What if Bush Changed Course
In Next 18 Months?

By Frosty Wooldridge

George Bush's presidency proves a dismal failure. What if he stopped doing what he's doing and served the best interests of America for the next 18 months? What actions might he take to pull his presidency out of the toilet?

Can anyone imagine what good he could do for America if he served our nation instead of corporations' quest for unlimited migrant labor profits, the 'military industrial complex' (s) unending war production and pulled out of Iraq within three months?

Newsweek, in a recent poll, showed that 80 percent of Iraqi citizens want the U.S. military out of their country. Yet Bush overrules their demands with his comment, "Staying in Iraq is necessary work."

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times said, "When Iraqis beg us to leave, and say we are making things worse--then it's presumptuous to overrule their wishes and stay indefinitely."

What's in it for us? Nothing! Recent U.S. Border Patrol reports show that thousands of Middle Eastern illegal aliens cross our borders at their choosing. If Bush thinks he's stopping them over there, why won't he protect our borders from their infiltration? Homeland Defense clown Chertoff said an internal terrorist attack appears likely. Gee!  Duh!  With wide-open borders, why not invite terrorists over for dinner so they CAN serve up another 9/11 encore?

As Bush wages his inept, insane, futile and sanctimonious War on Terror in Iraq, he dismantles the United States of America for his grand scheme of the North American Union. The NAU proves the end of the United States as a sovereign nation. While he lays plans to destroy America by his own hand, he pretends to save us from terrorists. What a friggin' joke!

But let's step back.  What if he changed course in the last 18 months of his incompetent presidency? What could he do to create a fantastic legacy?

First of all, each troop deployed in Iraq to stand around and get shot at by Iraqis themselves--costs U.S. taxpayers $390,000.00 a year according to the Congressional Research Service. In 2007, Iraq will cost us $135 billion. That amounts to a quarter of a million dollars per minute, every hour, every day, every week and every year over there.

Bush spends over $10 billion a month to kill and maim our troops in a country that doesn't want them while we suffer 47 million Americans without health care, 14 million unemployed Americans, $700 billion annual trade deficits, horrific energy crisis and infrastructure failure of our inner cities, roads and bridges. We suffer more problems in this country than you can shake a stick at!

Meanwhile, what could Bush accomplish at home that would make him a hero by the time he thankfully bows out on January 20, 2009? What success might he enjoy if he pulled out of Iraq within three months?


How about using that $135 billion for national health care for Americans that would cover them for the next 30 years?


With the $789 billion allocated for the Iraq War, Bush could have created jobs for 14 million unemployed Americans in every sector.


What about serving in excess of one million homeless in America with health care, housing and job training?


How about bringing 13 million American children living below the poverty line into the American Dream by allowing their parents job training, housing and hope?


How about our minority flunk out/drop out rate of 50 to 60 percent from high schools? Wouldn't an infusion of jobs for their parents and themselves bring about human dignity for our less fortunate Americans?


Any chance Bush might use those billions of freed-up dollars for research on alternative energy so we might leave the Middle East all together?


How about all the good will he might engender around the world by stopping his war? World citizens loathe our occupation of Iraq.


Is it possible he could secure America's borders from the 'real' invasion of our country by millions of illegal migrants and terrorists setting up shop against our culture, language and communities?


What if he advocated for America's interests instead corporate elites, the 'Military Industrial Complex' and continued $700 billion annual trade deficits?


Wouldn't he become a hero if he stopped offshoring, outsourcing and insourcing jobs away from American citizens?


Can you imagine the tremendous benefits of billions of dollars injected into American school systems to educate and impassion our youth toward productive live


What kind of a hero would Bush become to every mother whose kids suffer addiction to the $130 billion of drugs crossing from Mexico into our communities annually? What if he stopped that national nightmare by placing our troops on our borders to stop drugs? What a concept!


How about using that money for our pot-holed roads, city slums, dilapidated bridges and our citizens


How about a major effort to mitigate climate change? How a national 10 cent deposit/recycle law on every bottle, can and plastic container so we might move toward 100 percent recycling?


Stop adding to the $8.6 trillion debt. Begin paying it down.


How about Bush upholding his oath of office by enforcing our immigration laws to repatriate 20 million illegal aliens? What a concept! What a boost to law and order! He would become a national hero like Eisenhower!


You may add to this list from your perspective.


America needs a president serving our society. If Bush served his citizens and his country while serving humanity-he might pull his presidency out of the toilet.

Unfortunately, when 80 percent of Iraqis want us out, Bush ignores them. When 74 percent of Americans disapprove Bush's path and wants him out of Iraq, he ignores us. Our only hope for America arrives on January 20, 2009 when George W. Bush returns to 'citizen' status where he cannot continue any more harm to our language, culture and nation. Thankfully, his single vote will be his only power from that point onward.



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