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Resigned Prime Minister
Abe Suicide Attempt?

From Rense.com Sources

An anonymous report written by a self-described journalist for a weekly magazine claimed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan attempted to hang himself in his hospital room.
The following day national newspapers all ran a short item saying "there was no change in Abe's condition and that his hospital stay would be extended."
Abe resigned shortly after returning from the OPEC summit in Austria (Bush's definition of the 'APEC' summit in Australia) where he was apparently threatened by Bush.
Meanwhile, although the Japanese media and TV long described the hawkish Taro Aso as the chosen successor, suddenly everything changed and the dovish Yasuo Fukuda has now been chosen by the Japanese secret government as the new Prime Minister. Fukuda has quietly dropped mention of extending a special anti-terror law, meaning that Japan's Self Defense Forces will stop supporting the U.S. war effort near Afghanistan in November.
This move will make it very hard for the U.S. to continue its war efforts in the Middle East. It is also a strong indication that something has changed within the Japanese secret government.
More indications of this change will soon become apparent. I will be meeting with a representative of the Japanese secret government tonight, at their request. I have been asked to bring my Freemason badge. I will let you know what I hear (of course, as usual, there will be much I will not be able to talk about).



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