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Into The Heart Of Darkness
By Jim Kirwan

America is kneeling at the crossroads where Freedom and Security intersect. Our 'official' freedoms have been trashed because the Bill of Rights has lost its defenders. For the last seven years this country has watched in conflicted silence while pillar after pillar of the foundations that hold this Republic together have been cynically destroyed.
The time has come to choose between our continued lives and the false promises of an artificial 'national-security-state' that promises much, but delivers only more brutal restrictions in an atmosphere of intensifying fear and ever-deepening paranoia. Without personal freedoms this country is no longer a nation but just another captured 'region' of the New World Order. The key to all of this is the specific degree of law that our civilian police are supposed to uphold. Currently there are two million, two- hundred and ten thousand videos on the web that detail abuses by uniformed authorities in the US. We have gone from police forces that 'protect & serve' to thugs that Taser & Kill, before these uniforms even question those, they are paid to protect from harm.
The most serious threat that Americans now face still comes from inside our government, and not from some faceless external enemy. Please note that none of those 'on-duty' in the government on 911 was ever disciplined for their failures then: and now we know that the spying on Americans began a full seven months prior to the attacks of 911. (1)
In an effort to discover the source for the rising black-waters that are drowning what's left of the principles on which the country once thrived, Jeremy Scahill recently released his major book: "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army." Brasscheck has also released five brief video clips of Scahill that chronicle the origins of, and the connections to this enterprise, that is at the heart of this Darkness that seeks total control of what's left of the United States. (2) I transcribed some excerpts from these five clips for the power of their content and for those who might not be able to view the videos themselves. Of course Scahill's book is the best source, but time is short and this problem is dangerously close to becoming unstoppable.
CLIP 1: 10:41 {ORIGINS} incorporated in 1996 by Erik Prince, as Blackwater Lodge & Training Center ­ a Sportsman's Paradise on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina. His late- Father fueled the rise of the Republican Revolution of 1994. "Erik had 'interned' in the White House of George HW Bush but found that "it was not conservative enough for him." On 9-10-01 Rumsfeld said: "I've come not to destroy the Pentagon but to save it from itself." This became the Rumsfeld Doctrine ­ {that everyone can now see would come to depend heavily on mercenaries, to do everything that the uniformed military were prohibited by law from doing}. Rumsfeld and Cheney {at the time} had both signed on to The New American Century that was calling for "a New Pearl Harbor," to accelerate the conservative agenda. When the Pentagon was attacked they then had a new blank canvas upon which Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush "could sort of paint their vision."
The mind-set of Coffer Black {a 30-year veteran of the CIA & No.2 in Blackwater} offered a new direction for Blackwater USA. Black's thoughts were behind much of what Prince later would create-it appears that Coffer lent Prince his motivational parameters- including torture: to shape the uses that Blackwater would soon bring to private contracting in Iraq and elsewhere. Out of their association would come TIS, Total Information Systems ­ which was also created to do for Fortune 5600 companies what Blackwater is currently doing for the US military!
CLIP 2: 12:51 {Revising 'contracting' to include mercenary contracts} Covert private armies have been used throughout history in various wars but never before in modern times has the world seen this on such a scale, as we're seeing this in Iraq right now. 135,000 private personnel are deployed with 145,000 US forces. This effectively doubles the size of our occupation force. Private contractors get US federal death benefits ­ through the US Department of Labor. {Cheney-Bush has replaced diplomacy with private armies, to do what allied armies would not do. This was done to create an 'end-run' around national and international laws against crimes committed by the military, when at war. This illegally achieves what our war-machine is prohibited from doing: So, instead of a Coalition-of-Willing nations, Bush built a Coalition-of-Billing-Corporations. There are 180 private groups now stationed in Iraq}.
{The source pool for mercenaries comes not just from US Special Forces but from hundreds of thousands of 'graduates of "The School of the Americas" http://www.soaw.org/type.php?type=8. This is a place that trains third world soldiers in torture, murder and special weapons & tactics for use against people in their home countries. Many of thee former death squad members have become available for use in private corporate armies. This is the 'force' that Cheney-Rumsfeld used to stretch the impact of the invasion forces in Iraq.}
CLIP 3: 12:51 {the Political History of Blackwater} "In 1998 Blackwater opened {under Clinton} as a company that could take advantage of what they saw as the coming accelerated government outsourcing of security & firearms related training. In 1999, after the Columbine shootings, Blackwater used this event to provide training to law enforcement agents from around the country to 'train themselves in how to face-down the violent youth of America.' When the USS Cole was bombed ~ the Navy awarded Blackwater a 375 million-dollar contract to train sailors 'in how to face-down against attacks on their vessels or their ships' In 2000 Blackwater was given its Federal Vending License by the Clinton Administration. Once you get that license, it's like you entered the Wal-Mart of government shopping. It gives you permission to market your goods and services to any agency of the federal government. Initially the government projected that over a five year period Blackwater might make $125,000, but in reality after six years Blackwater has grossed over a hundred million dollars.
