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H5N1 Nears Pandemic - US Bio,
Gene And Nano Weapons

By Karl Schwarz

If you missed the October 4, 2007 show I did with Jeff Rense you should check into the archives at www.rense.com and listen. There are some important matters going on around this world and some incredibly evil [and stupid] things going on inside of US government and private labs.
When I talk about CDC I usually use the alphabet acronym rather than say "Centers for Disease Control" because I have learned since around 2000 to refer to this group as "The Centers for Disease Creation". It just comes right out and it is accurate, so I stick with "CDC".
Most know that I am involved in nanotechnology but not what that means. It involves many things including biotechnology, biophysics and what may be the medicines of the future. It also involves thousands of other things like materials, alternative energy, and far reaching changes to many things you see and touch every day.
It is also going to be a battle line in the future that I refer to as the Nano War to stop the utter stupidity of some in our United States government. Countermeasures will be needed to stop some evil people.
This email update is about three central topics.
· H5N1
· Dangerous practices in US labs, some approaching intent of genocidal harm to non-Americans from a nation that pretends it is on some moral high ground
· H7N3 outbreak in Canada (first bird flu in Western Hemisphere). Not really, they just kept the first one (H5N1 in November 2005) pretty quiet in Canada and another one in the United States very quiet because it was human-to-human variant of H5N1 in July 2005.
I sent the map you can see at this link and below to Jeff Rense and it is posted on his website.
What does that map suggest? Based on what I know it suggests that bird flu, the H5N1 that they keep harping about is in all probability a blunt force bio-weapon to open up the third word and closed nations for America in many different market sectors.
That map is a war map.
Just pay attention as you read and I will explain that.
Just so you can get a better picture of what is going on, see this link and note the clusters of incidents.
This includes poultry, Monsanto style GM seeds, big pharma to pump vaccines to the rest of the world like they have America. Just in case the US gets really desperate they have also created genocide- level viruses that nothing can stop and if that were not enough, genetic weapons they can target at Slavic people (Russians are Slavic genetically), Blacks, Asian, Chinese, Indonesian, Iranian, etc.
If the US gets into a bind in the future and cannot contain Russia, China, India or others and cannot get oil, natural gas, natural resources, we have some in our government and defense industries that are working on ways to cripple and maim (cannot fight back) or kill entire races of humans so the Greed Merchants can walk right in and take over what they deem is theirs to take.
Sound criminal? It is. It is called premeditated murder and genocide, the mark of murderers and war criminals.
Sound evil? It is.
Sound like the works of a great and honorable Christian nation? It is not.
It is sheer insanity, driven by evil, greed, but it is part of an overall agenda of total and complete domination of the world by the United States and their corporate and ally friends.
America has put itself on a "false and empty light" pedestal of Christian supremacy in all things and I think God is already blocking them at every turn.
Some times things happen for a reason. Even as Jeff Rense and I were preparing behind the scenes for the October 4 radio show, suddenly there was a rash of articles about lax and dangerous practices and accidents at US labs. There are about 409 known US labs that are working on "counter bio-terrorism research" but that is just part of the story. That is one of the few areas of our economy that Bush has grown and violated every CBW convention there is under some pretense or lunatic notion that only the US has the right to defend itself.
Recent news reports from around the world
U.S. Called Lax at Policing Labs Handling Biohazards
http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/05/us/05labs.html? ex=1349236800&en=4fb6466357b03053&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss
U.S. Labs Mishandling Deadly Germs
Jeff Rense and I thought it was interesting that they are just now discussing this subject as we were preparing for the radio show.
Some of these accidents dated back to 2003.
Recently 230,000 poultry birds had to be destroyed in Russia.
Tyson's just loves all of those exports to Russia.
