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The Doctored Diana Photos
By Joseph Ehrlich
SenderBerl & Sons
10 -5 -7

The UK paper that was the source for the original photos seen by me changed the Internet posting after the time I extracted the originally posted photos. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_
The one photo with Henri Paul's eyes ablaze with the strong light in his face and with Diana turned about in the back of the car without any light on her (original photo seen) with TRJ also in diminished light from the front shot pointed to the true focus of those involved in the assassinations (Henri Paul). I received emails saying that the photos received were the same as posted on the Internet etc. but here is the proof otherwise.
Example of original photo posted:
Photo in same posting amended:
Ehrlich: They added the numbers. Thus will this open amendment the photos are openly expressed as amended and changed from the original story. This new posting of the photos officially condoned the expression that the photos are not the same as posted.
Ehrlich: It is hard to beat the Moabites when they focus their resources on cleaning up a mistake. They did it and obviously the mistake in releasing that one photograph highlighting Henri Paul as the target of the intense light with eyes ablaze and Diana not even in the picture (in terms of the light) was something they agreed needed their full attention. The photo as I saw it and posted it said a great deal.
Ehrlich: The disturbing reality for me is that I know for a fact that while this photo comes off the first email I sent that this is not the photo I pasted into the email and sent. To compound this embarrassing assertion is that you will see the same photo in your emails BUT if you do not then YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Ehrlich: First, again, for my sake, please see again what I pointed out in a recent email that Diana's back of head is doctored with, and also her body below the neck is missing seemingly covered by TRJ. Again, please note a concurrent shot of her positioned looking back but look at her hair and her body is visible as it would be with her head here it is at.
Ehrlich: Look at TRJ's head compared to the visor. The right lower part is on direct line with his right eye. Now look at the doctored photo and he if anything is shifted to more to his right and where is Diana's body? However, again, it is crystal clear that the back of her head was doctored to shine brightly to diminish the photo and point I made in the original email.
Ehrlich: The question arises as to exactly when the photo was taken. The question is that vein arises where the heck was the photographer when the photo was taken. It nearly appeared that he was on the hood of the car. These are important questions and issues re the photo.
From SenderBerl web page
September 29, 1997
CONCLUSION: We would think that Dodi Fayed's father will investigate this entire affair using the resources he has at his disposal. Do we need a person with vast wealth to guarantee pursuit of the truth? Do we have to fear governmental powers thwarting an investigation by a vastly powerful person? Trevor Rees-Jones takes on the power to singularly oppose a false report. Will his memory ever return? Does he fear it returning? Why did he put on a seat belt when Diana didn't? There is one piece of seemingly confirmed evidence that may jog Trevor Rees-Jones' memory. There is a picture showing Princess Diana turning around and looking out the back window at a motorcycle.
What we believe she may have been doing is seeing if she recognized the motorcycle driver. She was aware - after the many years together - of the identity of aggressive photographers. Did Trevor Rees-Jones sense danger when Diana possibly said she did not recognize the person/persons on the motorcycle aggressively or suspiciously moving about the Mercedes? The free lance photographers said they were all far back from the car, while a string of witnesses saw two motorcycles with a black car traveling next to and/or in front of the Mercedes. Do the French investigators know who was in the black car and the three persons on the two motorcycles? If not, more than ever, Brenda Wells statements to date take on critical importance, and it would be frivolous to leak news that they are going to point to alcohol and speed (i.e. Henri Paul). If any investigator establishes that Brenda Wells was impeded from entering the tunnel, then the evidence points to a conclusion far different than "alcohol and speed." Where is Brenda Wells? Again, where is Brenda Wells? If Brenda Wells is a sham, or an illusion, then tell us. Otherwise, produce her!
Ehrlich: Yes, my own commentary jogged my memory about it and TRJ first had amnesia and could not remember thus again thrusting his credibility into account. Moreover, and I have to rely on my own memory after these ten years the photo of Diana looking back was not the photos now released, it was a photo taken from behind the car or to the side of the car but not front to back. However, the point is not whether this was a photo front to back but the issue is whether the photo was the cover for the strobe light directed at Henri Paul to disorient him. Moreover, the reason they must have been looking the way they do in the central photos above is that they both were reacting to the fact that a motorcycle cut RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM to implement the dual design of the cover of a photo but the deed of blinding Henri Paul. Thus, the photo must have been taken just as they were entering the tunnel and with the technology they have today they can establish the truth of it.
Update (September 24, 1997) :Brenda Wells may hold the story of the year and she seems to be missing!
