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Weaponized Porn - Our
Judeo-Pornographic Culture

By Dick Eastman

The sexual apparatus is independent of the intellectual world of a man -- the sexual apparatus is concerned with continuation of the species with new specimens, the rest of the human organism is concerned with the continuation (with food, air, water, shelter, warmth, and human cooperation towards those ends.) Our religious and moral views operate in the non-sexual realm. Good men can be seduced by sexual stimuli -- the sexual aspect has to be that strong to ensure the continuation of the species -- or else men would be too involved in hunting and building and creating etc. to bother with reproduction. When a moral man falls to pornography or the seduction of a prostitute who appears unexpectedly at his hotel door etc. certainly he is responsible -- but he is also the victim of an attack where he is most vulnerable and (often) least in control.
In the middle ages eveyone in Europe but the Jews were Catholic and pornography and masturbation were sins -- and they were hardly practiced.
In the US today the Jews have flooded the nation with pornography -- it is everywhere and getting worse -- it turns out that people can be broken like horses so that they become subservient and furthermore that process can become sexualized -- pornography-masturbation (the two are always together) destroy the focus of a man's marriage and divert his mind from food, air, water, shelter, warmth, paying bills, advancing to life goals etc.
Pornogaphy has been weaponized to destroy cultures -- as have drugs and liquor -- the ruling elites at war with the American people have allowed a flood of pornography, liquor and drugs -- to destroy the middle classes.
The Jews (who own the pornography industry (including mainstream Hollywood pornography of today) have done the same with the Arabs -- it is cultural sabotage.
The fault is a society that allows pornography to exist. In an Arab society this deadly trap would not be permitted to exist. But in the Jewish global society pornography is everywhere -- destroying character, destroying a man's self-respect.
We admire sexual power in men (I don't know if this is good or not) -- yet we condemn them when they yeild to weaponized sexual conditioning via pornography and prostitution etc. But society should ban pornography and drugs and alcohol -- as America did in the 1920's - 1933.
This goal however -- in the case of drug addiction -- must be tempered by a realistic view of how to get from here to there. Since we have so many drug addicts willing to steal or kill to get their fix and since the globalist elite makes trillions of US dollars a year from drugs -- the war on Afganistan was conducted because the taliban (may their tribe increase) had been eliminating opium in the land -- the globalist drug cartels (Bush etc.) were hurting (heroin is made from opium remember) -- and that is why the US and the "Northern Alliance" (the non-Moslem drug lords) overthrew the Taliban -- possibly one more reason why there was a false-flag attack on September 11, 2001. So I would recommend legalizing drugs and making it a government monopoly -- where addicts are given drugs at cost (mere pennies once lagalized -- making it illegal was a monopoly pricing measure for the drug cartels -- if addicts can get supplied from the government for pennies the profit will be taken out of it and the "pushing" of drugs on children and other people would cease. This would break the drug cartels around the world. (May be my last post, btw, so make the most of it.)
With pornography I think we can beat it by outlawing it again and ending the seething hell of Hollywood by restoring restrictions on what can be shown -- profanity and nudity and sexual seduction need not exist on television or in movies at all. I am sure there are still some straight gentiles around who could make good movies again. When I was a boy all the pornography was in Sweden -- or if it was around it was very very out of sight.
But we are stuck in Judeo-pornographic society where women are degraded (including the women playing the part of "dominants" -- they are still degraded prostitutes specializing in providing a fetish brand of sex.)
Man is a complex creature -- part of his seeks God and what is good for everyone -- and part of him is an impersonal machine with attractions as impersonal as a magnet -- and it is this latter part that is exploited by Jews (because they do not value gentiles as human beings and so supply them with porn and drugs and alcohol, destroying families and society and culture.
I would accept an Islamic revolution in this country in a second -- it it would help us get rid of Judeo-pornographic cultural poison.
You will not that when the Jews ruled Germany after WWI there was a flood of sexual deviance (sado-masochistic stuff) with Jewish pornographers deriving glee from corrupting a conservative Lutheran society.
The same thing is being done to Arabs -- the same thing is being done to Americans (me and you).
There is absolutely nothing wrong with Islam or Christianity with respect to sexuality -- except insofar as they have failed to make war on the pornographers and sex slavers and drug cartels around the world.
Flee temptation -- and remove temptation from your children and those you love.
There is nothing wrong with outlawing pornography on the internet.
Freedom of speech has nothing to do with pornography which is all about sexual conditioning and masturbation. Free speech is about political speech. Only a helpless victim of our Judeo-pornographic culture would confound the two.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


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