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Autism Incidence And EMF
By Dr. Gerald Goldberg, MD

Recently, there was published - or there will be published - raw data on the rise of autism rates in the United States. The data looked at the incidence of autism in each individual state from 1990 to 1992 and than again from 2000 to 2002.  The percent of change varied from state to state but overall there was a marked increase in all regions.
What was noticeable given the geography of the US was certain states seemed to share a peak pattern in a uniform distribution pattern. The data is highly suggestive of the role of emf in adding to or increasing the incidence of disease. What is most dramatic about the geographic pattern is that it seems to point at a specific cause. There has been a generalized comment or debate that does not look at the geographic pattern or the rate of increase in relation to other physical factors.
However, the raw data paints another picture about the possible causation.
There is a definite overall increase from a geographic standpoint based on the data it appears that Illinois is the epicenter with an increase of 48,600. What is interesting is there seems to be an east-to-west peak from the epicenter which has a node of about 500 to 750 miles.
Specifically, the distribution does not appear to extend centripetally in a perfectly circular manner but seems to follow an east to west distribution with Illinois in the center. In an westerly direction, if you note the data, Nebraska (7,125), Nevada (5360) and Oregon (5895) on the West Coast, and on the East Coast, Ohio (7,055), and Maryland (5,439). Even though there is an overall increase, the markedly different changes in these states suggests some other vector is operating.
The distribution suggests a pulsed beam with a node or wavelength of approximately 500-750 miles. I do not know if this relates to relay towers or some other phenomena. However, the phenomenon is consistent with the technologies which have been developed using the insights gleaned from the Neurophone experience. Of note, is the fact that a beam of 10-12 hertz which coincidentally has a wavelength of 650 to 700 miles could be used to create select pockets of mind control or override. This would be consistent with the known technologies and suggests that the higher incidence of autism in those states, reflecting a skip pattern of 650 miles, suggests the use of a elf frequency wave to produce these effects. Mothers of Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, and Oregon be wary your children may be unwitting subjects of the largest mind control experiment ever witnessed on this planet.
The pattern seems to suggest some other secondary phenomena in operation. The pattern is not uniform and does not correlate with vaccinations, nuclear waste, pesticides or other containments which would seem to a have a more uniform rate of change. The pattern is consistent with a elf frequency in the range of 10-12 hertz and is consistent with the use of Neurophone technology and its application with a central transmitter situated in the state of Indiana and projecting in an easterly and westerly direction.
Gerald Goldberg, MD
Author: Would You Put Your Head In A Microwave Oven?


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