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Release Date: September 28, 2007
Vernon, British Columbia A Amber Colored Light Steaks Upward
Date: 1992
Time: N/A
HBCC UFO Research Note: The witness who provided the interesting report below has sent in eight other UFO sighting reports for 2007. I will be posting each of the witnesses sighting reports separately as the objects were witnessed on different days over 2007.
I have seen one unexplained flying object before this year, (meaning 2007) when I was 18 years old in 1992. I witnessed a blond/amber colored light coming down the Indian Arm of Okanagan Lake from the north to the south. The object was moving along the far SE shoreline approximately 5km from the cabin. My sister and I both watched the object through the window of the cabin streak straight up into the air and disappear. We both felt confused after seeing it, and have only discussed it once or twice since it happened.
For the past year I have had an outdoor night shift job doing security at a hotel in Vernon, BC. The Okanagan is renowned for its clear skies and I have the opportunity to sky gaze for extended periods. On eight separate occasions this year I have seen unexplained flying objects in the skies around Vernon.
Thank you so much to the eyewitness for all of the interesting sighting reports. Goes to show, if one watches the skies you may never know what might show up.
Poland, Ohio Spectacular UFO Sighting - (Letter)
Date: Summer of 1994 or 1995 Time: Evening.
HBCC UFO Research Note: You can view the entire letter the eyewitness sent to me. Please click on the below link. Please note that I removed the eyewitnesses personal contact information. I tried calling a few times today, but the person was out, but I will try to catch up with the witness.
Dear Mr. Vike
An article on UFO's in this morning issue of The Morning Journal prompted this letter to you. I have read everything I can find on this subject but I haven't seen anything describing what my husband and I saw. I didn't realize anyone was still investigating these things.
To read the entire letter/report click on the link: <http://hbccufo.org/videos/OH_Letter.jpg>http://hbccufo.org/videos/OH_Letter.jpg
Fort St. John to Prince George, British Columbia Beams Of Light
Date: August 16, 2006 Time: Between 11:30 and 11:50.
Hi, I'm (name removed) from Castlegar, BC and I came across your website, just for fun. Last year, my boyfriend and I were driving from Fort St. John to Prince George. It was around 11:00pm and we were just about 15 min north of Prince George, and we saw most of the sky dimly light up, with these beams of white light, that were perfectly even in size, almost like something out of a movie. They moved slightly, and this show lasted for about 9 whole seconds. My boyfriend and I both saw it and were totally in awe. (I think there is a government base somewhere around there).
Additional Information:
It was on Wednesday the 16th of August 2006, between 11:30 and 11:50. (I said 11 before, but it was closer to 12) The lights seemed to be projected out from something in the sky, they didn't come from the ground. They took up most of the sky above us, and they were like, perfectly evenly spaced apart, all of the same brightness, and the beams were all the same size. They stayed there, as if something were projecting them out from the sky and then it was like whatever they were coming from had moved slightly, to the side, and then they just were gone. I would say there were about 12 or so. The light was not of high intensity, it was more like, a soft light. but it was really too perfect to be northern lights, in my opinion, I've seen northern lights quite a few times, and this was something entirely different. Because the lights seemed to be projected from a central point and in such uniform and even size and spacing, it just was weird. none of the beams were any brighter than the others. My boyfriend saw them too, he was driving. Have you heard other accounts of lights like these?
