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China And The
International Credit Monopoly

By Dick Eastman
10 -5 -7

Subject: some life-or-death sociology -- China and the International Credit Monopoly are at war with independent middle-classes, nationalism and certain values which they fear 
If one race or ethnic good is at war with your race or ethnic group and is working its destruction by indirect means (called assymetrical warfare, information warfare (as "knowledge sabotage"), Sun Tse strategies (getting two enemies to destroy each other or the corrupt princes of one enemy state to destroy that  state from within) -- then it is not "racism" or "ethnological prejudice" to recognize the fact of that attack and take measures to defeat it.
The ruling elites who control China and run it like a great corporation selling slave labor and resources on international markets as well as the usual taxation and graft --  and the ruling elites who -- behind and above the governments -- control the west are each at war with the same mortal enemies. Their mortal enemies are not conscious enemies of these ruling elites, they are not aware that their ruling elites are at war with them. (I say "at war," but most often this "war" takes the form of an "occupation" by the conqueror -- in the US these elites, the Money Power, took over by subversion, by control of the money system and of the supreme court and bought legislators and corrupt (or to use somewhat more "value-free" term, class-serving") presidents and by corrupt men who surrounded presidents who were basically good (serving the common interest, the national interest).
The ideologies of these powers -- China (Oriental despotism) and the Money Power (Merchant bankers and central bankers -- big finance and the corporations they float and control and make monopolies through credit monopoly) are 1) the ideologies of Zionism (Jewish supremacism, Talmudism, Kabala, secret Jewish-dominated Freemasonry) the belief that most men do not have souls and are natural slaves of those chosen by God to be masters of the earth; and 2) the ideology of "Communism" which is the anti-thesis of freedom, of liberalism, ofindividualism, oflimited government, the conventions of justice and rights for all citizens, the rights of people of a region to govern themselves as a nation, as a locality, as a community without state direction, and of common law and constitutions -- communism is the rule of an elite totoal government of the people, in the name of the people and always for the elite and at the expense of the people --- where the right of the individual to speak his mind is replaced by the right of the minority communist leadership  to "speak for the people," to know the true will of the people, to know the true direction history should take, to intrude in every aspect of the individual's life and in fact mass-produce individuals who work and think only as the "dictatorship of the proletariate" or the "socialist state" deem desirable from their "enlightened and progressive" standpoint -- whereas this new class of communist rulers becomes the most terrible of all conceivable exploiters, the ultimate monopoly -- but among themselves they enjoy complete freedom in an anarch-capitalist state -- super wealth can take any little man and do whatever he wants with him or her for his own pleasure -- however unfair, unjust, despotic, sadistic etc. the act may be from according to the values and conventions of the victim. Zionism and communism are about to sow up control of the planet -- the armies of the docile communist-broken Chinese being the soldiers of the super power of the 21st century -- and the Zionists sharing control with their monopoly of the reinfocement token-system that controls all behavior. Coercion and a monopoly on the power to reinforce behavior through monopoly of credit and money tokens.
The enemy of this new power alliance Zionist and Chinese Communist (the fruition of the work of Leon Trotsky and Zhou Enlai -- but also planners in the City and Wall Street and Hong Kong and Frankfort etc as well as Bernard Baruch, George C. Marshall, David Rockefeller, Kissinger etc. up to Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz and Dov Zakheim, and the higher minions, Clinton, Bush etc.) -- as I was saying, the enemy of these masters of the will to power -- are the exponents of the will to freedom and the welfare of the uncommon individuals who in their diversity, number in the millions -- I am not speeking of the typical men of this earth, but of those who have known freedom and inidividuality and self-respect and what it means to be self-supporting and to be able to do business where you want (selling your professional skills, your artisian skills, your skilled labor, your inventions, your knowledge) in a market where there are many potential buyers -- or where you can organize as a laborer with other laborers to bargain for working conditions and share of wage -- but this power must be backed with social credit -- where the common man has his own capital and jobs are competitive. 
These are the enemies of Zionism-Communism. And they are the enemy of ZIonism-Communism for another reason -- their families are different. The children are taught to be independent, they are taught to fend for themselves and make a future, they are given the values and principles of a man who stands on his own two feet -- who is an enterpriser and innovater -- who can work, but also plan for something better and go and realize it -- like the people who came to the New World to get some land and make it on their own without the oppression of large landed estates owned by lords -- who enclose the lands and enslave with monopoly rent and hang you when you poach a rabbit and beat you when you fail to remove your hat in their presence etc. The name for this kind of individualist family was given by French sociologists Ferdinand Le Play and de Tourville (of the LePlay school of sociology)   they called them "particularist families" -- you will not find Le Play on wikapedia or in your sociology text books -- these families are what made the Anglo-Saxon's masters of the world -- and LePlay sought to introduce particularist family practices in France -- where the families were patriarchial, so conducive to the paternalistic state. 