Pedigree Poultry in Regina Beach Saskatchewan quarantined and birds destroyed just during the end of last month.
http://www.sciencedaily.com/upi/index.php? feed=Science&article=UPI-1-20070929-19242400-bc-canada-avianflu.xml
There has been what is apparently another H5N1 death in Indonesia and if confirmed would be the 87th victim. Indonesia has been getting hit extremely hard with this nasty stuff but there might be a political reason for that. Indonesia is the fourth largest population on Earth behind China, India, and the United States.
They have vast resources.
http://www.int.iol.co.za/index.php? set_id=1&click_id=117&art_id=nw20071005104151420C118610
If you missed the recent news, Russia and Indonesia signed a $1 billion defense pact that had been in discussions for a while.
Indonesia is an Islamic nation and distancing themselves from London and DC "white cracker supremacy" as I call it. Parallel agreements included $1 billion between Indonesia and a Russian oil giant (probably LUKOil) and a $3 billion deal involved United Company Rusal, the Russian aluminum giant. Now, that defense contract, that oil and that aluminum ore belonged to someone in America or so they thought.
http://english.pravda.ru/news/russia/06-09-2007/96792- russia_indonesia-0
Corporate greed is a possible dynamic in this, both in meat exports and creating the "need" for massive vaccine programs to head off something that apparently was invented in a US lab. All across this world certain US greed artists have tried to push entire cultures aside so they could dominate and profit certain parts of their markets. Look at the Caspian Basin oil and gas. 30 years of conniving and scheming and still failing and cannot get things under control in Iraq last I heard.
This article is but a small indication of the sort of intellectual arrogance of American greed.
"Those of you familiar with the subject know I'm talking about basmati rice, a type of rice native to India. It has been harvested for centuries throughout India and Southeast Asia. But a few years ago, a U.S. company filed for a patent on basmati rice and the U.S. Patent Office said, "Sure enough, you own it." That company then proceeded to try to shut down the harvesting and farming of basmati rice in India. They said, in effect, "All you farmers out there? You owe us a royalty now. We own the patent on this seed." Luckily, the Indian government intervened and thwarted the patent by having the rice listed under the European Commission's regulations that protect regional foods.
But the fact that the patent was issued at all illustrates how intellectual property has spiraled out of control in the United States and other countries. If you wonder why companies are granted patents for the human gene sequence or for seeds, here's the reason: It's because corporations are in charge, and they run governments. Who do you think runs the Food and Drug Administration? It's the drug companies. Who do you think runs the U.S. Department of Agriculture? It's the farming, beef and the dairy industries."
Monsanto is trying to claim they have the right to patent the pig.
I read their patent claim and most of it is not anything Monsanto invented. Their ploy is a strategy of greed.
That could be for one of two reasons, or both of them as parallel agendas. What if suddenly all pigs have to be destroyed due to a bioterrorism weapon invented in US labs but appeared to be the next pandemic occurring naturally? What if the only place you could get a "Round Up Ready GM" pig is from Monsanto and large corporations like Tyson's as the world's largest pork producer?
That would be really profitable for Monsanto and Tyson's, bad for the rest of the world.
The pig and even the chicken are also possible "stealth platforms" through which certain genetic weapons could be delivered to large parts of populations that the US government and US corporations do not like. Of course, since the US gets along with so few their enemies and disliked parties far outnumber their friends.
When one of the foremost DOE weapons research and development labs in the US is working on the human genome, it is time to start demanding the answers as to why. My sources say they are working on other genetics means of weapons too.
They claim that in the wild H5N1 is mutating closer to a human-to- human variant, but people have already had a least one variant of that in the Atlanta Georgia area starting in July 2005. I know for sure, read on.
There was H5N1 bird flu discovered in British Columbia Canada in November 2005 but the matter was kept rather quiet in the US media.
"While Clark confirmed the virus detected is the H5 strain, it will take another two days of tests to determine if it is the same type that has infected humans in Asia. The duck will be sent to the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease in Winnipeg for further testing."