First, let us directly quote from the story appearing 09/21/97 from Agence France-Presse: LONDON, Sept 21 (AFP) -"The Sunday Mirror meanwhile quoted a British secretary living in Paris who said she had seen a dark-coloured car following Diana's Mercedes. Brenda Wells said that she was driving toward the Alma tunnel when she was forced off the road by two motorbikes chasing a large car and that she then saw a black car pass her."
The Associated Press story, the only U.S. report regarding Brenda Wells, bent the meaning of the AFP story. The AP wrote: "The Mirror also said that another British witness, Londoner Brenda Wells, 40, told investigators she was driving back from a party and was forced off the road by a motorbike pursuing a big black car. Then came the crash. 'The big car had come off the road. I stopped and five or six motorbikes arrived and started taking photographs. They were crying, 'It's Diana.' The newspaper quoted her as having testified."
It is obvious that the Associated Press report and the Agence France-Presse report say two different things. Thus, we quote directly from the Daily Mirror: "The whereabouts of a British secretary driving in the tunnel at the time of Diana's crash were also shrouded in mystery yesterday. London-born Brenda Wells, 40, told police how she was forced off the road by a motorbike following Diana's Mercedes at high speed. Ms. Wells also saw a dark-coloured car - possibly the Fiat Uno which has now become the focal point of the French probe into the crash. In her statement she claims: 'After a party with my friends, I was returning to my home. A motorbike with two men forced me off the road. It was following a big car. Afterwards in the tunnel there were very strong lights like flashes. After that, a black car arrived. The big car had come off the road. I stopped and five or six motorbikes arrived and started taking photographs. They were crying 'It's Diana.'.' Brenda's evidence calls into question initial claims that pursuing paparazzi were to blame. She makes the first mention of photographers AFTER (emphasis in original) the accident when 'five or six' paparazzi arrived and took pictures. But last night, despite extensive inquiries in the Paris suburb of Champigny sur Marne where she told police she lived, Brenda could not be located."
Brenda Wells may prove to become a witness of equal if not greater importance to Trevor Rees-Jones. If she was impeded from entering the tunnel, it is concrete circumstantial evidence of foul-play. The fact that she is missing and world news stands strangely silent as to what has already been reported, suggests that Brenda Wells is someone who must be located. That she cannot be found is highly disturbing. If she is under the "protection" or "custody" of French authorities, her "safety" would be further aided by letting the public so know.
end senderberl excerpt
Ehrlich: For Brenda Wells to note the flashes they must have taken place just after Diana entered the tunnel in accord with my commentary above. If so, then TRJ was not wearing a seat belt and the fact that he survived and did not backs up my position all along that Diana also should have lived but was marked for death as they made apparent to me in 1997 and as I know for a fact today. They are issuing their misinformation that Diana was on the pill etc. Whether she was pregnant is not central to the facts that she was murdered but was further central to the many reasons for her assassination. My beef with the incident connected with my proving upset that the elite simply thought nothing of carrying out an execution right in front of everyone's noses with the expectation that they could get away with it.
From the Internet:
New Eyewitness Claims He Saw Several Men Loitering In The Tunnel Moments Before The Crash That killed Princess Diana!
A witness who was too scared to come forward in the initial aftermath following princess Diana's death told the Official Investigatory Inquiry headed by Lord Steven that he saw a dozen men standing in a line against the wall of the tunnel moments before the crash that killed Princess Diana. This new testimony signifies that SOMEONE HAD PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE THAT DIANA'S CAR WOULD TAKE THAT ROUTE!
After dining at the Ritz Hotel Dodi's and Princess Diana's intention was to head back to Dodi's flat located at Rue Arsene-Houssaye. The shortest and quickest way to get there would have been to turn onto the Place de la Concorde and then make their way along the Avenue de Champ Elysees. But for some reason they didn't take this most obvious of routes but took the one that lead the Mercedes through the Point d'Alma tunnel...why was that?
A Trap Is Set And Sprung!
(It should be noted that some of the witnesses' surnames are not available because of the very real fear they had at the time that they would meet an untimely death!)
Thierry H: He saw a car blocking the exit that would have allowed Princess Diana's Mercedes to take the Place de la Concorde and thus avoid the tunnel at Point d'Alma. The car had several men and Thierry's assumption at the time was that those men were paparazzi (but were they really?).