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Vernon, British Columbia An Amber Colored Oval Shaped Object
Date: March 3, 2007
Time: 04:50 PST
On the mountain line south of Vernon (over Kalamalka Lake, at the edge of the upper plateau) , a large blondish/amber colored oval shaped object just sat slightly obscured behind the mountain top. It was at least as long as my thumb is wide, at arms length. That mountaintop is at least 15km away. This object was huge. It appeared blurry, almost hard to look at; hard to focus on. It was quite easily the brightest thing in the sky at the time. I radioed the front desk clerk that something was in the southern sky, and he gave a very uninterested response. I watched the object for 10 minutes before I had to do a hall check. It never moved position once. On my way past the front desk clerk I told him again that there was an object up on the hill. He didn't even look up from his computer game. After the hall check (5min) I went back outside and the object was gone.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Vernon, British Columbia A Throbbing Amber Colored Oval
Date: Mid April, 2007
Time: 01:00 PST
To the SSW of Vernon I spotted what appeared to be a 'throbbing' amber colored oval moving from the east to the west. The sky was mostly clear, save for a very thin broken overcast in the south of the valley. The object was moving at a steady speed, faster than any satellite in the sky, and 'throbbing'. It appeared to get bigger and smaller as it moved along. That is the only way I can describe it. This object was 20 times larger than the largest satellite I have seen traversing the sky, with a definite oval shape and a definite 'throbbing' size/shape change. Very weird! The object approached the edge of some of the over cast. Just before it entered the overcast a much smaller 'dot' of light spiraled down and west faster than the object it self was moving. The 'dot' was the same blond/amber color as the main object and disappeared behind the edge of the cloud cover. The object was still clearly visible through the cloud cover and emerged into another clear patch of sky. Another 'dot' of light streaked down and west, in the exact same trajectory as the first, and winked out of sight in the same clear patch. The object then went behind another high overcast cloud, was visible for a couple seconds, and then disappeared behind some willow trees in the WSW parking lot. I estimate that the object covered 70 to 90 degrees of the sky in 15 to 20 seconds.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Vernon, British Columbia Another Amber Pulsing Oval
Date: Late May 2007
Time: 03:00 PST
In the eastern sky I saw another blond/amber pulsing oval moving east to west, heading in a path leading directly over me. This object was about twice as big as the previous 2 and exhibited the same 'throbbing' change in size. For 20 seconds the object pulsed big and small as the others had, when suddenly it stayed at its small size for 10 seconds before simply winking out all together right above me. Again, weird!
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Vancouver British Columbia Area - Strange Aura Around Jet Airliner (Graphic)
Date: Early September 2007
Time: Daytime.
Hi Brian, About two weeks ago I was sitting on my deck just after sunset watching the planes when I noticed a large two engine Passenger Jet on approach to YVR. What was unusual was the aura around the plane it looked just like a typical saucer shaped UFO with the plane flying along inside it. I at first thought it must be catching rays from the sun which had just set below the horizon. But that should have only lasted a few moments as the plane moved. This stayed constant. I grabbed my binoculars for a better look and continued to watch until it finally dropped below the trees and I could no longer see it. The saucer shaped halo or what ever remained constant. I've been outside watching almost everyday about the same time and not seen anything even close. I see the odd flash as the planes make their turns to line up with the runway but I've never seen that sort of aura. I tried drawing with Paint what I saw and it does look quite similar, See attachment.
To view graphic:
Thank you to the witness for their report and nice graphic.
Headingley, Manitoba Disc Shaped UFO Gives Off A Humming Sound
Date: September 10, 2007
Time: 2:00 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Keadingley, MB.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Disc.
Full Description of event/sighting: I was driving back home from work and I was tired. So I stopped and got out of my car and walked around. No one was in sight, but yet I heard a weird humming noise. It got louder and louder, but I couldn't see anything. I tried to use my cell phone but it wouldn't work. I had reception, but it still didn't work. A light from the north caught my eye. I turned around and saw a floating disc type thing landing a couple hundred yards away. I was scared, I froze and ran back into my car and drove the opposite direction. As soon as I made it a couple feet a loud crack was heard from out side, and as I looked in my rear view mirror I seen the object float up and then shoot across the sky and vanish.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Armstrong, Manitoba Bizarre Object Moves Erratically
Date: September 17, 2007
Time: Approx: 11:20 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Armstrong, MB.
Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Circles.