This most recent event in Saskatchewan involves a company named Pedigree Poultry. They primarily provide fertilized eggs to other chicken growers in Canada. However, the other nations suddenly refusing to allow Canadian poultry exports is bad for Canada, great for US exporters.
http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20071002.POULTRY02/ TPStory/TPNational/Prairies/
"The Chinese government announced yesterday that China would follow the example set by Japan and Korea and place an outright ban on any poultry products from Canada.
The United States has imposed a regional ban on exports from the province of Saskatchewan, as have Taiwan and Hong Kong.
The Canadian poultry industry is not expected to be too badly affected, however, as only 7.5 per cent of its income is generated by export sales, and Saskatchewan hasn't exported poultry to the United States since 2005."
There is another clue in that new article, that being Canada is self-sufficient in poultry production. That is not good news for greedy US exporters.
In February 2005 I had a meeting with a PhD pharmacologist (actually three such specialists and two microbiologists specializing in virology over a 30 day period) and was told about some very disturbing things going on in US labs.
So, I hope you are still paying attention for here is where chronology, incidents and beneficiaries could start to add up to a picture that Americans would resoundingly reject if they only knew that it is going on.
When was the first instance of H5N1 bird flu?
"Which countries have been affected by outbreaks in poultry?
From mid-December 2003 through early February 2004, poultry outbreaks caused by the H5N1 virus were reported in eight Asian nations (listed in order of reporting): the Republic of Korea, Viet Nam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Indonesia, and China. Most of these countries had never before experienced an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in their histories."
All of those areas share three common traits. They are Asian and large populations, they like to raise their own food and they like to raise and they eat a lot of poultry. Prime "target markets" (literally) for the greedy US producers wanting to expand, dominate, profit, make their shareholders happy and along the way, buy some politicians. They also "produce cheap" or "buy cheap" which might just leave that door wide open to quietly use the growth hormones.
"H5N1 in Birds
The virus first appeared in China in 1996, but only for a brief period. The virus then re-emerged again in China in mid 2003 and has now spread across Asia, Europe and parts of Africa. To date, a total of 49 countries have confirmed cases of H5N1 Avian Influenza in Wild Birds or Poultry.
H5N1 in Humans
The first instance of human infection with H5N1 came in 1997 in Hong Kong, killing 6 of the 18 people it infected. Since then, the virus has re-emerged in Hong Kong in 2003 and with the most recent outbreaks, the number of confirmed human cases and deaths continues to escalate.
So, in the period of time 1994 to 1996 China says no to US poultry due to reasons stated below, and oops, China has the first case of H5N1 bird flu. Keep reading and please pay attention. Your life could depend on it.
There are several examples where U.S. poultry exports to Russia, the Ukraine, and other countries have been periodically interrupted when Salmonella contamination was found in shipments or suspected in imported meat or poultry products. In 1995, Russia was the leading importer of U.S. poultry meat, importing about 1.6 billion pounds of broiler and turkey meat valued at almost $600 million (not including indirect shipments through Baltic countries). Requests to certify the absence of Salmonella was a key issue of contention in 1995-96, when Russia threatened to embargo U.S. poultry meat exports. The Russian position on this threatened embargo was based on the claim that U.S. poultry products did not meet the health requirements set forth in a 1993 bilateral agreement regarding Salmonella standards. This claim was partly based on some legitimate concerns (e.g., a spoiled shipment of frozen U.S. poultry meat in June 1995). The threat of this ban prompted Tyson Foods Inc., the largest U.S. poultry producer, to announce plans to scale back production by over 5 percent (Associated Press, March 18, 1996). High-level negotiations ensued and trade was resumed.
Later in 2002, there was a short-lived Russian ban on U.S. poultry meat exports as Russia cited Salmonella and antibiotic use in poultry production. Partly as a result of this 2002 ban, poultry exports from the United States for 2002 dropped by 13 percent, and U.S. poultry exports to Russia dropped by 35 percent. Orden et al. (2002, p. 162), reporting results from a spatial equilibrium model, suggested that an imposition of sanitary restrictions by Russia on U.S. imports of low-value poultry products would be mitigated because there are sufficient arbitrage possibilities in world markets-as long as the restriction is not imposed on other exporters. However, the restriction was imposed on countries other than the United States (e.g., the Netherlands) and there were real impacts on prices for U.S. poultry exporters.
