9/11 truth activists for many years. After these interventions, Berlet's status as a raving enemy of 9/11 truth is beyond dispute. His credentials as a sincere antiwar activist are equally lacking. Notice below that Berlet, in all his inveighing against Kennebunkport, never mentions the main themes, which are a new false flag terror op coming out of Cheney's faction, a nuclear attack on Iran, and a new world war. These are issues Berlet does not want to publicize.
Instead, Berlet suggests that I am a sock-puppet for LaRouche. LaRouche drove me out of his organization in 1997, more than ten years ago. I have nothing in common with LaRouche, whose supporters have repeatedly slandered me, albeit in terms slightly different from those used by Berlet. LaRouche is a border guard for the sinister Hillary Clinton-Rahm Emanuel neocon warmonger machine in the Democratic Party. He is currently trying to combine that with the notion that Bush is a force for peace with Putin's Russia ­ a manifest absurdity, since Bush is promoting aggression against Russia in the form of a nuclear first-strike capability. Contrary to what Berlet writes, LaRouche has no commitment to 9/11 truth and has contributed nothing to the 9/11 truth movement. LaRouche has rather sponsored a personality cult complete with a youth movement which is a parody of Chairman Mao's Red Guards of the mid-1960s.
From the beginning, supporters of Kennebunkport have argued that the four signers who claimed they did not sign, and then deplorably covered their retreat with a barrage of wild charges of forgery, most probably did so because they feared that their foundation funding might be terminated. Now, with Berlet's broadside, the role of the Ford Foundation in the entire matter becomes evident. The Ford Foundation is the mother ship of a whole array of lesser foundations of both left and right political coloration who work to perpetuate the dominant power of the financier oligarchy. Thanks to Berlet, all foundation operatives in the domestic cointelpro apparatus now know who their immediate enemy is. Everyone who is foundation funded knows where their bread is buttered, and they are expected to earn their pay by reacting accordingly. Watch them as they come forward. Persons of good will can also use the Berlet slander as a reliable moral guide to what is actually going on here, and join the growing and distinguished list of supporters of the Kennebunkport warning at actindependent.org.
In short, those who slander and sabotage the Philadelphia-Kennebunkport convergence strategy are marching together with Chip Berlet under the banner of the Ford Foundation. Draw your own conclusions carefully. The great question of a new general war may depend on it.
Webster G. Tarpley
Berlet slander at:
From Leland Lehrman
My name is Leland Lehrman. I live in Lamy, NM near the train station that serves Santa Fe.
I'm running for US Senate against one of the most corrupt Senators in DC: Pete Domenici.
I also appeared recently on Tarpley's show and commented to the effect that those spending time destroying the message of the Kennebunkport Warning were either inexperienced or possibly COINTELPRO.
I would like to revise this position while leaving those two options in place, for it is clear to me that there are those arrayed against KW who are in fact COINTELPRO and some who are inexperienced.
However, legitimate criticism of Tarpley et al's methods and arguments have been made and as a friend of Mr. Tarpley I would like to acknowledge them on his behalf, although without his permission.
Berlet is without doubt COINTELPRO. His Ford Foundation (CIA) funding is proven and his appearances on Democracy Now and the History Channel to counter Griffin and 911 truth are all the evidence you need for that.
His attack on Tarpley is not proof of Tarpley's bona fides, but it is pretty close. I have worked with Tarpley at relatively close quarters for several months now, and have examined his past work on the Red Brigades in Italy and his biography of George Bush Senior. His Synthetic Terror book comes on the heels of long effort to expose oligarchy's control mechanisms.
Oligarchy is in fact the problem, whether religious, racial, classist, ideological or nationalist. Oligarchy hides behind any and all divisive doctrines, manipulating populations through war, false religion (mind control) and related scams such as fractional reserve banking, which are really no more than sophisticated gambling rackets designed to quickly parasitize a host population and render the parasite supremely powerful.
Read Smedley Butler's War is a Racket for a good analysis from a US military leader who saw it up close.
So now, to some of the more delicate questions regarding the signers and their actions. I have seen Cindy Sheehan allegedly backtrack before on statements that she made, for example that she was concerned about Israel's influence on American foreign policy. It is possible that she did so again. I am not yet quite clear on the circumstances of the signing and the aftermath, but I am certain that feelings were hurt all the way around, to include Webster and Bruce Marshall as well as the retractors.
The Kennebunkport Warning was and is a well-stated, timely message to a groggy but searching American public on the dangers our country and world now face. Even if the signers weren't clear on what the warning really said, the fact that it was assigned Hoax Status on the internet when it was a very supportable document, with masses of evidence far in excess of the cited Yuval Aviv story, meant that Tarpley and Marshall immediately felt sabotaged, although there is still some uncertainty about where that actually comes from.