Full Description of event/sighting: My friends and I were having a bonfire outside. The sky was super clear and all the stars were very visible, and like usual I would gaze out into the stars, staring at the big dipper. Then I noticed something weird. Just over to the west I saw a blinking light, at which I was sure was a satellite. Then it stopped and slowly went east, then as fast as I could see, it shot downwards to the S/W just over the Skylake pig barns. It must have been at least 50 feet off the ground, just over the tree-line. My friends saw me staring and they saw it too. We all ran into the house to tell my parents but my Aunty came outside instead, at first she didn't believe it. But then now everyone was outside, the light slowly moved up and down then side to side and changing colors. The colors I've never even seen before. But the weird thing was on both sides of the sky we saw 4 blinking lights headed towards the object. All of a sudden the light vanished, but appeared just over the field in the back yard and then shot up. The blinking lights also vanished also.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Midland, Ontario Blue And White Lights In A Perfect Triangular Formation
Date: September 17, 2007
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Balm Beach Rd E Midland, ON.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Triangle.
Full Description of event/sighting: September 17th 2007 at 9:00pm I was driving on Balm Beach Rd E just entering Midland, ON with my mother and we saw a blue and white lights in the sky. I said "that is a really low flying plane", which is odd since there are no airports near by. It looked like it was going to crash. It was coming down at quite a rapid speed and covering quite a bit of distance. We were roughly 100 feet or so from a wooded area on the right hand side, when all of a sudden it came down and stopped dead above the trees. The lights were in a perfect triangle, they were now green and white colored lights. I was trying to look at it and pay attention to the road, but my mother said one of the lights was red as well. It just hovered there with no sound. I wasn't going to stop and look, so I kept driving and it stayed there while we were on the hill and going around the bend. After that we couldn't see it anymore. We looked for it on the way home a few hours later, but there was nothing at all.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Peterborough, Ontario Object Long And Stream Lined
Date: September 19, 2007 (Date may not be exactly correct) ?
Time: Early morning (a.m.) ?
Hi Brian, I wanted to pass on a story of a recent sighting in Peterborough,Ontario. This fellow told me last week, on a either Tues.-Sept 18, or Wed- Sept.19, 2007 after 9:00pm. This sighting occurred on Hwy.115 (near a bridge), while driving and also had a passenger witness. He described the object as quite long-streamline, white in color-though not bright. This object appeared, as if on a angle in the sky. He described it like in appearance like a long chemtrail, not moving and quite high. I asked him if there were other cars on the road? There were a few cars and agrees that other people must have witnessed this thing. It was in his face in the direction he was driving straight ahead. What caught my attention on this, was the timing of date and location. This might tie into the sighting reported to you recently, from Peterborough, Ontario, near or on the same date-- Sept.19, 2007 in the wee hours of the morning. I'll leave this report exclusively with you. We chatted in the sauna, this would be his second sighting in 10 months. No doubt, this is indeed spreading around here and adding more witnesses. I also wanted to add, that a fellow at a busy Gas Station, of whom I've shared with in viewing my pictures. Told me, that about nine different Cab Drivers have witnessed strange objects in the night sky, all over the Durham Region. Again stuff is being witnessed by others. Take care and thanks for all your hard work in posting all the growing sightings reported here and around the world. We all thank you Brian V.
Thank you to the person for passing along the information.
Burlington, Ontario A White Object Which Looked Like A Beam Of Light
Date: September 22, 2007
Time: Approx: 5:30 p.m.
I was driving West on Dundas last night around 5:00 p.m. when I looked in the sky and saw what looked like a comet. It was moving in a straight line then it looked like it turned. I thought it was a plane but it was flying downward not horizontal like a plane. As we drove further the comet was getting smaller it seemed or just moving away.
It was white and looked like a beam of light.
Additional Information:
It was about 530pm it was light outside. Nothing shiny, just a white light. To me honest the only thing I can thing of it looking like was sperm! LOL it was a tail which made me believe it was a comet and had a tail behind it. I saw it for a while actually until I had to turn off the road. Id say maybe 5-10minutes.
It was white, no sudden movements, was traveling slow ( in my view anyways). Kind of like dropping out of the sky. Almost like a missile. That's what I thought at first, but then thought it wasn't moving that fast so maybe a meteor or a comet. I hope this helps.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Qualicum, British Columbia A Bright White Object
Date: September 22/23, 2007
Time: Evening. ?