Kilman, S. "Tyson Foods to Curb Its Use in Chickens
of Antibiotic Targeted for Ban by FDA," The Wall
Street Journal. Feb. 20, 2002, p. B12.
Right there is your clue as to why the American poultry flocks are not sick and other flocks are being wiped out. The Bayer made Baytril remained in use until July 2005 and not one person is talking about what they are using now.
If you paid attention to the citation above, other nations are waking up, building up their own production capacity and turning their back on US food and the underlying policies and sheer garbage FDA and USDA allow into the US food supply.
The "legal weasels" [both corporate attorneys and our wantonly negligent lawmakers and regulators in Washington, DC] have a little loophole. The use of growth hormones in US poultry is "forbidden for all poultry sold in the United States." Seriously folks, if the foreigners do not pay attention and do not know they are buying dangerous chicken, does anyone on this email list think the US government cares a damned thing about that?
It came as little surprise to me that the US air force bombed an Iraq poultry farm out of business in 2006. That might have been the Blackwater USA air force rather than the actual USAF.
http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/europe/06/21/wednesday/index.html? iref=newssearch
"Iraqi parliament speaker wants probe into deadly U.S. airstrike
BAGHDAD (CNN) -- The speaker of Iraq's parliament demanded Wednesday an investigation into this week's bombing of a poultry farm in northern Iraq by U.S. warplanes, which he said killed "many innocent people."
Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, called, in a written statement, for "a quick and transparent investigation" into the airstrike.
"The speaker demanded the U.S. forces stop such trespasses and mistakes," the statement read. "Al-Mashhadani added that the Iraqi leadership should not fail to take action in order to stop the bloodshed of the lofty Iraqis and protect their souls."
Iraqi police said 13 people, including children and elderly adults, died when the U.S. military bombed the farm in a village northeast of Baquba early Tuesday. Another four people were wounded in the attack, they said. (Posted 5:20 p.m.)"
Nor did it surprise me in the least that within days after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" US poultry producers flooded the Iraq market with chicken and drove most Iraq producers out of business and literally forced Monsanto genetically modified seed onto Iraqi farmers. http://dailywarnews.blogspot.com/ 2006_02_01_archive.html
"Those orders, implemented without the consent of Iraqi people, represent a pure form of neo-liberal orthodoxy that has had profound and irreversible consequences for the Iraqi economy. The explicit aim was to promote fast entry into Iraq's oil rich economy. CPA Order 12, implemented a month after George Bush declared major hostilities over, suspended customs and duty charges on goods entering the country. Within a few days of the order being passed, mass produced chicken legs were dumped on the Iraqi economy by US companies, forcing the market price of chicken down to 71p a kilogram, below the cheapest price that Iraqi producers could sustain. Those chicken legs were surplus to the US market because the average American prefers breast meat. Before the invasion, those chicken legs would have most likely been sold as pet food. Order 39 permitted full foreign ownership of a wide range of state owned assets. The intention is that over 200 state owned enterprises ­ including electricity, telecommunications and the pharmaceuticals industry ­ will be sold off, permitting 100 percent foreign ownership of banks, mines and factories. The decree allowed these firms to move their profits out of the country. Order 81 created a patent regime to ensure that agriculture would depend on foreign agri-biotech firms. It outlawed the sharing of seeds, forcing farmers to use the protected varieties sold to them by transnational corporations. There can be no doubt that the occupation has presided over a progressive weakening of Iraq's industrial and commercial base."
Nor did it surprise me that it was Tyson's primarily that flooded the Iraq market with chicken.