Brenda Wells: The secretary from London who "reportedly went missing" following her statement to the French police. She told them that on her way home from a party with friends, she was forced off the road by a large and powerful motorbike ridden by two individuals as she approached the tunnel. The motorbike was tailing Princess Diana's limo at high speed, in conjunction with another smaller car (Fiat Uno? Although her account describes this car as dark colored). In her own words: "After a party with my friends, I was returning to my home. A motorbike with two men forced me off the road. It was following a big car. Afterwards in the tunnel there were very strong lights like flashes. After that, a black car arrived. The big car had come off the road. I stopped and five or six motorbikes arrived and started taking photographs."
The whereabouts of Brenda Wells are currently unknown but what is known is that soon after giving her statement to the French Police and after both she and her husband were warned to go into hiding and never speak about what they had witnessedPHUT! Just like that she vanishedfell off the face of the earth!
Francoise & Valerie Levistre: Since they were driving in front of the Diana Mercedes they were strategically located to bear close witness to what exactly happened in the tunnel. The following account was recorded by Reuters on September 4th, 1997 from their home in Normandy France:
"I said to my wife that there must be a big shot behind us with a police escort. Then I went down into the tunnel and, again in my rearview mirror I saw the car in the middle of the tunnel with the motorcycle on its left, pulling ahead and then swerving to the right directly in front of the caras the motorcycle swerved and before the car lost control, there was a flash of light but then I was out of the tunnel and, but did not see the impactI immediately pulled my car over to the curb but my wife said 'Let's get out of here. It's a terror attack.'" (Reuters, Paris, Sourced from Internet 4/9/97).
Levistre also described the motorbike as being ridden by two individuals.
Gaelle L: Gaelle and her boyfriend Benoit were approaching the tunnel from the opposite direction in the opposing lane on the other side of the tunnel. Here's her account: "As we entered the Alma tunnel, we heard a loud noise of screeching tires. At that moment, in the opposite lane, we saw a large car approaching at high speed. The car swerved to the left, then went back to the right and crashed into the wall with its horn blaring. I should note that in front of this car, there was another smaller car. I think this vehicle was black, but I'm not sure. Behind the big car there was a large motorcycle. I can't be sure how many riders were on it."
Witness Saw Fiat Uno Driver Cause Crash That Killed Princess Diana!
Souad Mouffakir: Far too terrified in1997 to truthfully report what she (and her husband of the time) witnessed in the tunnel, six years after the crash, Souad recanted her earlier testimony with the following damning account! She stated, quite understandably, that she'd remained silent for six years about what she witnessed because she'd feared for her life. Her story was narrated to The People (note no money changed hands for the story).
Souad Mouffakir claims that she and her husband (Mohamed Medjahdi) were in a car that was traveling right in front of Princess Diana's Mercedes in the tunnel on the night of August 31, 1997. Through the rear window she noticed a Fiat Uno approaching them very rapidly, but rather than overtake them it slowed down so that both cars were parallel.
As Souad put it, "It was very strange behavior and I got frightened. The white car was only centimeters from ours. I stared over to the driver and I will never forget him." She then continues to describe how the man's demeanor and manner appeared very strange as if his thoughts were farfar away. She describes the man as being of Mediterranean descent and that she surmised he was short because his head barely cleared the steering wheel. In the back seat of the car sat what she described as a huge Alsatian.
She continues, "I became very scared, I thought he was a madman and I told Mohamed to speed away. We did that and a moment later we heard the screech of tyres. I looked round and saw a black Mercedes sliding out of control at 45 degrees, coming straight at us. I saw the car impact into the pillar. I did not realize that I had just seen the crash that killed Diana. I saw the chauffeur thrown forward in to the steering wheel. I knew he had been killed immediately."
Plotters Knew Beforehand That Diana and Company Would Pass Through The Tunnel!
Jacques Morel: Moments before the crash, record producer Jacques Morel says he saw several figures (about a dozen) hanging out in the tunnel for no apparent reason. Driving home with his wife on that night this is how he described the peculiar scene: " As we entered the Alma tunnel I looked to my left and saw about a dozen shady figures on a tiny pavement by the side of the opposite carriagewayThey were all standing in a long line. The sight was unforgettable. The pavement is less than 30cm (12in or 1ft) wide and next to fast traffic. They would have been breathing in petrol fumes and it was very dirty down there. It was certainly not a sensible place to stand around."
Mr. Morel continues, "There was an almighty bang and a great big flash of light. Immediately my wife and I realized there had been a crash. My first thought was that those inside the tunnel were connected with what had happened. This thought has never left me!"
Like several other witnesses who also feared for their lives, Mr. Morel only broke his silence after several years had elapsed since the accident. Evidently his testimony was taken seriously enough to warrant being flown to London for a 3-day interview by the Diana Crash Investigatory (Inquiry) Team headed by former Scotland Yard chief, Lord Stevens.
