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Compiling Zionist Lies
And Answering Them
From Dick Eastman olfriend@nwinfo.net
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley
Compiling Zionist mendacity, lies and distortions is by necessity a work in progress. It obviously can be rather lengthy since the lies and mendacity of those who either participated in or still participate in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine goes back for 100 years.
I listed below are 50 common lies and a link to a page with data that debunks them (as a beginning to prompt more). Please send me your contributions/additions whether in other lies not mentioned here or in further quotes and data on the listed lies. Email contributions to qumsi001@hotmail.com Suggested use for the data as it accumulates is a handy place for finding info for sending to chat rooms, listserves, editors, politicians and others who could benefit from knowing the factual response to the myths. Zionist lies are leading us all (including us US Citizens) into more wars, mayhem and economic destruction.
50 Sample Lies (answers and responsive, real data are at http://www.qumsiyeh.org/liesandtruths/
* Media has been biased against Israel.
* Arabs in Israel are treated as equal.
* Israel is a Democracy.
* Arabs only understand the language of force.
* Barak Made a generous offer at Camp David, Arafat rejected it and went back and started a bloody intifada.
* Ben Gurion (who became Israel's first Prime Minister) and Zionist leadership before 1948 war had no intention to drive the native Palestinians out.
* Boycotts and Divestment are immoral and anti-Semitic.
* Christians should support Israel because of the promised land/Bible issues.
* Iran's President is a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying, Islamo-fascist who stated he will "wipe Israel off the map".
* Islam is intent on taking over the world.
* Israel accidentally attacked the USS Liberty in International waters because it was mistaken for an Egyptian ship.
* Israel Demolishes Homes for security.
* Israel does not torture Palestinian Prisoners in violation of the Geneva Conventions.
* Israel is beneficial to US interests in the Middle East.
* Israel is not an apartheid state.
* Israel made the desert bloom/Palestine was destitute.
* Israel only imprisons those responsible for terrorism.
* Israel seeks peace with Syria.
* Israel takes great care not to harm civilians and never targets them/Israeli army most ethical army.
* Israel was trying to save Arab Jews
* Israeli academics are generally liberals who support human rights.
* Israel has centrality in Jewish life manifest by the creed developed and advocated by Zionists "Am Yisrael Chai" meaning the People of Israel (=the Jews) live.
* Israel had a positive influence on world affairs.
* Land was purchased, Palestinians were not ethnically cleansed.
* Zionists teach peace and democracy, Palestinian Society teaches hate.
* Jerusalem "reunification" let people be treated equal regardless of religion/variant: Israel is not judaicizing Jerusalem/Freedom of religion.
* Jews of Iraq and Arab Countries were persecuted and expelled.
* Jihad and Mujahideen refers to violence against infidels/non-muslims.
* Mohammed Al-Durra was killed by Palestinians or killed in "cross-fire".
* Muslims cannot assimilate in Western countries.
* Palestine was a land without a people for a people without a land.
* Palestinians and other Arabs largely rejoiced after 9/11 attacks.
* Palestinians don't use nonviolent resistance but instead blow themselves up with innocent civilians.
* Palestinians send their kids to be killed for propaganda purposes.
* Palestinians want/ed to drive Jews and Israel into the sea.
* Rachel Corrie was accidentally killed while protecting the house of terrorist.
* The "security barrier" Israel is building si not a land grab and is about Security.
* The 1967 war was a defensive war by Israel against enemies who wanted to destroy it.
* The Deir Yassin Massacre (one of hundreds committed duing the ethnic cleansing of 1947-1949) was committed by rogue elements and not mainstream Zionists.
* The Interational Solidarity Movement support violence.
* The lies and distortions about the Lavon affair
* The massacre of Sabra and Shatila in 1982 in Lebanon was not the responsibility of the Israelis.
* The people of the West Bank benefited from Israeli rule.
* The Road map is an international effort for peace in the Middle East and Palestinians reject it.
* The US is an "honest broker".
* There was an Exchange of population, Jews came from Arab Countries to Israel in exchange Arabs left Israel.
* Tiny Israel fended off large Arab armies in 1948.
* Zionism represent Jews or at least mainstream Judaism.
* Zionism was a response to anti-Semitism.
* Zionists believe in and allow free speech.
. Zionists did not push for the war on Iraq and the conflict with Iran is also about US security not Zionist perceived self-interest answers and real data at http://www.qumsiyeh.org/liesandtruths/ Again, please send me additional material for this work in progress



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