Legal Disputes
Tyson Foods is among the companies that together have paid millions of dollars to settle federal government allegations that they had violated U.S. trade embargoes against rogue nations. The company reportedly shipped $250,000 worth of frozen chicken parts to Iraq through a broker in Jordan, violating the US trade embargo with Iraq. Tyson Foods paid a fine of $150,000 to settle the allegations. A Tyson Foods spokesman said the shipment was made by Hudson Foods, which was acquired by Tyson in 1998. "When we purchased Hudson we acquired all the assets and liabilities, this being a liability. We weren't aware this activity occurred until after the purchase."
-- Washington Post, 07/03/2002
Of course, after "Mission Accomplished" and CPA Order 12 Tyson's legally flooded the Iraq market with chicken. Can you imagine ­ feeding people is a violation of an embargo intended solely to block the development of WMD? Compassionate Conservatives? Do not believe it for even one second. Both they and the DNC are the front persons of an evil agenda.
Russia, Central Asia and Iraq have a name for this Tyson product flow ­ "Bush Legs" for they are mainly flooding the market with thighs and legs of chickens.
It [growth hormones and antibiotics] are also being used to raise beef and probably pork too, and virtually all meat producers feed their "crops" genetically modified grains, antibiotics and maybe more. Every report I have read shows that genetically modified foods are not healthy for humans.
They do not even care about Americans so you can draw your own conclusions as to how they treat others. Behold Iraq!
I know for a fact that growth hormones were being used in poultry and farm raised catfish production. I used to co-own an interest in an aquaculture farm and met with Degussa US (German company).
The purpose of that meeting was mainly about addressing their expertise in hydrogen peroxide but we also discussed possibly using their growth hormones to accelerate the rate of growth of the fish. I clearly remember their presentation as to how growth hormones in chicken, beef and even pond raised catfish was the coming thing. We declined but the economic case was clear that people could make more money by having the livestock grow faster and feed less.
I looked at their DeGussa website and evidently they either closed that division down or sold it to someone. I did not have time to track that but if I were going to track it would start with Tyson's, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland. It might not hurt to add Monsanto into that list as well and maybe Bayer too.
Baytril (trade name) is what is known as enrofloxacin. I thought the list members would find this information to be interesting because the last one mentioned is Cipro.
"Enrofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic sold by the Bayer Corporation under the trade name Baytril. Enrofloxacin is currently FDA-approved for treatment of individual pets and domestic animals in the United States. In September of 2005, the FDA withdrew approval of Baytril for use in water to treat flocks of poultry, as this practice was noted to promote the evolution of fluoroquinolone- resistant strains of the bacterium Campylobacter, a human pathogen. [1] Fluoroquinolones such as ciprofloxacin are widely used in the treatment of human disease."
I remember this 1996 flap with Russia and one with China very well because I was living in Arkansas and it was all over the TV, radio and newspapers. Tyson's was upset and demanding Bill Clinton straighten out his friends in China.
In fact, there were four flaps going on at the same time: 1.) Paula Jones v Clinton; and 2.) Clinton's illegal campaign finance via John Huang, Tyson's, James Riady, Mochtar Riady, et al; and 3.) the flap with Russia over salmonella; and 4.) China saying no to Tyson's chicken due to questionable antibiotics, GM feed the operations were feeding the birds with and even more questionable growth hormones to accelerate the rate of growth of the chickens.
Key loophole, "forbidden for all poultry sold in the United States."
Here is one way to look at hegemony. If one wants to produce a dumbed-down world that can barely think their way through a day, feed them the same crap Americans have been fed for many years.
Free Trade!
This was also during the period of time that I was closing down my DC office and telling RNC they were insane for allowing the DNC Communists to come over, dress up as Conservative Neocons and start making plans for war. That was about the time I started noticing the insanity going on over at FDA too and more than one US lab.
But here is the problem. Russia and China are now cash rich, both prefer to raise their own livestock and poultry. Even the EU has that nasty habit, that being preferring to raise their own food rather than buy from America. Getting the picture?
Hungary has been refusing to allow GM into their food chain and "bam" down comes the hammer on their poultry industry in January 2007.
Getting the picture? If not, go back and look at the map above and go look at Dr. Henry Niman's Recombinomics website again.