But de Tourville stated that there are three types of families: the particularist, the patriarchical and the "unstable" -- a word meaning  dysfunctional -- without the loyalty and conformity of the patricarchial family members and without the initiative and individuality of the particularist. Nomads living on the steppes of central Asia would be patriarchical, the Jews of the bible were Patriarchical, the German's lived in patriarchical communities mixed with particularist -- Bismark marking a definite ascendancy of the former. But some nomads who live in the steppes  in ancient times  moved far west to Europe and settled in the Fijords, where the land required that people live spaced apart, doing their own fishing etc. (possible led by a leader named Odin, btw) developed independence of family apart from the larger group -- and the children were raised to go out on their own and make lives for themselves -- rather than hang around the group  and do the jobs that the patriarch assigned them -- they became the first particularist families (identified with the saxons, sho settled in England and other parts of Europe -- a way of life opposed to the kings (patriarchial) set up that came with the Romans and continued through the Merovingians and Carlovengians. (My spelling is hell -- forgive me). The patriarchs are the ones who conquer peasants and enslave them and create "States" (see sociologists Gumplowiczs, Ratzenhoffer and Franz Oppenheimer on the origins of the state).   
The state -- the ruling elites -- do not want the people they control to be particularist. That is the last thing they want. They prefer their own elite families to be patriarchical and they want everyone else's family to be dysfunctional -- to be "unstable" -- no independent -- not-thinking for themselves or self-respecting  -- they want them docile workers with no commitment to anything but to serve in the factory, or fight the war, etc. In the United States the great truiumph of the state in creating the "unstable" family among the dominated majority is outcomes based education replacing liberal education, replacing development to the individual's potential, replacing the well-rounded versitle independent individual capable of self-government. Instead they want people who can't read books -- who get their news from the media monopoly, from politically correct education, from the dumbed down and distorted news, from churches where the denomination is bought owned by agents, if not of the government, then of the NGO's that the money power creates to control the masses -- the World COuncil of Churches -- the Evangelicals for Israel and what have you -- and the theologicans and book writers Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson, Hegge, etc. Nothing to do with God -- everything to do with using fear and awe of eternal punishments and rewards to get people to give money and commit murder for the ruling (atheistic or perhaps self- or class- or ethnic-tribe- worshiping) elites.
All this is preface to this. The Zionist Jews who have gained such power through control of the banking system (money and credit, monetary and fiscal policy, economic regulation etc.) are at war with the particularist Anglo-Saxons -- the Germans, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the stock of Jefferson, Madison, Thomas Paine, Washington -- examplars of particularist society (especially the so-called Jeffersonian idea of everyone an agrarian farmer in a republic of limited goverment, decentralized money creation (free, non-centralized banking), maximum enterprise etc. -- almost the very essence of particularist living. When people live like this they do not need merchant bankers to lend them money, they do not need international trade, because they make what they want with great abundance, and they do not need wars (the greatest profit maker of the merchant bankers) and they do not need great estates (the reward of kings for those who apply coercion on his behalf) etc.
The particularist sets up communities of justice and freedom and law (common law) -- and they do not let people get away with mass-murder crimes or with deliberately engineering great depressions or inflations for private gain. The Zionists Merchant bankers are guilty of mass-murder -- they were behind the world wars, the communist dictatorships in Russia and China, the Cold War, the Viet Nam war and the wars started by their false-flag attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They are the ones behind the drug trade -- these families got rich on the opium trade -- and fought the terrible carnage of the opium war against innocent China in the early 1800's -- and they profit from the opium grown in Afganistan today (which the Taliban had been erradicating).
We -- the remaining particularists -- the Americans who love freedom -- and today particularsits are of all races -- particularism became the American way of life for most who came here -- except the latest immigrants who arrive and find a totalitarian state and not particularist (Jeffersonian) democracy and freedom -- I am not a racist -- particularism was created not by race but, according to de Tourville, by the geopgraphy of the Fijords of Norway -- that allowed the development of individual independence apart from patriarch dictation or state dictation. Particularism, as Le Play concluded, can be learned and cultivated by every nation for its people -- it is not the form of govenment that matters, or the race, but the form of up-bringing, the way the culture raises the children. (And right now we are finished -- only a few understand what the ruling elites are doing -- and we just post to people who 99 percent of the time don't read this far in our posts etc.)
Now here is the real bottom line: You know too much about them. Your individuality and independence of thinking is too dangerous for them to let you live -- you must be "marginalized" until they can find the means of exterminating you. (I said this is the bottom line -- but there is something that should be said for Islam -- Islam, regardless of what is said in the monopoly media, is a form of freedom -- because the individual's relationship to Allah is an individual matter -- the demand of Islam are very light -- pray five times a day, fast for a month, give alms to the poor,visit Mecca in your lifetime and admit that there is only one God -- monotheism and that Mohammad is one whose principles (these five things) are consistent with the will of that one God. For mankind bent under the shackles of state religions == priesthoods urging subservience and slavery to the state etc. -- Islam is liberation. I have always said it is the populism of Asia -- but I should add that it is an approximation of particularism for Asians (and North Africans) as well -- and that is its appeal around the world as people convert to it even as its belivers are exterminated by the Zionist-Communist alliance.
I ramble and don't write well -- but the concepts needed are in there if you dig for them. (I don't edit, because if I did I would never be satisfied and I would say nothing. G;K. Chersterton wrote: "If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing badly." Wise words. I live by them. (It applies to taking back your government, too.) Feel free to polish my prose and clarify -- just remember to mention yourself as editor.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man. (If I was a patriarchal I would say "to every other man of my tribe only ", if I was an "unstable" type I would say "responsible to no other man anywhere")


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