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Illegal Immigration
Bankrupting America

By Frosty Wooldridge

Few Americans comprehend the financial costs of illegal migration into the United States. Like a cancer, it enters the body while proliferating until, at some point, it destroys the integrity of surrounding tissue. Illegal migration sneaks up on legal American taxpayers who work honestly within their system.
At first, communities and individual taxpayers don't notice it. But soon, it grows beyond normalcy toward malignancy.
With in excess of 20 million illegal alien migrants working and living in the United States today, that malignancy spreads out of control in every state where a sizable population of aliens congregates.
Gig Conaughton, reporter for the North County Times, Escondido, California, wrote a piece exposing the horrific costs of illegal aliens in one county.
Conaughton wrote, "A county-commissioned study estimated that illegal immigrants directly cost the county of San Diego and taxpayers $101 million last year, and indirectly cost an additional $155 million in unpaid medical care. Public school costs and a myriad of social-services increase the actual costs, but are not included in the count."
Illegal alien migrants cost the county roughly $75 million in criminal justice costs, such as jailing, prosecuting and public defender efforts, and $26 million in health, social and other costs. Experts said the estimates proved very conservative.
Conaughton wrote, "Spokesman Horn, who pushed hard for the study to be done, said Friday that he planned to use the report to lobby the federal government, through Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Solana Beach, for help. He also said he thought the $255 million figure was too low ­ in part because he thought it underestimated the illegal immigrant population and did not take education costs into account."
Bilbray champions enforcement of existing immigration laws
"Bilbray, who campaigned for the study along with Horn when both were running for election in 2006, issued a written statement saying he was eager to work with Horn to get federal reimbursement," Conaughton wrote, 'When it comes to illegal immigration,' Bilbray said in his statement, 'the federal government is the biggest deadbeat dad in America.'"
Net costs to provide services to illegals increased 500 percent in 7 years
"In 2001, county supervisors released a study compiled by researchers for the United States-Mexico Border Counties Coalition that said the county spent more than $50.3 million in 1999 on criminal justice and medical care for illegal immigrants," Conaughton wrote.
"I'm not even asking that question," Horn said. "I spend taxpayer money for taxpayer services. That's my charge. My issue with the federal and state government is that they're asking me to spend my taxpayer money on people who don't even belong here."
The San Diego report exposed shocking costs to taxpayers in one county. With California housing three to four million illegals, a 2005 report showed migrants cost state taxpayers $10.2 billion annually. That's money that could have reduced their $38 billion state debt!
In my state of Colorado, we suffer 500,000 illegals at a cost of $1 billion annually. (Source: <http://www.cairco.org>www.cairco.org). In excess of $654 million pays for migrant children's education, $38.4 million for medical costs and $20 million for incarceration of convicted illegal felons. Other costs cover uninsured illegals in accidents, school breakfast and lunch programs as well as housing assistance.
Under the radar, most Americans don't realize half of illegal aliens work off the books and pay no taxes. The 2005 Bear Stearns Report showed a loss of $301 billion in uncollected IRS income taxes annually. Additionally, migrants yearly send $60 billion in cash remittances back to home countries-thus bleeding the U.S. treasury. "Anchor babies" create another drain on taxpayers' earnings. The average delivery costs $5,000 to $7,000 depending on location. The real kicker occurs when the child gains free access of education K-12 and free breakfast and lunch program for 13 years of schooling. The costs of one year of school average $7,000.00 and the lunch programs, born by American taxpayers, soar into the billions of dollars.
How many illegal children attend U.S. schools? Estimates top 1.5-2.5 million. Factor in birth costs, medical costs for birth defect children, special needs, schooling and lunch programs. Do the math!
California Congressman Dan Lungren introduced HR 1940 to stop birthright citizenship. He said, "It's a debate worth having, considering an estimated 400,000 to 1,200,000 babies are born in the United States every year to illegal immigrant parents. Those babies receive automatic U.S. citizenship. If citizenship is to have true meaning, someone with no allegiance to the United States should not be able to lay claim to it on behalf of their offspring."
According to <http://www.cis.org/>www.cis.org, incarcerated convicted illegal aliens make up 29 percent of federal, state and local prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually.
As the financial costs grow, few speak about job losses and wages depressed for America's working poor. They head to the unemployment lines, soup kitchens, homelessness and food stamps.
Do not forget the middle class! They suffer job losses in roofing, dry walling, construction, cab driving, landscape, house painting, paving and restaurant work.
No one escapes the ravages of illegal migration. Ask yourself this question. With 20 million migrants doing THIS much damage, what happens to American workers and communities when we add another 10 or 20 million more illegal aliens into our country?


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