Buried in the USDA link just above regarding salmonella are some other tidbits that our government just does not manage to tell Americans about, but other nations are well aware and are resisting this US corporate hegemony in food and cramming US genetically modified crap down the throats of the entire global population.
Increasing Drug Resistance
Drug use in livestock is implicated in antimicrobial resistance in humans because many antimicrobial drugs used for livestock are the same as or similar to drugs used for humans. Some pathogens can pass from livestock to humans, either directly through contact (Feinman, 1979; Fey et al., 2000; Holmberg et al., 1984) or through food products that are improperly processed, handled, or prepared. Some foodborne illnesses in humans caused by resistant pathogens have been traced to livestock products (Gashe and Mpuchane, 2000; USDA, 1997; White et al., 2001) and have been linked to live animals on farms (Feinman, 1979; Holmberg et al., 1984; Molbak et al., 1999).
Livestock Drug Controversy
Some countries (e.g., EU member countries) prohibit the low-level (subtherapeutic) use of certain antimicrobial drugs as growth promotants in livestock production. Others have proposed such prohibitions based on policymakers' perception that enough evidence links livestock drug use and human antibiotic effectiveness in treating foodborne illnesses. In the United States, several bills have been introduced to prohibit antibiotics from at least some uses in animal agriculture (e.g., H.R. 3266 on Nov. 9, 1999, H.R. 3804 on Feb. 27, 2002, S. 2508 on May 13, 2002, and S.1460 and H.R. 2932, both on July 25, 2003). In June 2000, the WHO adopted a statement of principles proposing that use of antimicrobial livestock drugs to promote growth be terminated. In June 2001, the EU prohibited all but four antimicrobial drugs used as growth promotants in livestock production (Mathews et al., 2001). The four remaining drugs will be phased out by 2006 (European Council, 2002).
All of those bills of course die and never get passed in Congress, since the major US corporations own the US government. That would cause corporate America to lose profits while being forced into corporate responsibility and ethics. No, they just find a new and improved or slick way to get around it. Profits first and if your health or anyone else for that matter gets crushed, merely collateral damage in the way of profits.
When I had the meeting in February 2005 with the first PhD pharmacologist I was told about a nightmare man-made virus that had been made as a bio-weapon, and nothing could kill it or stop it without killing the host (the human host). This was a bastardized version of the 1918 Spanish flu where some lab had inserted IL-6 (interleukin-6) which is a natural part of the human autoimmune system and maintaining its healthy balance. That flu only had about a 2-3% mortality rate in 1918 and this new version of H5N1 is running about 60% thus far of people who have contracted it. My bet is knowledge in how to treat it or even the drugs to treat it are not, shall we say, widely available.
There are some that think that AIDS was made in a US lab and this stunt by yet another US lab makes me think that AIDS may well be manmade, as in Made in America.
In AIDS, IL-6 does just the opposite and destroys the human autoimmune system. It acts like a switch and tells the body to not fight back. In fact, one of the more promising AIDS treatments has been IL-6 suppression (not augmentation) regimens. If a person were to get this New Improved Spanish Flu, the body would receive a signal to not fight back, just lie down and die. Using IL-6 to trick the human body into not fighting back is a pretty slick trick.
Ladies and Gentlemen, that is not technological brilliance. That is sheer evil abiding within the US.
I was also told that they were working on genetic weapons, other virology weapons, nano-weapons. Nanotechnology could be used to do some very good things or very bad things all the way down to DNA, mycoplasma and prion level. There are two forms of prion disorder that I am familiar with being BSE or Mad Cow Disease and scrapie in sheep and goats. Both sort of turn the brain to pudding
and death and I was told at least one lab is trying to weaponized that lunacy.
I subscribe to a simple rule in life. There are enough problems in this world without having an idiot government like the United States trying to see how many new problems they can dream up.
I know people who used to work for the National Center for Toxicological Research and other top level labs, like Oak Ridge.
