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Gaffney Responds To
The CNN E-4B Story


CNN has just confirmed that the world's most advanced military plane circled over the White House on 911. In recent days several web sites had posted my research on this -- which may have prodded CNN into action.

Here's the link. It includes both text and video.


The CNN story is not only confirmation. It's also the first serious attempt to debunk my article -- by spinning the E-4B story in the expected fashion. We are supposed to believe that the USAF plane was on a legitimate mission. Of course, this is possible -- but given what we now know -- unlikely. CNN leaves out crucial facts:

1. Why did the USAF officially deny the presence of this plane? Last year, the USAF lied to a member of Congress, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who looked into this matter through official channels. Our elected representatives supposedly have access to classified information. But not in this case, apparently. Why not?

2. Why was the event expunged from history for 6 years? Videos of this event were shown in the UK, in Spain, and probably in many other nations during the world coverage of 911 -- yet the video evidence of the E-4B was kept out of the news here in America. Until now. Why?

3. Lee Hamilton, co chair of the 911 Commission, now says he knew about the fly over -- but left it out of his official investigation because he deemed it was not important enough. Hamilton has called the "conspiracy theories" ludicrous. But what is really ludicrous is his statement that the presence of the E-4B was not important enough! His statement on CNN is absurd -- and thoroughly discredits the official 911 investigation and its final report, which makes no mention of the E-4B, not even in a footnote.

4. The CNN story fails to mention the E-4B's involvement in NORAD's Global Guardian exercise. It also fails to mention that in 2001 Global Guardian was rescheduled from October to September. Are we to believe this was mere coincidence? It is well known that military exercises commonly provide cover for covert operations.

5. CNN also fails to mention the serious discrepancies in the official narrative regarding the timeline -- i.e., when the E-4B first appeared over Washington -- and the exact time of the Pentagon strike. There is compelling evidence that the E-4B was already present well BEFORE the Pentagon strike. Indeed, there is powerful evidence that the US military lied about the actual time of the Pentagon strike. For what reason? Perhaps, to conceal the E-4B's presence?

One thing is certain. This issue is not going to go away until we get some real answers.

Peace and Love,

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