Has anyone else viewed a bright white object in Qualicum this past weekend? (Sept. 22/23 07) This was far brighter than the largest planet, certainly not a satellite or aircraft, ( I work on aircraft and am not mistaken) and unlike anything I've ever saw. It constantly flashed like 2 or 3 bright white strobe lights and was larger than a dime at arms reach, and moved very, very slowly from right to left, then slowly dropped in altitude until I lost sight of it behind trees. I saw it for about 3 minutes, long enough to get my son and girlfriend out of bed to look at it.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
St. Thomas, USVI A Streak Of Light
Date: September 23, 2007
Time: Approx: 3:45 a.m.
Location of Sighting: St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands)
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Streak of light.
Full Description of event/sighting: Hi, I live in St. Thomas, USVI, and I was returning from dropping a friend home at about 3:45 in the morning. I parked the car and began to walk to my gate when I saw toward the south-southwest direction a bright bluish/white streak of light lasting no more than a second. I am used to seeing plenty of meteor streaks around here because we have very little light pollution. I have never seen one this color, or as bright. It definitely was something entering the atmosphere and it seemed closer than anything I've seen. In a strikingly similar event about a year ago, me and a friend were sitting on my front balcony. I was facing south and my friend was facing the east. We were talking and then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye to the east/northeast, I notice the sky light up and my friend kind of ducked a bit at the same time. I turned instantly and caught the very end of what looked to me as if someone shot a blue roman candle from the sky, heading south. I stated that it looked like some one had shot off some fireworks, and all my friend kept saying was "that didn't look like fireworks at all". I can't recall the exact date of this one though.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
St. John, Newfoundland Unknown Lights In The Sky
Date: September 24, 2007
Time: 12:40 a.m.
At 12:40am on Monday, September 24th, I stepped outside for a quick smoke and gazed up at the nearly full moon in the southern sky. The clouds were big and fluffy and low, but the night sky and stars were clearly visible in the large gaps between clouds. Shortly after stepping outside I saw two sets of flashing lights moving from west to east in the sky. I have no idea how high they were, but they seemed lower than most air traffic I see at night and were certainly not satellites. I heard no noise.
As they came overhead, I noticed that it was not a single light but rather a set of lights in tight proximity. There were 3 white lights and 1 red light in one set, and 1 white light and a red light in the other. I recall focusing almost entirely on the larger trailing set of lights because I could see it more clearly. My memory of the second set is hampered by this lopsided concentration, so they may have in fact been identical.
The 3 white lights were blinking one at a time in quick succession followed by the red light. The three white lights glowed dimly when not brightly flashing. Neither "broke pattern" or performed any maneuvers, rather they flew linearly and at a constant speed.
The lights took about 1 minute from when they first became visible to when they passed too far west to see. I live near an airport so I am familiar with how most aircraft appear in the sky, these were certainly unfamiliar to me in terms of flash pattern and brightness.
This is not the first time I have seen strange lights in the night sky. I was arriving home from a friend's house one night last month when I saw a bright whitish orange light flanked by two flashing red lights. It was completely still and silent in the night sky to the west of my house. The white light was about 1/4 the size of a full moon and the two red lights were quite small.
It was close enough so that if it was a helicopter I would have heard it. I watched the lights for about a minute before the central light suddenly got much brighter (full moon-esque) and then disappeared, as it appeared to move straight down from my vantage point (I lost track of it as it went behind a neighbor's house).
I did not witness any of the above lights perform any maneuvers which would seem impossible from a technological point of view, but the odd pattern of flashing, brightness, and silent motion lead me to wonder what exactly I saw. I am open to all convincing explanations.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Marshall, Dane County Wisconsin - Lights
Date: September 24, 2007
Time: 8:15 p.m.
Location of Sighting: Marshall, Dane County Wisconsin.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Lights.