The deeper I dug the more confirmation I received that under the pretense of counter bioterrorism research the United States is developing an entire new generation of bioterrorism weapons to be used against other nations by the US and some of them are quite race specific and very genetic specific.
These are not defensive weapons for the most part. They are cowardly terrorist stealth weapons, designed by the US to be used by the US.
On the show with Jeff Rense, I did mention that how the US defines a terrorist is it is someone who refuses to work with the US on the terms and conditions of the US.
I also mentioned that most of these weapons will not work in a split second, and multiple nations, either hit or threatened to be hit, would nuke the US off the face of the Earth for such a vile, despicable, genocidal, cowardly act.
What is going on folks is not technology and scientific excellence. It is genocidal intent and it is clear to me that the terrorist that needs to be reigned in is the United States of America.
As a Christian I totally reject that insanity and that willful intent to development of weapons of mass destruction by the nation that pretends to be the global defender against such weapons. It is just further proof to me that the policies and true intentions of the United States are totally screwed up, totally insane and not anything to hold up high as a pretense of a great nation.
I was told in one meeting that they had three versions of H5N1 developed in US labs as early as 1994. One for was poultry, one for human-to-human transmission and the third purpose was unknown to a second PhD pharmacologist and microbiologist I spoke to.
During this same 2005 period indications surfaced and are such that the "third unknown target" for variant H5N1 might be the pig.
Not only the reference above to the attempt by Monsanto to patent the pig but in Indonesia it was recently learned that there are pigs infected with H5N1. That is now a known fact. That makes three mammals, human, the pig and one of the articles linked above disclosed a lab worker who was bitten by a ferret that has H5N1.
It would not surprise me at all to find out that some moron is working on how to vector some of this crap to dogs and cats.
"Bird flu identified in Indonesian pigs
16:17 14 April 2005
NewScientist.com news service
Debora MacKenzie
Indonesian scientists have found the H5N1 bird flu virus in a pig. The strain has infected poultry across east Asia, and killed at least 51 people so far.
Scientists fear pigs could act as a "mixing vessel" in which a human pandemic strain could evolve, because the animals can harbour both human and avian flu viruses."
In early July 2005 I was in a meeting in Roswell GA with three other men (1 black, age 30, 2 Caucasian) and 1 black female who was 26 at the time. She was apparently coming down with a summer cold.
No, she had human-to-human H5N1, July 2005 and all of us at the table got it too.
One of the PhD pharmacologists told me what the symptoms were of human-to-human H5N1 (evidently someone had it tested on them or they had a lab accident). The incubation period is 72 hours or less and most have it bad within 48 hours. It attacks every mucous lining in the human body and eyes swollen shut, seriously infected tear ducts is common.
I have only had the flu four times that I can remember in my life.
This was as bad as the other three combined, hit harder, faster and puts a person down with force. I am one of those lucky persons that have never taken a flu vaccine and seem to have a very strong immune system.
When I went to see my doctor the prescription was a very large shot of Levaquin in the buttocks and in the other buttock a very large dose of steroids to make by autoimmune system kick back into gear.
After that I had to take 10 days of Levaquin tablets, maximum pill size twice a day. Levaquin is not strictly an antiviral drug but like Cipro with weaponized anthrax it seems to have the ability to slow down or stop the replication of H5N1 in the human body, at least on the variant I had.
The steroid it to override the switch this virus gives those who get it and just keep getting sicker each hour. Evidently with this drug and the steroid, at least on this variant, it works pretty fast as I was back on my feet and traveling to Europe in a little over 4 days after seeing the doctor. No one caught the bug from me either in US or EU within 3 days after having been treated.
Within 4 days I was fine and on a flight to Europe for 9 days of business. The variant I had was reasonably treatable but it sure is good for wiping out poultry flocks and operations and expanding Tyson's exports sales of over $26 billion a year.
Note that I did not catch this in Europe in 2005. I caught it in Roswell, GA before ever going to Europe.