On the subject of LaRouche, I have never seen a more complex situation reduced to such an unbelievably useless caricature as Mr. LaRouche and his network. Anyone who has actually taken the time to read their intelligence reports from around the world, their analyses of philosophical, political and financial situations and their work on the cultural infiltration by the CIA into the postwar era would never for a moment reduce their value to zero even if there are grave problems with their tactics, other positions or egos.
It is rare that any voice we listen to says everything we want to hear, but that does not mean that everything it says is useless or wrong, and the psychological "slides" generated by the word LaRouche are the same as those generated by the word "conspiracy theory" or "antisemitism."
This guilt by association is a very slippery slope, although I do agree that Nico Haupt and Jim Fetzer's TV fakery promotion are extremely disconcerting and I have not yet determined Webster's position on the subject. I have a message in to him right now asking for some understanding.
One of my specialties is fence mending, as I understand and respect personal situations as well as political gravity. My opinion is that Webster and Bruce's feelings were hurt badly by the signer retractions and the subsequent trashing of their very important work and lashed out in ways that were perhaps not as understanding as they might have been. However, there has been precious little understanding for why Webster and Bruce might feel the way they do.
According to them, the retractors had ample chance to read the document but got nervous when the spotlight got turned on. They further assert that one of the signers has actually admitted to having signed it. It strikes me that a certain amount of responsibility shifting may have in fact happened once the four activists in question realized the gravity of the situation. It is even reasonable to assume that some of them may have become concerned that their funding may be at stake. This is of course an issue in the "activist" world.
I like to think that I would have simply crossed off their names and wished them well myself, but in the heat of the moment, accusations ran wild and reputations were on the line. Perhaps one might say that Webster and Bruce overreacted in some ways. But those asserting that the KW was a hoax were also overreacting.
Cosmos' handling of Bruce on his radio show was heavy handed and didn't recognized Bruce's obvious emotionality as worthy of respect, and therefore the emotional pain never healed and what may be a needless disturbance in the force goes on.
Everyone from Wolsey to Cosmos to Col. Sparks seem to be asking Webster and Bruce to grow up, but are they really demonstrating themselves to be entirely loving and generously parental? I'm afraid not.
Discussions of the four retractors put forth the idea that they "courteously" retracted and wished the KW supporters well, but is it not possible to be courteous as you kill?
Sure it is, and the coldness of it, the air of superiority and the "well-wishing" associated with the casual death blow of "hoax" allegations would be all the more cruel if it were cloaked in courtesy.
One of the other problems with the KW detractors is that although they claim not to have any problems with the substance of the warning and the hundreds of news items on which it is based, the years of research that is required to understand it and express it eloquently, their focus leads them completely off the track of the very important message.
9/11 is important on its own, but its importance may be vastly greater in the context of current events, as a powerful tool of resistance and positive change. At the very least, KW detractors should be assisting the actual work of the KW, namely using the 9/11 understandings we now have to become serious players in the upcoming strategic and activist decision making process in Washington, on Main Street and around the world. Why is this not happening in parallel? Why are the credits given to Mr. Tarpley so short-winded and offhanded on the way to constant thrashing?
Although I am certainly thankful for Cindy Sheehan's leadership in the peace movement, it might have been more useful for her to have stood in the way of her son's enlistment in the first place.
While she was agonizing over her son's service and eventual death, Mr. Tarpley had already put in decades educating people about the methods of the oligarchical control system. If I had to say who was more valuable to the movement right now, I might have to choose Webster. For all his personal failings, many of which are on display in this current ruckus, Cindy has an equal amount of them, and arrogant judgmental attitudes towards Mr. Tarpley and idolization of Ms. Sheehan are not the easily defendable positions that KW detractors assert.
The issue is more complex, I'm afraid, and specifically, there is some type of knee jerk protection for the feelings of Sheehan et al, while those of Tarpley and Marshall are not considered. There may be a reversed sexism happening here, with the women's feelings somehow immediately assumed to be more important than the men's. All of these issues are entirely human, and give me reason to hope that reconciliation can still happen. No voice has really tried to do that, so I am hoping mine can start the process. It is of course important that impeachment, 911 truth, peace, labor, civil rights, spiritual, environmental and economic justice movements work hand in hand to move our world to a better place, but that means we all need to do a little more understanding of "the other" and a little less judging and caricaturing.
Finally, I would very much welcome the opportunity to join Cosmos on his radio program to advance this discussion and would be pleased to talk with any of you at length. Please call, email or send a phone number.
Leland Lehrman
Publisher Mother Media
Editor, The Sun News
(505) 982-3609
You might also want to read my piece on Physics911.net for an idea of
my contribution: http://physics911.net/nuclearfalseflag.htm



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