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Five Days In October
Jim Kirwan

If there was ever any doubt that the United States is "safer" now than we were before we attacked Iraq-then the jury and the government have decided that the answer is "We're NOT!
When 911 happened there were a number of "war-games" in progress, on the same day, at the same hour and with exactly the same targets as those that were hit on 911. The same thing occurred in the case of the London train bombings ­ another terrorist training exercise was underway at the exact same time with the exact same targets as the real thing. This will be the third time that a major training exercise is being launched, but this one involves the entire United States in something called "Vigilant Shield 08."
This supposedly will be a training exercise to use local and state police and sheriffs in tandem with the military to "practice what was learned from the military's response to Katrina." The troops and militarized police did not get involved in saving people's lives ­ they were completely occupied with disarming the surviving public. If we are so much safer now than we were before these certifiable nut jobs took over this government-then why do we need to "practice living under Martial Law"? (1)
If we are safer now than we were before the Cheney-Bush Cabal decided that they were going to take over the world ­ then why do we need to ask permission to fly between states inside the United States?
"Beginning in February 2008, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will implement their ¨Advance Passenger Information System (APIS),¨ the gist of which is that you will need permission from the United States Government to travel on any air or sea vessel that goes to, from or through the U.S. The travel companies will not be able to issue a boarding pass until you are cleared by DHS. This applies to ALL passengers, US citizens and visitors alike. And how do you get said permission to travel? That's for your government to know and (for) you to never find out." (2)
At least this one is still a ways from actual implementation, but the point of this federal lockdown of the population is still all too clear. If this were not the case, then why do they need to sneak things like this into legislation?
What this nation is about to attempt in Iran will be a war crime of unlimited scope and outrageous destruction, for an untold number of nations and peoples trying to just get on with their lives. Yet we are presented with these pending attacks as if there is no alternative to their determined plans for Global Control-as if this is akin to an act of god that cannot be stopped, regardless of all the evidence against just such an action. If this nation and the other corrupted governments had leaders with even a modicum of military experience, they would all know that this course of action has failed long before the first bombs or missiles are even launched. (3)
What will happen if the date of the attacks upon Iran just happen to coincide exactly, with Operation Vigilant Shield? If we begin the bombing raids and Iran retaliates: Then the cowards in their bunkers in DC and elsewhere will then declare that America has secret terror cells here in the USA, that must be found and disarmed-and fortunately 'we just happen to have the troops and police in position to do just that'! And since the nation would by then, for all intents and purposes already be under Martial Law, because all of the facility to do this has already been entered into the record, in a number of presidential Executive Orders especially written for this occasion: What could the nation do to prevent any of this from actually happening?
If we wait patiently until October 15 to find out if this is "real;" instead of just an exercise ­ then the answer is obviously "Nothing"!
But if we probe into the planning and the execution as well as into what will be sought during Operation Vigilant Shield-before October 15th, then maybe something of substance could be able to deter whatever might be coming.
This potential attack upon Iran is far more than just another phase of our ongoing wars upon the Muslim world. This is pivotal and virtually impossible to predict: which is exactly why it should never have even been considered in the first place. Iran has an army that's three times the size of the one we're still fighting in Iraq. Iran is not a lonely impoverished nation without resources or international alliances. But most of all to begin such a blatant and unwarranted attack upon so pivotal a nation-now-when we are losing whatever remains of any credibility in our unilateral and illegal war upon Iraq; would seem to an act of military and economic suicide. Yet no one inside the Cheney-Bush Cabal seems to have even the most remote idea of when or how to use military force: never mind the absolute need to consider all the ramifications before unleashing our Frankenstein version of Blitzkrieg on yet another nation that stands between us and what we are determined to steal for some overly corrupt corporations.
These people that believe they are "in-charge," actually know nothing at all about military force, military tactics or the dangers of the misuse of these very expensive weapons. That's how we managed to run up the price tag in Iraq and Afghanistan to over a Trillion dollars, and still managed to lose all the key aspects of this massive military failure. The numbers in Vietnam and Iraq are almost parallel now, especially given the reality that we've been virtually at war since 1991: Thanks to the No-Fly-Zones that operated 24-7 almost up to the day we announced Shock & Awe over Baghdad.
The Veteran's administration tracked the figures for the death toll from 'both wars' and came up with a death toll of over 71,000 dead, from all causes: That's a lot of dead people. Of course the cabal doesn't want this kind of information even discussed: because it presents the full picture, given all the deaths from combat related injuries, disease and exposure to toxic poisons, as well as death in combat and after incident deaths from all sources. This would give the current war an entirely different look and might go a long way to explaining the Trillion dollars plus that it is currently costing us in money. (4)
Vietnam involved 500,000 troops at the time when we had to flee. In Iraq now we have over 400,000 if you count the mercenaries. If Iraq has been going on since 1991-we've been at it for sixteen years now-with the continued bombing of the infrastructure and the two- thirds of Saddam's populations that suffered mightily, for all those years under UN sanctions. No wonder Cheney-Bush wants these actions kept strictly separate!
Cheney has no authority to set a US agenda for war with Iran: yet that is what he has continued to blatantly do-unchecked-by any other branch in this so-called government. He won't stop until we are all looking at Armageddon-and that has nothing to do with why any of these scheming thieves should be in office in the first place.
Too many people here continue to say: "we don't have time to read or to pay attention to the politics -- we don't have the time to spend on the internet between jobs, kids, and everything else."
Which is like saying: "How dare you bomb my neighborhood today - I've got to get the kids to tennis lessons and then pick-up something for dinner:
Or maybe when the storm troopers kick in your door ­ you might decide that since they didn't even knock - you should just ignore them?
There is a HUGE world out there that all of us have major responsibilities for because of all that has been done in our names: In that world there is about to be a devaluation of YOUR money, YOUR future and YOUR life. If you REFUSE to pay attention to that world, then KNOW that your world has had time-bombs carefully planted, in every facet of everything you care about (just like the travel restrictions and the Real ID card). When these bombs go off you will have nothing at all to say about your own demise, or YOUR death. If your petty considerations TRUMP that - then you shall deserve everything you get - and all of this will happen: Because you refused to Pay-Attention to what is happening all around you now!
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