In 2001, after 911, the CIA gave Blackwater a contract to send a small force, which Prince himself apparently led, into Afghanistan. This was the first time that Blackwater crossed the line and joined US forces-to begin to affect {directly} military effectiveness as an all-out mercenary force.
The next major deployment came with the invasion of Iraq and the attack on Baghdad. During the 1991 War-on-Iraq the ratio of private mercenaries to regular soldiers was one mercenary for every sixty soldiers. During the current War-on-Iraq that ratio was almost one to one, in 2003. "{These changes} were set in motion in 1993 when Cheney was the Defense Secretary under George HW Bush, and Cheney commissioned Halliburton to do a study on how to privatize the military bureaucracy. The Clinton Administration picked up Cheney's ball while Cheney was heading Halliburton. Clinton was accelerating the privatization of the military and the national security apparatus of the United States when Cheney was heading Halliburton ­ and hanging out at the American Enterprise Institute {with Rumsfeld} ­ they were pressuring Clinton to sign the Iraq Liberation Act, and of course he did that." {This wasn't something that Bush invented this was bi-partisan}.
"When {Paul} Bremer went to Iraq he became part of a $27 million protection contract that Blackwater received to guard US officials. {Normally in a war zone that would have been done by the US military} "Bremer upon leaving Iraq created Order 17 that granted full immunity to all contractors for protection from all Iraqi Courts. {This was done not by congress, or US Courts, but by a political appointee: The US Proconsul for Iraq-this extra-judicial and probably illegal act has not been challenged}.
CLIP 4: 12:38 {The Depths of Real Time Events} "Four private security contractors in Fallujah were killed on March 31, 2004. On April 1, 2004 Erick Prince hired the Alexander Strategy Group, a major power broker. Within days of hiring the lobbying group, Blackwater executives find themselves in a series of face-to-face meetings with the men who literally run the congress, in both the House and the Senate. By January of 2004 Blackwater had been awarded a $320 million-dollar contract to provide diplomatic security services in Iraq. {Blackwater} has now risen from the Dismal Swamp in North Carolina and the rubble of 911 to become one of the most powerful private players in the so-called war on terror.
{J. Coffer Black, No. 2 man in Blackwater, 30 year veteran of the CIA}
"On 911 Black was the head of CIA,s Counter-Terrorism-Center he was their top counter-terrorism official at the CIA the man who would be tasked with the hunt for bin Laden Great job! Black was perhaps also the central figure in escalating the use of what was known as extraordinary renditions: government sanctioned kidnap and torture programs"where people are snatched off the streets of cities around the world"zipped up, shackled to the seat of an airplane and sent to a third world hell-hole to be tortured. ~ Coffer Black is the man who stood in front of congress and said: "There,s a Before 911 and an After 911 And after 911 the gloves come off. {This from the man who is No. 2 at Blackwater} "Mitt Romney has just tapped Black to be his Senior Counter-Terrorism advisor for his political campaign. Black,s most recent initiative is privatized intelligence.,{Total Intelligence Solutions} it,s like a privatized CIA and it,s being bankrolled by Erik Prince at Blackwater. It,s {also}being marketed to Fortune 500 companies.
By February of 2004 Chilean mercenaries {Pinochet,s thugs} were coming to North Carolina before being sent to Iraq. 756 Chilean mercenaries were provided by just one recruiter, in Chile, to Blackwater, Triple-Canopy and a couple of other companies. 92% of Chileans were against the occupation and invasion of Iraq. Chile said NO to the Coalition-of-the-Willing"so Bush turned to Blackwater and the Coalition-of-the Billing, and they violated the sovereignty of the nation of Chile to hire-up their thuggish human-rights abusing {ex}soldiers that are left-over from the Pinochet Era and they send them to Iraq to work as part of the occupation force. They also went into Columbia but when the Columbians arrived in the Green-Zone they found out that they,re getting paid just $34 a day. Some of the best paid US mercenaries get $1000 a day. What we see is the insidious system where you want to avoid a draft {here}, you want to keep it off the table for political reasons you can,t con the world to participate in your global wars-of-conquest so what you do is make the whole world into your recruiting ground. You use these private companies to go into the poorest countries of the world, countries that have been systematically destabilized by the US and you hire up the poor ~ to kill or be killed in Iraq, against the poor an suffering in Iraq. The fact is there is also a racist element to this too in the pay structure.