Jacques Morel told detectives he was convinced that Henri Paul was part of the plot and had been paid to take the tunnel; as he put it, "I am certain he was paid to drive through the Alma Tunnel. There was cash in Henri Paul's pocket when he was found dead!" We can only assume that when he refers to "cash", Mr. Morel is talking about substantial amounts.
Gary Hunter: This London-based lawyer observed, from his third floor hotel room overlooking the Point d'Alma tunnel (less than 100 yards distance) two vehicles zooming away from the tunnel shortly after the crash. This is his account as cited by Agence-France-Presse on September 22, 1997: "I was in my hotel room overlooking the tunnel and heard a car speeding from that directionI jumped up and saw a small dark-colored car drive up the street with another car practically stuck to its back bumperthe first car looked like a Fiat Uno or a Renault Clio. The white car was a Mercedesthey both spun round together and sped off down the street at a suicidal pace, more than 100 miles per hourI thought it was very strange that they were traveling so dangerously close to each othertheir behavior made me wonder what exactly they had been up to in the tunnel when the crash happened!"
"My own feeling is that these were people in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that the car was getting off the scene, it looked quite sinister."
SUMMARY: These are just a few of the many eyewitness accounts that punched meteor shower like holes into the official story, that the crash that killed Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana and Henri Paul, was nothing but a tragic traffic accident!
From the Internet (yes, not one road camera among the 17 passed that night was working) (Moreover the exit ramp allowing a car to avoid the Alma tunnel was blocked closed forcing Henri Paul to take the Alma tunnel, which many believe he was complicit in taking to his own regret -- I was asking for the name of the off duty fireman and to this day his name remains unknown):
The traffic camera at the Point d'Alma
Seán Mac Mathúna
Visit Mohammed Al-Fayed's website and read his account of Diana's death
Diana crash inquiry report: Final report by Paris prosecutor's office
MI6 and the Princess of Wales by Richard Tomlinson
MI6's plot to assassinate President Milosevic of Serbia in 1992 by Richard Tomlinson
Why were the traffic cameras not working at the Point d'Alma ?
In April 1998, l took advantage of a visit to Paris to photograph the site of the car crash at the Point d'Alma which killed Princess Diana. Prominent in position overlooking the crash site, was a traffic camera, which on the day he was there, was facing the entrance to tunnel where the Diana's car crashed. Of course, it is possible that the camera, at the moment of the crash, it was facing a different direction. However, according to the <http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk/>Lobster (winter 1999), there are rumours that electricity supplies in the road tunnel were cut off 25 minutes before Diana's Mercedes entered it. It could be for this reason, as Lobster notes, that the CCTV cameras covering the crash site both before and after the crash were not working.
When Mohammed Al Fayed's lawyers requested copies of the tapes from 17 cameras that covered the journey of Diana's Mercedes from the Ritz Hotel to the Point d'Alma, they were told by French police that no such tapes existed for those cameras. In fact, French authorities claimed that the cameras were "not recording any images at the time (of the crash). It was noted by NBC that Paris has the "most sophisticated video surveillance system of any city in the world", with all cameras recording to video tape and saved for two days - except on this occasion . . .
Source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2007450844,00.html
In one never-before-published shot, the Princess and her lover Dodi Fayed can clearly be seen in the back seat of their Mercedes in Paris in the early hours of August 31, 1997.
Driver Henri Paul stares manically down the lens of a paparazzi cameraman, while in the front passenger seat, Dodi's bodyguard Trevor Rees is seen behind a sun visor.
Moments later the Merc hit pillar 13 in the Alma Tunnel.
The picture, taken by a freelance photographer, will take centre stage as an 11-strong jury deliberate on the most dramatic inquest in British legal history.
Over the next six months the jury is expected to decide WHEN exactly the photograph was taken.
It is claimed the frame was shot as Diana and Dodi left the Paris Ritz hotel via the rear exit at The Rue Cambon
end news excerpt
Ehrlich: Take yet another look at the photo where that big bright light shines from behind the car...
ZXst columns in the tunnel thus the picture taken just as they entered the tunnel. What is that white circular spot? Well, it could be the same dynamic aligned with the doctoring of the back of Diana's head and body.
April 1998 photo of Alma tunnel entrance taken by Henri Paul the night of the event (notice the column on the left side of the photo and also notice the drop in elevation in entering the tunnel -- then look at the dip in the photo above -- if I can connect the dots with limited resources perhaps those with resources including Dodi' Fayed's father should do so as well):
Ehrlich: Sorry Moabites, you could not doctor the dip in the angle of the car!


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