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Fairchild AFB
Ghostly Encounters

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research

Hello, my name is (name removed). My father (name removed) worked as a staff sergeant at Fairchild AFB (about '93-00). During the long time that I lived on the AFB at (exact location removed) Nebraska Ave, I've heard many stories about Goatman. I also want to tell you of the goings on at my old house. I often observed things flying off my dresser and window sill with great force. At one point my friend and I heard a series of laughs float on the air as we surfed the internet in the front room. Also candles would seem to re-light themselves often, and doorways always seemed intimidating. My dog would bark at the living room relentlessly.
Not only that, my fathers friend told me that when she was working the front gate late at night, she saw a man walking towards them on camera in the gate. When she looked outside, no one was there. She called for her, the other guard, he saw the same thing. The figure walked right passed the gate and into the base. It spooked them pretty bad. Also at the back gate, by that playground it seemed very creepy, and often a presents would spook you away, or at least that's what I and my friends felt. Some parts of the base were scarier than others. When taking the "back path" to the BX it was often lonely, yet eerie. I can't explain it. In some parts it was fine, but I would cross these paths that just seemed so odd.
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