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Gotbaum Murdered
By Cop Choke Hold?

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One of the thugs probably put a choke hold on her to 'teach her a lesson.'
She was probably screaming, crying and cursing them after being taken to their 'detention' room, and one of them got angry and put the choke hold on her to shut her up...but got carried away and killed her.  It's extremely easy to do. MANY Americans have been killed by this police maneuver. In fact, choke hold deaths were so prominent in the news, they were used to sell the tasering of citizens as a 'safe' alternative. And now, how many dozens of Americans have been killed by tasers?
Choke holds can kill quickly...ask any cop. Carol Gotbaum was very likely murdered.
Here's more...
Chokehold Use In Law Enforcement
The law-enforcement lateral vascular neck restraint (also called sleeper hold) is a widely taught blood choke in law enforcement, and is performed from the behind by putting an arm around the neck with the crook of the elbow over the midline of the neck. By pinching the arm together while assisting with the free hand, the carotid arteries and jugular veins are compressed on both sides of the neck. This hold does not put any pressure on the airway, but can quickly turn into an air choke if the person being strangled resists the hold by attempting to turn around.[4] Due to risks of fatal injuries, law enforcement agencies may discourage, restrict, or forbid its use. The Los Angeles Police Department, for example, prohibited its officers from using the air choke and restricted use of the carotid hold to instances where death or serious bodily injury was threatened in about 1985, after routinely using chokeholds for many years.[6] The Singapore Police Force does not include any form of chokehold procedures in its unarmed defensive techniques.
And see this for just one example:


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