The lady I caught this from received a call from CDC demanding blood from her and from her dog. They then called me on my cell phone to demand the same and learned that I was in Europe. They were not happy campers and they were very unhappy when I told them that I had already given blood to my doctor and we had a microbiology lab verify what I had. The clue was my eyes were swollen shut and I could not see to drive for three days and had to be taken to the doctor. Both of the people who took my blood and took me to the doctor became ill in less than 48 hours.
I did notice that it spread very fast, hit hard and only due to close contact with infected persons. It happened in July rather than normal flu season. This particular H5N1 evidently does not have the "reach" of some flu viruses and appeared to be quickly contained.
When I returned home to the US ten days later something very interesting was going on. The three Caucasian men in that early July 2005 meeting had all bounced back and were fine. The two Blacks in the meeting took over a month to recover and the female had two serious relapses, total time lost was close to three months of battling this virus.
One of the Caucasians in that meeting is married to a Russian (Slavic). His wife got it from him and it took her almost 2 months to lick this virus. We were all on the same treatment and most of these individuals are from 10 to 25 years younger than I am.
As the article links suggest there are about 409 known labs and the number has surged since 9-11 under the pretense of doing counter bioterrorism research. They are also developing next generation weapons in viral, genetics, nanotechnology and if my suspicions are correct "convergence weapons". One of the key features at the nanotechnology level is the sheer convergence that is occurring.
These known labs are having many accidents with these deadly toxins and viruses. They are even losing shipments of these deadly substances according to the articles.
I called the lady I got this from and asked where she got it. She was babysitting her nephew and he had contracted it at a day care.
All of the children and teachers had apparently come down with this flu.
I went to see where this day care is located and 300-400 feet away is a CDC facility.
I personally think they had a lab accident at CDC they do not want to admit to or proved they are just as lax and negligent as the labs they supposedly monitor. Many tried to talk to them about this incident in Georgia, July 2005 and they refused.
This matter is about scientific and even moral ethics, neither of which are excelled at by the US government and way too many US corporations.
I do not want to hear another lie from Washington, DC about how much they value diversity when they are working behind the scenes to kill anyone who gets in their way with genetic weapons. I am referring to weapons they can specifically direct at Russian (Slavic), Chinese, Indian, Black, etc if the US throws a tantrum about how others are playing in what the US thinks is its sole sand box.
I do not want to hear that they presume to have the pre-emptive right to hit any nation with any weapon they choose, especially in light of the types of weapons I know they are developing and cannot be seen. No nation has such a right, especially one that pretends to be civilized yet proves to the world every day how barbaric, inhumane and juvenile they truly are.
I do not want to hear another lie from Washington, DC about how much they appreciate culture when they intend to crush entire cultures if they dare get in their way with viral and genetic weapons. I have a pretty good idea what they are trying to do in merging, converging viral, genetic and nanotechnology. I also have a pretty good idea as to how to make sure their un-Christian plans fail.
I do not want to hear another lie from Washington, DC that they have the right to defend America while they secretly plot to kill hundreds of millions with their new war toys they are inventing and using 9-11 as the excuse to do it.
I found out about one week before the radio show with Jeff Rense that Russia has known for a long time that the US is trying to or has developed gene specific weapons to kill every Slavic Russian that would come anywhere around it.
I do not want to hear another lie from Washington, DC that China and Russia are spying on the US, when both nations probably know all too well what the evil people in Washington, DC intend to do to them with viral and genetic, possibly even nanotech weapons.
My instincts are pretty good and I did not mention this to Jeff Rense on the air. I do not think there are any missing shipments of deadly toxins and viruses.
I think Russia, China and probably some others know exactly what
our idiot government is up to. I think shipments were intercepted.
It is not amazing what some people will do for money? God Help America if they have the lab accident at the wrong lab or one near you.
I think the hand of God is already at work against America and its evil aims. This planet and its life belong to God, not Bush, not America, not the style of corporate greed and callousness seen on the American televisions almost every day.
Karl W B Schwarz
Managing Director, CEO


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