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Not Holier Than Thou -
How Queer Is Bush?

By Alan Stang

That is the title of my new book, which has finally hit the streets. It is the story of the takeover of the Republicrud Party by Organized Sodomy, arranged by el presidente Jorge W. Boosh. If you have not heard of this yet, and maybe you haven't because of media spiking, you probably just gasped. You know about sodomite Mark Foley, the Republicrud Congressman from Florida who was forced to resign.
But Mark Foley was not an aberration. Organized sodomy wields gargantuan power on Capitol Hill, because Boosh has done even more than his predecessor to advance it. I can't recall his predecessor's name. He's the man who raped that lady while he was Attorney General of his state.
Then as President he enjoyed discreet joe blobs in the Oval Office administered by an intern in a blue dress on her knees. But there was no problem because he was able to keep working on your behalf doing presidential business on the phone while the intern had sex, if a joe blob is sex, if is is.
Today, he is known as the nation's first "black President," so Boosh, the nation's first "Latino President," who has done much more for sodomites than the rapist ever did for blacks, also qualifies as our second "homosexual President." The Democruds have not exposed him only because they are equally putrid. Why is Boosh only the nation's "second homosexual President?" Why not the first?
First let me make a point. There is only one Jesus Christ, God, the Son, only one. He is the one I worship. Everyone else ­ yes, including me ­ is utterly rotten with sin, however many letters follow his name or whatever he has been elected to, or however many worshippers speak his name in a hush. How do I know that? I know it because that is what it says in scripture, which God has given me the grace to believe. If you don't believe that, no problem, but you are not a Christian. Go your way in peace.
Boosh is only the "second homosexual President" because Ronald Reagan was the first. Go ahead and catch your breath. I'll wait while you read that again. Not Holier Than Thou names the major Republicrud players in the advancement of Organized Sodomy. Remember that long before he became President, when he was still running for Governor of California, a homosexual ring turned up on Ronnie's staff.
He did nothing until he was forced to fire the predatory pederasts by Lynn Nofziger, who confronted him. Remember that the Reagans came to us from Hollyweird, which is riddled with queers. They were of course not homosexual themselves, but welcomed homosexuals to surround them. Nancy has always spent much of her time with them. She prefers their company; they have served her as interior decorators, couturiers and lovers. The details of all this are in the book.
Years later, another, much bigger, sodomite ring erupted in the Reagan White House, so influential that a sodomite pimp routinely conducted guided tours there for influential butt jumpers at one a.m. How influential would you need to be to escort people without clearance on such tours at that time of morning while the President of the United States is asleep in the building?
The homosexual ring in the Reagan White House oozed into the George I White House. The Washington Times, which is "conservative," broke the story. The federal and District governments, a grand jury and the Times launched investigations, which involved degeneracy at the very top of the U.S. government. Of course all of this was squelched, because sodomites at the very top of the U.S. government were involved. Who was at the very top?
Indeed, did you know that Ronnie Reagan is a hero at Log Cabin Republicans? Log Cabin is a buggery group dedicated to doing to the Republicruds what other degenerates have done to the Democruds. Log Cabin offers deserving recipients the Ronald Reagan Award, named for Ronnie because he helped defeat the 1978 Briggs Initiative. Briggs would have barred open homosexuals and lesbians from teaching in California public schools. That is one reason they run those schools today.
Indeed, Reagan's opposition to Briggs inspired the founding of Log Cabin, which in turn named the award for him. Republicrud Arnold Schwarzenegger, Der Governator, was a recent recipient of the Ronald Reagan Award. Der Governator, like Ronnie, is a Log Cabin hero, because he too does everything he can to advance Organized Sodomy, including the nude photos he posed for in homosexual magazines. Be warned that there is a nude photo of Hizzoner the Governator in the book.
Der Arnold named Susan Kennedy as his chief-of-staff. Susan was deputy chief-of-staff for Gray Davis, the man the voters replaced with Der Arnold. She is Executive Director of the California Democrud Party. And she is a lesbian. She was the only one the Governator could find to do the job. Again, all of this is in the book.
And, mirabile dictu, here comes still another Republicrud buggery ring, this one in the George II White House. Remember the high-priced homosexual prostitute who was moonlighting as a member of the White House press corps? How influential must you be to get the necessary credentials? I couldn't get them, but of course I'm not queer.
