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To Bee Or Not To Bee
Colony collapse syndrome, the role of emf, potential
food shortages and the manipulation of markets.
By Gerald Goldberg, MD

Colony Collapse Syndrome (CCS) poses a serious risk to bees as well as to global agriculture. Bees are critical not only in producing honey, but also serve as the main crop pollinators for one third to one half of the agricultural produce in this country. Bees are pivotal in their role as plant pollinators. Many of the crops that depend on bees are many of the berries and fruits, as well as citrus crops. Additionally bees are critical to maintaining the viability of many of the nut crops that are produced, i.e. cashews, pecans, almonds etc. Another role is that bees are necessary also in pollinating many of the crops that are necessary to establish many of the crops that are used to restore the soil, i.e. clover and other species. There has recently been noticed an epidemic of die-off of bees, or perhaps more correctly the total disappearance of bees from their hives. What is noticed in many of the hives that are put out is that after a certain period of time, is that the hives become vacant or empty. There are no bees to be found. Also what has been noticed is that other opportunistic insects will avoid the hives as well.
There are many theories put forth to explain this die off. Pesticides have been noted to be one contributing factor, one possible explanation is that the pesticides which are neurotoxins cause the bees to become forgetful or toxic and fail to lay down memory tracts of their pollinating activities. Thus the bees literally never return to the hives. However little evidence of pesticide activity has been found. Another fact is that the die-offs have been occurring at the same time on four different continents at the same time of year. The agricultural markets in other countries do not use pesticides or use the earlier variants, which do not produce the same effects.
Another possible explanation has been parasites or viruses. There have been parasites noted in earlier isolated breakouts, but not on a global scale. Also what has been repudiated is a common virus, however the same reasons apply. Also many animals which become toxic from emf, the effect of which is accentuated by heavy metals and toxins often show a breakdown in immunity with the appearance of pathogenic organisms, be they parasites, fungi, bacteria or viruses. The organisms found are particular to the species affected but may indicate no more than immune stress.
What other common links can there be to explain a global epidemic that occurs at the same time of year and seems to affect bee populations equally, regardless of the pesticides or pests that they may be exposed to? One common link could very well be the electromagnetic disruption that is occurring at this time and is being caused by the discriminate and indiscriminate use of microwave technologies. The main technology would be the globalized electromagnetic network that has been produced for telecommunications.
It is commonly held that bees orient themselves to light and upon returning to the hive go through a complex dance to relay this information to other bees. However bees also use the electromagnetic fields of the earth as a force for orientation. The bees have a gland that is called the mushroom gland, located in the abdomen, which functions much like a compass. The difference is that is relays constant data back to the brain as to where the bee is, much like the function of a flight recorder. This ability to navigate tells the bee where they are in time and space.
This forms the basis for laying down memory tracts and organizing information, the very basis for learning. The bee's orientation to the earth's electromagnetic signature is a reliable, simple and dependable means of orientation and navigation that is not dependent on the variables of light or weather. However one problem remains. Evolution did not count on the signal being jammed by outside sources. Research has shown that the mushroom gland is sensitive to the same frequencies that are emitted by cell phones, mast towers or satellites. In essence artificial microwave frequencies jam this mechanism and the bees become disoriented. They cannot figure out where they are, lay down memory tracts and become lost. 
Illness and pesticides would cause a gradual die off and dying bees would be found in the hives. With CCS no bees are found in the hives. Microwave interference is the only plausible means of explaining why this phenomenon is being observed at this time. It also explains why it is occurring simultaneously and on a global basis.
Another feature that is commonly noted in animals is their avoidance of places that have an altered electromagnetic signature. This is commonly seen in nature, i.e. with for instance earthquakes. It has been noted that the hive itself acts as a resonator in tune with the earth's electromagnetic field. Emf or any outside influence that alters the spin of the electromagnetic signature of the hive would automatically act as a repellant to these insects. They would automatically avoid going back into the hive. Such a phenomena of reverse spin can be easily demonstrated by dowsing. The anecdotal information gathered could be of great value in resolving this issue. 
Given the pivotal role that bees play in agriculture what could be some of the consequences of a massive die off. Well there would be a collapse not only of the bee industry but also many of the commercial crops that are dependent on. This would tend to cause a collapse of the large commercial farms in this country, with an over dependence on foreign sources and organic sources. This would tend to drive up the price of the foods affected, at the same time making them generally available to the overall population. Many of the foods affected are important sources of natural antioxidants, fiber and oils.
This might create an increased dependence on artificial sources to compensate for this lack of natural products in the diet. Another consequence would be the increased dependence on the standard grain crops that are used, which would force up their prices. Who would benefit from all this? Certainly not the consumer! The artificial control of market availability of products to create inflationary prices at the cost of human lives is certainly not unique. One does not have to stray that far to observe this style of handwriting on the wall. Human history is replete with examples of a few individuals controlling the destinies of nations, producing dependency on their technologies, and profiting from their control of the marketplace at the expense of other human beings. Indeed this is signatory of our current economy. One might attribute these changes as early harbingers of earth changes, or perhaps the hand of Providence. However the one constant is human greed and mans inhumanity to man. 
As with bees, so the same effect is being observed in humans, note the rise in autism, memory disturbances and related disorders. The global alteration of our environment without regard to the limitations of our biology will have profound effects for all life on this planet. This is a timely and urgent matter that involves everyone. 
Gerald Goldberg, MD
Author:"Would You put your head in a microwave oven"



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