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Dancing In The Dark
Jim Kirwan

It was nineteen fifty-nine, just over 48 years ago-I was sitting alone in an empty barrack on Guam-playing solitaire at the edge of the jungle.
I'd been there for I-don't-know how long, waiting for an emergency flight out: A flight that would take me "back to the world."
How much easier everything was then-but of course that wasn't clear, at least not then. The stench of the coral island was encased in tropical heat, and the jungle was still steaming from an afternoon squall that had just passed. That was five years before I began to do what I do now; it was actually September 17, 1959. The flight back to San Francisco would take 30 hours, and after several more delays - I arrived in Oklahoma City the day after my father died from his wounds, he had been murdered. 
What I didn't realize at the time was how lucky I had been to have been sent to Guam (as punishment for failing to believe in military discipline). Because what we did there gave me a basis for understanding a lot of the things that most people fail to even question. My roommates were typical of the 'lot' that ended up on Guam. One ran away to the Oilfields of Texas at eleven, another was the son of a mob boss in New Orleans who played the sax; the third man was from Little-Rock Arkansas a rebel to the core. The radar-squadron was in Thirteenth Air Force Advanced, and was attached to the SAC base on Guam, in the Marianas Air Defense Division (MADD). The duty was three day-shifts, three swing shifts, three midnights followed by three days off: Four years of that completely destroyed any thought of traditional body clocks. I was a radar operator and a combat operations team member. Most of us were misfits.
To counter our strangely lost existence we talked the days and nights away in endless conversations about literally everything. Our "room" which shared a 'john' with another group of four - was packed with people around the clock - the conversations almost never ceased . . . but we had no idea what we were learning in those marathons of mini-debates or from our private journeys of discussion. We drank a lot, but most of us were very young and between the heat and the skewed regimen that basically destroyed the ability to sleep - most of us were only living to escape the island anyhow - or so we thought. This was during a lull in the Cold War, and everyone there had received their obligatory "dear john" - or most of us had anyhow - but being young and optimistic that was just a part of "being there."
What brought this day back to me today seems to have come from that 'impending feeling" about events 'about-to-be: So much so that I cannot see, no matter how many times I try to unscramble this nightmare: in order to discover what seems to be leading us all, to some irrevocable moment in time that will change this world forever. On Guam it was what the personal mystery of the 'future' might actually hold for me, just me. Now it's about what history's one-way mirror may hold for all of 'us.' But the mirror has been clouded, time and again by the smoke from Shock & Awe - yet we continue to wait for the 'Next Big Thing' that may forever change our world-regardless of what we might believe or disbelieve today. . .
Naomi Klein recently discovered something pivotal that encapsulates both the how and why in all of this - here she talks about that from her book: (1)
But there are also the conversations from those directly affected by these cataclysmic events. At coffee yesterday I spoke at length with a long time friend from Iran who still has family there. "We're F#@%*d" he said - "no matter what happens. There are the Mullahs in the south, the religious zealots that want complete control, there are the Americans, and of course there is the government with its own agenda - there is no way out for the people there!" We spoke about the refugees and what that ever-moving, ever growing mass of displaced people is doing and will continue to do, to the entire region - with little hope for any relief for millions of people: Another crime that our unilateral and obscene invasion created.
At home I get mail that suggests that I'm completely "off course' - that I'm being taken in by what, to some others - seems obvious: see the quote:
". . . from a Psychological Warfare POV Bush wins again. He wins by moving the warheads. He wins by letting it be surmised one has gone missing. He wins by once again amping the terror factor.
He wins through FEAR. See how all these websites are now so helpful in Psychological Warfare? From RMN to Rense, from Jones to Justin, it is all good to spread the FEAR. It strikes me that none of our hard hitting websites have gone out on a limb and said General Strike this Friday. No matter what. Instead they say VOTE RON PAUL. A WASP Republican for President! Ron Paul is Jesus Christ Superstar and a REPUBLICAN FROM TEXAS TOO!"
That's one opinion, and of course there are many others as well. At the end of yesterday mine went something like this:
In "Who Really Calls the Shots" - I was going to ask about any real connections between Cheney and SAC but I lost that thread" The lapse in control over SAC could have been absorbed and seized by Cheney. When Bush left the 2nd graders he flew directly to SAC headquarters: I always wondered about that particular few hours. Just like I wondered how Alex could have gone to such a major demonstration without ID, knowing that if stopped he would be asked, in addition to having a press pass.
A Strike would be the perfect response - except that there is no way to "call for one." Too much risk for too many people to even consider that - yet that is the only thing that would stop their planning, and possibly even cause them to hold-off on the invasion - as well as on their plans to  implement Part II of 911.
Even that is skewed - which one will be "the plan" and which one the  cover-story? Either way "we" lose, because underneath everything "our" money is consuming itself, and the second that real oxygen reaches the true extent of all that fraud - it will combust in a nanosecond and leave the planet in a crash this world cannot even begin to imagine. England is already talking of a major monetary crash. . .
STILL - at the end of all of it there are these naggingly REAL questions:
Why poison the land, the water and the air - just to steal something that is only necessary IF the existing world remains functional. With the nuclear  half-life a fact that lingers at 4.5 billion years - this is insane!
Also there's the question of where could anyone hide the number of troops it would take to make even a dent in rounding up the population - some say 'inside the underground cities' And what about after the obvious goes up in smoke - all that's left are those underground facilities that supposedly already exist - but AGAIN to what end?
Why "save" the Outlaws and their henchmen, if the "world" is basically  uninhabitable? Who could want to inherit that ruin? Why "the camps" if there's no one left to buy anything that the thoroughly corrupted corporations create? It all becomes a wash - there can be no "winners" -  only losers.
Why bother to corrupt the economies of entire nation states all over the  planet, if in the end - the goal is just to either kill the people or enslave them  all? Where's the new Du Bai - for them to wallow in - where's the Garden of Eden in which they can all act like conquerors and revel in their "paradise"?
The other little problem is that there will be no "audience" to envy them-  all their illicitly stolen new powers? Once the planet is reduced to a bunch of human cogs for their machines - then where's the profit in that? There will be no innovation - no creativity, hence there can be no "new opportunities" for even more to steal. From that point everything will begin to go backwards . . .
The depression that's coming will see the completion of the reduction of  competition to equal just one bank, just one airline, just one store for everything - all of which 'they'll own' - what could slaves possibly be good for (they have to eat and drink) which makes them more of a liability than an asset. There will be no refuge - no luxury because there will be nothing to "get away from." The communists tried this system of only one of everything (the state ran everything) - and it failed bigtime! But there was a whole other world for their corrupt leaders to escape to - this time there will be nothing but them--everywhere!
Civilizations have spent thousands of years building up the idea of a complex and enjoyable life for a lot of different kinds of people. Now in a flash all that work all that talent and industry will just go up in smoke & mirrors - only to be ruled over by the Cheney's the Bremer's and whatever remains of Corporate life: which is technically - NOT TO BE ALIVE.!
So what's the point in ALL this fear: Fear dripping with terror: in a WORLD that has no point in being - after everything has been destroyed or stolen?
Given the Rise of Disaster Capitalism ~ ask yourself why would so many want to implement all these crimes in so many places - if there is no place left to hunger for - no place to SPEND that filthy loot, and no one to care either way about tomorrow? 
About the only potentially possible light here is the sheer ineptitude of the Outlaws - because in the longer view they have been consistent in only one thing: They have always failed to actually finish whatever they set out to do - 
(1) The Rise of Disaster Capitalism - Naomi Klein


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