Full Description of event/sighting: As I was driving in the county towards home, I saw two lights in the sky flying low and moving pretty quick. I did not hear anything. They were to my left, then passed over in front of me. Then when they were to my right there was only one light.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Edmonton, Alberta A Stationary Blimp Shaped UFO
Date: September 24, 2007
Time: 11:55 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Approximately 25 km SW of Edmonton, on a secondary road.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Sort of blimp shaped, but longer and narrower. I first thought it was a jumbo passenger jet that had been shortened to about half its normal length.
Full Description of event/sighting: Five of us were bicycling together on a secondary road about 25 Kms SE of Edmonton. It was a cloudless day with no wind. We were traveling due west, the sun was on my left. Crossing a gravel intersection I glanced to my right to ensure there was no traffic, we were traveling about 20 kph, in single file, I was second in line.
Something made me look up and I saw this pure white object, stationary in the sky. The brilliant, pure whiteness was startling and made me take a second look. It was like a cloud except it didn't have rough edges but had a clear outline, smooth, like an airplane. I then thought it might be a reflection of the sun off of a cloud but there was not another cloud in the entire sky.
The second thing that made this seem odd to me was there was no sound. Traveling on a bike in the countryside there is an almost absence of noise, it's common to hear the birds chirping. There was zero sound except the hiss of tires on pavement.
The next odd thing was the object was motionless. It just didn't move. A plane would have had sufficient motion to be detectable. I know it wasn't a blimp because there are never any blimps in the Edmonton area, if there had been one that day it would have been on the news.
As we continued riding, I pointed at it and yelled to the guy in front "What do you make of that?" Before he could look a row of trees blocked our view of that part of the sky,but the guy behind me immediately shouted "I saw it too, (name removed)."
We cleared the trees within 30 seconds and looked again. The sky was empty. Nothing. No sign of anything ever being there. No vapor trail, no blimp drifting away, no airplane in the distance. (We hadn't seen a plane all morning.) Nothing.
And still no sound. At no time did any of us hear any noise from above us, like a jet engine or a propeller plane.
We discussed what it might have been, we both agreed on the general description and jokingly said it must have been a UFO. As the days passed I continued to think about it and am now convinced that whatever it was it wasn't a human-made object.
Again, it was it's pure white color, the shape, the total absence of sound and the way it was stopped, dead still, in the sky that all contribute to my conviction that this was not a normal object.
Thank you to the witness for their interesting report.
West Of Winnipeg, Manitoba Three Small Circles Of Bright White Light
Date: September 25 , 2007
Time: Approx: 7:30 p.m.
Location of Sighting: West of Winnipeg Manitoba.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Circles.
Full Description of event/sighting: As I was driving west down Portage Ave. in Winnipeg on September 25, 2007,approx. 7:30 pm. The sky was cloud covered. I looked up to the sky and saw directly in front of my view three small circles of bright white light. They appeared to be larger then a pencil eraser head but not bigger than a dime. They were perfectly formed circles of white light. The three circles were all in a row with about (in my view) and inch apart. These circles were in a row but pointing downwards on an angle one lower then the next, but with the same space in between each one. They did not move, they remained in the same spot for approx. 15 minutes before they disappeared. I had them in my sight the entire time I was driving. When I noticed these lights I pointed them out to the passenger beside me and they saw them perfectly clear. They were bright and very visible to the naked eye.After 15 minutes or so they just disappeared. The sky was still cloud covered the entire time.They were very bright and very noticeable.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Warfield, British Columbia A Silver Saucer Shaped Craft Hovering
Date: September 25, 2007
Time: 3:20 p.m.
HBCC UFO Research Note: Telephone interview.
Two people were sitting on their deck facing a local mountain having a smoke, when they looked up towards the top and saw a silver saucer shaped craft hovering. It was silvery in color and had a smooth reflective surface and defiantly saucer shaped. The object was stationary for approximately two minutes before starting to move off towards the northeast. No noise whatsoever emitted from it, but as it moved it seemed to have a slight wobble to it. Also noted was a light bluish aura around it. The object quickly disappeared behind the mountain and was gone.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
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