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Flu Shots With Mercury
Pose No Risk? Are they Crazy?

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff - I had to send this to you...it is totally unbelievable. Flu shots with mercury pose no risk? Are they crazy? Have they totally lost it?
Have they forgotten that people are advised to take flu shots each year? Just think about it, mercury every year getting into your body, i.e. on top of all the mercury and heavy metals that we already ingest, breathe-in, etc.
These health experts at the CDC are supposedly too dumb to realize that, even if the mercury in one shot is below level, people are getting this poison with EACH yearly shot? I don't think so.
Stupidity...and malice aforethought.
Flu Shots With Mercury Pose No Problems - CDC
The China Post
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Officials at the Department of Health (DOH) urged parents to let their young children receive the free injection of anti-influenza vaccines despite the controversy over the mercury in the vaccines. DOH officials said the annual flu vaccines will be given to children under two years old and others over 65 for free.
The officials made the call after the annual free flu vaccination program kicked off yesterday, providing flu shots for groups of people considered to be at high risk of influenza with government funds.  But many parents became hesitant after learning from media reports that there is mercury in the vaccines.
Shih Wen-yi, a deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) under the DOH, confirmed the reports. But he and other medical experts stressed that mercury is well below the hazardous limit.
Chen Ding-shin, a member of the Academia Sinica and former superintendent of the National Taiwan University Hospital, pointed out that mercury is used in the flu vaccines to help stabilize bacteria, but will pose no threats to health.
He said the chemical is also used in many other vaccines, including the hepatitis B vaccines which are also in large demand in Taiwan.  Other medical experts also said that giving flu vaccines free of charge is a well-intended move taken by the government to help fight the life-threatening flu in the winter season.
Shih stressed that no medical records had shown negative effects from flu vaccines containing mercury, though the international trend is gradually shifting to mercury-free vaccines.
The CDC has advised flu vaccine recipients allergic to eggs to stay at the same place where they receive their shots for at least half an hour to make sure that they develop no allergic reaction to the vaccine.
Shih explained that the CDC did not caution against mercury because there are extremely few people allergic to the chemical.  He also emphasized that the DOH has provided over 80 million flu vaccines containing mercury over the years and no cases with negative effects involving the chemical was reported. 
The free vaccine program is available for people over 65 years of age or children aged between six months and two years.  First-line medical professionals, hospital volunteer workers, community pharmacists, medical lab workers, school nurses, crews of international airlines, quarantine workers, poultry farmers and bird raisers, nursing home residents, people suffering from severe injuries or diseases, as well as first-year and second-year primary school students are also covered in the free flu shot program.
According to Shih, there will be 2.73 million doses of free flu vaccine available for adults and 320,000 doses for children this year. People need not to rush in an attempt to receive their shots on the first days of the program, since there is adequate supply and the free vaccines will be available for a long period over the next two months.
Shih said Taiwan usually enters flu season around the end of November, with the number of flu cases reaching a peak around mid-December. After analyzing all reported flu cases between 2000 and 2006, the CDC said the incidence of flu turning into serious disease is much higher for children under 12 years and people over 65.  The mortality rate for these two age groups is several times higher than other age groups. 
CDC experts said the best way to prevent flu is to get flu shots.  Paid flu shots are also available at major hospitals Some hospitals around the country have also started offering vaccines for ordinary people for between NT$530 and NT$630 per dose. 
Medical specialists said that parents or other people concerned about the mercury issue may have their children and elderly family members taken mercury-free doses and pay the bills themselves.
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