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The Hero Who Exposed The
Nuclear Bombs Flight

By Ted Twietmeyer

I stand with millions of Americans and salute the Unknown Patriot in the transported nuclear weapons expose' - that is, the military person who first exposed the transport of nuclear weapons to Barksdale AFB. To the best of my knowledge and as of this date, no one has given this unknown American credit for his/her heroic act. In fact he/she has probably saved us all from a terrible Armageddon in the mid-east, and nuclear explosions in cities which would be certain to take place in America.

There is little doubt that an attack in America would be a precursor to one in Iran, or would follow thereafter as a false-flag operation. Or even as revenge by Iranians living in America. 

Everyone in the military that participates in a false-flag attack on America will certainly be killed to silence them forever.

We must also stand and salute the many thousands of patriotic Americans WITHIN the Department of Defense.

God bless them for their diligence in not just doing their specific jobs, but also watching over what the government is doing! Withing the DoD I have learned that when these fine men and women reach their "threshold of pain" that will be the end of the dictatorship.

May the spirit of truth and loyalty to America's REAL values prevail throughout the military and spread as the fire of truth!

These fine military people are the REAL first line of defense for the American people to protect them against their own government. And in protecting America in this way, they are also protecting people all over the world as well.

God Bless these unknown heroes!

Ted Twietmeyer



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