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What's Wrong With US?
By Morty
Well, first you gotta agree that something(s) is wrong with the U.S. If you do, then we may proceed. That is, you may procede to read. If'n you don't, then don't go any further. Instead, go watch a porn flick on your TeeWee and have a brewsky. Be sure to bring your little ones too. Give 'em a taste of both the brew and the flick. It's a good way not to have to talk to them about the facts of life. Let the toob do it fer ya.
Let me interrupt myself for a moment. Have any of you ever read the Communist Manifesto? You should. First, it's a terribly interesting read. Second, it is nothing more than the philosophy of many if not most, Democrats. The Democrat philosophy is nothing more than a repackaged Communist Manifesto. Hey, don't take my word. Read it yourself.
Democrats want to make everyone, all 300 million of us, happy as clams. They believe that their programs will make everyone satisfied living in America. Universal healthcare. Happy, happy, happy. Government ownership or directorship of big business. Happy, happy, happy. Free enterprise? Hell no, we won't go. Happy, happy happy. Tax the hell out of us all. Happy, happy, happy.
You know the routine. Republicans on the other hand, want free enterprise, small government and true adherence to the United States Constitution. Please note that I am not referring to the present administration nor do I speak for the true NeoCons. The New Conservatives who are nothing more than con arteests worser than the Damned Democrats. Bad government is wrong with US.
Freedom is an all encompassing word. It can be too encompassing and can (and often is) confused with abusing the rule of law and common sense. For example, we are not free to expose our children to what is appearing on your television sets. We are not free to leave our children alone so that both parents can go out and work. I do not speak here of those who must both work to survive. I speak of those who don't have to work but both do because they want more things.
If it comes to buying a cheaper car, or sending your kids to a public college, or not having each kid own a cellphone with all the bells and whistles, a car for each of them ... hell ... once again, you know the line. Kids are resilient. Yes, they are want to be like their peers. But proper upbringing and proper nurturing goes a long, long way to solving that problem. As do selecting the right kind of friends.
I once had a business in a shopping mall. It was sort of a pin money retirement business. About six young people came up to the kiosk and asked for a cellphone for one of the kids. Each kid had the usual earrings, pierced eyes and navels, pants hanging down nearly to the crotchal area and Lord knows, cause I don't, how the hell those things don't fall down around their knees. But this one kid had none of those things.
I just happened to comment on that fact and said something like, "How come you are not ... uh ... dressed like your friends?" Before he had a chance to get his mouth open to reply, two of his friends said something like, "Why? He's his own man. He can dress as he wants to!" I was a happy puppy, albeit a tad embarrassed about this small faux pas. But it demonstrated to me that sure, this one young man could have friends, not be like the loony bins they were in terms of dress, and even have those friends defend him. Yes. I was happy. I gave him a large discount. For a guy like me, that is the ultimate compliment.
What's wrong with US? A lot more than that.
We are a nation divided. We can't agree on anything and our disagreements appear to be based exclusively on political affiliation. People refuse to cooperate with each other. People appear to be in agreement with lunatics. The lunatics would be some of our elected government officials. How may anyone agree with our present immigration policy? For decades, our immigration policy was stable, sensible and according to a standard which made sense. And if you lived in the City of New York, you knew at a glance which ethnic group was coming in at any given moment.
All you had to do was hop into a cab and you knew. It seemed that one of the easiest and better paying jobs for immigrants to do was drive a cab. For one to five years, they were Russian Jews. The next wave were Middle East. Only in those days, Middle Eastern peoples, even if they were Muslim, were not allowed to drive that cab if they refused to have a passenger carrying liquor or a pork roast for dinner. Not these days. And most of the newer cab drivers in New York City are wearing turbans. God forbid you were female and wanted that job. All you could see were a set of eyeballs. And the picture on the back of the driver's seat, the one carrying the photo ID of the driver? That would be another set of eyeballs. Hell, even when I picked out my doggy, I saw two gorgeous and huge brown eyes AND two humongous bat ears.
God help US because we sure can't help ourselves.
As for our borders. Ever see a Mexican? Silly me. What a dumb question. But seriously, look at a Mexican and then look at some of the Middle Eastern types. Seemingly similar. Dark complexion. A look which can easily pass as Mexican. A dead ringer in some cases. And we leave our southern borders wide open. Build a wall. Hire (in fact, quadruple) more border guards or use our domestic soldiers with guns loaded, and guard that fence.
Yes folks, we are so much like the character in Dumb and Dumber, the movie, that it's uncanny. And we go along, agreeing with our Republichickens and Democrackpots over and over again. And worser, we keep on electing these dummy dimbulbs over and over again. Take our New York Senators Schumer and Clinton. PLEASE! Somebody make them an offer they can't refuse.
Schumer, the man is a gift to stupid. Every time there is a problem he gets on TV and radio with a press conference and says, "We have a problem!" Does he ever offer a solution? Nope. Does he ever suggest a solution? Nope. See? Stupid. 
And we have Hillary Clinton, our NY Junior Senator. One month she's for the war, the next she's agin' it. After that, it goes around all over again. People: Are you bald in the intellect department? Well try "Fuzzo." Here's a word from a satisfied customer: "Ah been rubbin Fuzzo into mah scalp for nigh onto fifty years. An I wanna tell yous, I gots the hairiest fingertips you ever done sawed. And, I ain't got no intellect needer!"
Schumer and Clinton. The Biopsy Twins. Because someone should biopsy their intellect just to see if one exists in there.
I do believe I've insulted about as many as I need to in this one piece, so I shall now leave you in peace. May you be blessed by the Lord with an active intellect and may all your ups and downs be between the sheets.
Love and prayers, 'cause we gonna need 'em real bad.
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty
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