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Not Jews...It's A
Christian Problem
By J Bruce Campbell

Efforts continue to divert people from an awareness of the Jewish problem to the primitive level of blaming it on the devil. The devil makes Jews and non-Jews do bad things. Problem is, you can't sue the devil or burn his house down or kill him. You can't even find a member of the "Illuminati." There's no Illuminati clubhouse to destroy. When you blame Satan or the Illuminati you're in fact blaming no one.
One cannot, at the same time, shield Judaism and pander to ignorant, superstitious Christians who are programmed to support anyone brave enough to criticize the devil. Not much different than Bush citing Jesus as his favorite philosopher in 2000. Just telling the Zionist Jews what they want to hear.
Christians are not only fools, they are lazy as hell. And cowards. Any grown-up would be embarrassed at such a silly excuse for bad behavior. Satanism! But Christians aren't embarrassed by anything, not even by being controlled by a bunch of weirdos who openly hate their religion and "savior," even though the weirdos claim him as one of their own. They can have him!
We don't really have a Jewish problem. We have a Christian problem. 
Ordinarily, we would have no problem dealing with a band of hateful con-artists and liars whose favorite prayer is a license to lie and cheat us. But you can quote the Kol Nidre to a Christian and he won't bat an eye. He's programmed to excuse any and every filthy trick played on him. We really have only one problem and that is Christianity. Christianity is the most basic Zionist Jewish mind control program of all time, their greatest crime against us. Read Commissary to the Gentiles by Marcus Eli Ravage.
Christianity has ruined our minds. 
It is Judaism for Gentiles and it has made us schizophrenic, because we can't operate as liars without going crazy. Zionist Jews can, but we can't. It allows us to be dual-minded. Christians are taught to think of themselves as benign and humane while practicing the most shocking behavior such as keeping slaves, slaughtering Indians, slaughtering our own countrymen, slaughtering foreigners, torturing foreigners, torturing our own prisoners. George Patton was a devout Christian but reveled in slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Germans. That's dual-minded. The Civil War generals were of the same insane mind, sending thousands of their men into walls of hot lead and shrapnel - for what? A Christian American Union? The Confederates were even more devout than the federals. And just as kill-crazy. The military still uses chaplains to assure their young killers that they're doing God's work because doing all that killing just wouldn't be possible without Christianity making it seem holy. Without the Christian imprimatur, a normal human might see it as wicked murder and lustful destruction for its own sake, which it is.
Christianity must be recognized for what it has always been: Jewish mind control and behavior modification. Those whom the Jews destroy they first make Christian. Christians will not resist Jewish murder and theft. Neither have the Moslems, who are also controlled by their version of Judaism. Did the Christians resist the Bolshevik Jews after 1918? There were so many more of them than Jews but they died in their millions at Zionist hands. A total disgrace, thanks wholly to Christianity.
Again, the root problem is neither Illuminati nor Jews, it is the Christian faith, which is an agreement to surrender and be rewarded in the next life. Our goal should be to root out this self-destructive belief system by showing what it is. Imagine a faith the symbol of which is the instrument of torture and death of its main character! This is morbid, bizarre and obscene.
Does Christianity offer a program for victory over Satan in one's lifetime? Over the enemies of Christ? Over the enemies of humanity? Or is it just pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye? It's the perfect con job because you don't find out if you're going to heaven until you're dead. 
The Zionist Jews should be congratulated for imposing on us this H-bomb of bad ideas and mind control. It has given them a victory over us without any resistance whatsoever via the spell they've cast over us with their witch doctors we call priests, ministers and preachers.  



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