Yet, the homosexual prostitute who did get them had unprecedented access. In fact, he came and went without the usual Secret Service record of when he arrived and when he left. It looks as if he stayed overnight, probably not in the Lincoln bedroom. What would a top-dollar homosexual prostitute be doing there at night?  Hmm, let's see.
So, again, Mark Foley is not at all an aberration in the Republicrud Party. Jorge W. Boosh has appointed sodomites and their champions to top positions of influence in his administration. Consider for instance Mary Matalin. Mary is a Republicrud Party operative who is married to James Carville, her Democrud counterpart. For some reason James delights in making himself look and sound like a geek. I have no doubt of that because no one could appear so geeky by accident. He is the utterly bald man you often see on television, making noises like a chimp.
At a Philadelphia Republicrud reception, Mary Matalin said, "We are here to honor gay and lesbian Republicans. To be a real conservative is to be pro-gay." Please reread that last sentence. On February 14th, 1999, Mary guested on Meet the Press, where she said, "I will demonize Republicans that gay bash in 2000." Needless to say, Mary is another Log Cabin favorite. Mary denounces Christian critics of sodomy as "the Leviticus crowd."
Mary used to work for CNN. She quit when the incoming George I hired her as a top aide to the President and counselor to Dick Cheney. She explained that she had always spoken out about homosexuality, "but never had a megaphone until George W. Bush reached out last spring to gays and lesbians."
These are just a few of the examples Not Holier Than Thou is full of. Did you know that Republicrud David Dreier, of California, former chairman of the House Rules Committee and still chairman of the House California Republican delegation, is an active sodomite, who put his chief-of-staff and bed mate on the payroll at the highest salary allowed by law? Did you know that "conservative" Republicrud George Allen, of Virginia, who had been touted for President, lost his Senate seat because sodomites overran his office and he frequented homosexual joints?
It would not be an exaggeration to argue that Mitt Romney has done more as governor of Massachusetts to advance the cause of Organized Sodomy than anyone else in this country. He is responsible for the foulest sex crimes perpetrated on children in Massachusetts public schools. They could not have happened without his active collaboration. He has collaborated so much for so long that there is no way he can wriggle out of it and you will find the proof, complete with pictures, in Not Holier Than Thou. 
Did you know that rough, tough Rudy Giuliani, "the hero of Nine Eleven, America's Mayor," is an active cross-dresser? It's his hobby. There's a picture of Rudy in drag in the book, and I must say he has considerably more female sex appeal than Hillary. Two things I would like to ask the mayor: first, Rudy, what size bra do you wear?
Second, when you are wearing men's outer garments, are you walking around in women's underwear? We have had the first "black" President, the first "Latino" President and the first "homosexual" President. Is it now time for the first transvestite President? Notice that in a Giuliani presidency we wouldn't need quotation marks.
Not Holier Than Thou includes a special section called Dick's Dykes, about the stench of lesbianism emanating from the Cheney family. Yes, you know about Mary, but it's worse than you think. There is a necessary description from Paul Cameron, Ph.D., founder of the Family Research Institute, of what sodomites do, really do.
There is a comprehensive list of the people and companies that finance Organized Sodomy. There is a rendition, from their own mouths, of Organized Sodomy's plan. There is proof that Organized Sodomy is trying to brainwash you, in the same way the Red Chinese tried to brainwash our POWS in Korea ­ television actor Isaiah Washington was a recent victim ­ and a simple way to recover.
Why is this information so important? Because Organized Sodomy has nothing whatsoever to do with privacy or equal rights. Those things are not what Organized Sodomy wants. It is directed from the very top and its purpose is to overturn our civilization and country, to pervert and subvert our institutions so that the government and system founded on them will collapse. It is part of the conspiracy for world government's scheme to destroy our independence and abolish the united States. The only way to prevent that is to spread the word.
To order the book, go to alanstang.com, click on STORE at the top and scroll down to the book. Or call, toll-free, (888) 277-7601, extension 2551. Still no good? Send $16, including s & h, to P.O. Box 580503, Houston, TX, 77258.
The book has already ignited a firestorm. Ed Brayton runs a site called Dispatches From the Culture Wars. Ed says this: "And you have to see this halfwit's blog. He makes Ann Coulter sound like a voice of reason and moderation." Thanks, Ed. What an honor! Hi, Ann! Here are some comments from Ed's readers on my press release:


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