"We,ve got American mercenaries US mercenaries that make more money that Secretary Gates they {also} make more money than the commanding generals. We have the Uniform Code of Military Justice being applied to soldiers, and we have almost no law whatsoever being applied to the contractors.
CLIP 5: 9:06 {OUTCOMES} "There is actually a trade association, that represents the contractors it,s called The International Peace Operations Association.,
The families of the four dead contractors in Fallujah finally {had to} sue Blackwater to find out what happened to their loved ones. "Blackwater says they can,t be sued because Donald Rumsfeld {disgraced former Secretary of Defense} recognized Blackwater as part of the total US force in the US war machine., And we, should be entitled to the same immunity from civilian litigation for wrongful death, enjoyed by the US military. At the same time that Blackwater made that argument, the companies high-paid lobbyists were waxing poetic in the media about how it would be inappropriate to apply the Uniform Code of Military Justice to Blackwater forces because We,re Civilians.,
{Meanwhile Blackwater was sued by the families of the four dead contractors killed in Fallujah.} "Blackwater was rejected at every level {in the legal system}. They tried to get it thrown out, FAILED - Tried to move it to federal court FAILED. Ken Starr twice appealed to the US Supreme Court and even though the court is a Republican dominated court TWICE the Supreme Court rejected it.
The trial was set to begin this past May - This was going to be the Trial-of-the-War it was going to put the War-Contractor,s system on trial: In a public forum, by jury in a state court in N. Carolina, right in Blackwater,s backyard! But at the last moment this goes to a senior judge, almost retired, in the Eastern District of N. Carolina and somehow gets him to cast aside the rejections of the Supreme Court, to cast aside the rejection of the Fourth Circuit, and to cast aside the rejection of the State Court: and then they get him to order the case into PRIVATE arbitration where there will not be witnesses in the same way, it will not be open to the public and the decision will likely be sealed. And there will be a gag, imposed on those {four} families from talking about it.
"Blackwater the powerful war-contractor has filed a counter claim against the estates of those four dead men, seeking ten million dollars in damages. Blackwater said the lawsuits violated their contracts because the families said that they would not sue Blackwater. So now they,re going to punish these estates with a ten million dollar claim against them. End of the clips.
Where does this leave the people of this country? It leaves us in the extremely dangerous situation of having allowed the US government to license private armies, not just to fight their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: but to now train our civilian police forces in Blackwater,s ideas of law & order"and Coffer Black,s concepts of kidnap, torture and murder, without so much as a nod to the public that has begun to feel the effects of "peace officers who want to be part of a surrogate army of Blackwater,s Special Forces: Surrogates that will operate throughout the United States, and eventually throughout the region as well. (3)
The License granted to Blackwater by Clinton should be revoked, and the corporation should have its charter terminated. Other countries might want these private thugs doing their wet-work, but the USA has a standing army on over a thousand bases in 130 counties around the world we don,t need to pay mercenaries combatants $1000 a day to do what the US military was legally and lawfully created to do, in legally declared wars. How has the criminality of creating these private armies escaped all those that played major roles in insuring that this nightmare not only was created"but is now about to consume what,s left of the civilian police duties in the nation as well. Here,s a look at what was done recently to just two people in Iraq, during the incident that led to the latest investigation which could happen to us once Blackwater finishes training our "peace officers in the fine art of becoming storm troopers. (4) 
Who approved this new program that uses professional killers as instructors, for City and State police nationwide? It,s one thing to train police to be more aware and to be more careful in their duties but this charade has nothing to do with anything civilian: this was a covert military operation from the beginning"an Op being carried out against the public of the United States by the real enemies of this nation"who are the same people that helped give life, and especially giant nearly secret contracts - to BLACKWATER USA.
1) NSA Domestic Surveillance began 7 months before 911
2) Blackwater: Murder for Hire - video
3) Blackwater Training US Police
4) Incident in Baghdad


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