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Von Braun Was At Roswell
World Exclusive
By Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet
Kennedy Space Center, FL 1958-1992
In 1947, a controversial event took place in New Mexico near the town of Roswell. The "Roswell Incident," as it has come to be known, remains the paramount case in UFO crash/retrieval history. In addition to the claims of a downed alien ship, alien bodies were said to have been recovered from the debris.
The USAF and Federal Government have kept a steadfast opinion that the object in question was a high altitude balloon project, code named: Mogul. The project was designed to detect nuclear blasts in the USSR. The bodies that were recovered, according to the USAF, were parachute test dummies that had been released high above the desert, and had eventually drifted into the "balloon" crash area. The USAF finally settled on this fabricated version of events and passed it off to the American public as truth.
During my long years of service in our national space program, I was very fortunate to come to know and exchange some very exciting data with former German scientists, who had been brought to the USA under Operation Paper Clip following WW II. These men were the elite of the German rocket programs controlled by Adolph Hitler. On many occasions I had the distinct privilege of speaking with Dr. Wernher von Braun, the leader of the elite group, and several other scientists who were assigned to the ABMA (Army Ballistics Missile Agency) launch crews at the Cape Canaveral launch sites. Eventually, these same men were incorporated into the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) organization. During the periodic MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) meetings that were held at Cocoa Beach, I was able to talk freely and briefly with such scientists, particularly Dr. von Braun.
On one such occasion, he and I had taken a break and stepped out of the Cocoa Beach Ramada Inn into the back patio. I admitted that I was aware that he and his German Scientific team were located not too far from the crash site at that time. They were launching captured V-2 rockets from the White Sands Testing Range. On this night, I asked him a question concerning the Roswell Incident that caused his eyebrows to raise.
Did the Roswell Incident in fact happen, was an alien craft recovered along with alien bodies? Did you have a chance to go to the crash site?"
Dr von Braun was a cigarette smoker and he lit one up. He thought for a second, then proceeded to talk freely about his inspection of the crashed craft.
He trusted me to hear such astonishing events because I vowed to not report it to newspapers, magazines, television, etc. I never broke that vow. Since he is deceased, and the incident happened over fifty years ago, I am now disclosing what I heard. I have a right to speak about anything - even things that, according to certain agencies, "do not exist."
Dr. von Braun explained how he and his (unnamed, for now) associates had been taken to the crash site after most of the military were pulled back. They did a quick analysis of what they found. He told me the craft did not appear to be made of metal as we know metal on earth. He said it seemed to be created from something biological, like skin. I was lost as to what he indicated, other than thinking perhaps the craft was "alive." The recovered bodies were temporarily being kept in a nearby medical tent. They were small, very frail and had large heads. Their eyes were large. Their skin was grayish and reptilian in texture. He said it looked similar to the skin texture of rattle snakes he'd seen several times at White Sands. His inspection of the debris had even him puzzled: very thin, aluminum colored, like silvery chewing gum wrappers. Very light and extremely strong. The interior of the craft was nearly bare of equipment, as if the creatures and craft were part of a single unit.
That's when I became lost in the moment. We returned to the awards ceremony, in which he participated, later bidding farewell. I went home with my head spinning from all I had heard. Keeping this quiet for many years was very difficult, especially with the temptations of having many friends and associates who believe in UFOs, ETs, etc. I never released this amazing data to Major Keyhoe and NICAP, or the public, until now. I considered my honor sacred when a vow was made.
This amazing interview with Dr. von Braun is only one of many events that I personally experienced as a space flight pioneer at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, from 1958 to 1992. (Anyone interested in assisting Mr. McClelland in the publication of his astounding book(s), please contact him at the address below his photo...)
Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida
PO Box 233
Tavares, Florida 32778
This autographed photo of Dr. Wernher von Braun and I, showing my partial head behind a woman that stepped in front of the NASA photographer as he snapped it, (my luck!) was taken on July 15, 1969. He had just given me a wink with his eye that was my usual signal that he was going to step out into the back lot of the motel we were in on Cocoa Beach (for a NASA MFA Awards Ceremony) to have a cigarette. I followed and he and I spoke of Roswell.
Since your article regarding my a disclosure that Dr. Wernher von Braun had told me about he and others being at the near Roswell crash site, a group of "UFO Inspector Generals" have taken it upon themselves to say my report is bogus. Please read my response. It adequately explains that I personally knew about the near Roswell crash of a suspected alien craft since 1958. LONG before all the books published on the subject. Again, I say, believe it or not, Mr. and Mrs. Public.
Hi Jeff (7-14-7) -
Please place this letter I sent to Stanton Friedman, Dr, Bruce Maccabee, etc. on your website. They and others are questioning my honesty concerning my knowing Dr. Wernher von Braun, and my knowledge concerning the Roswell article questioning my being informed by Dr. von Braun about the Roswell event during our conversation in 1969. They neglect to acknowledge that my US Space Program participation began in 1958.
My knowledge of the Roswell crash was known by me at that time in history - In 1958. I withheld my knowledge of it until many years later. I had no choice. My secrecy clearances required it. And I valued my important job. They wonder how I could have known about Roswell, since many book (s) were only published, in most cases after the death of Dr. von Braun (1977) and the event was not well known until it was released only in recent years. I also wonder who made this group the "UFO inspector general" checking into every one, but no one checking into them?
I believe I have quelled any question of my honesty with this response. After all, none of these people have ever worked at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, nor have they, as far as I know, had a conversation with Dr. von Braun during his lifetime. I have some proof that I did. Note my photo with Dr. von Braun the very night, July 15, 1969, that he disclosed Roswell to me.
Thank you.
Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Hello Stanton, (Dr. Bruce Maccabee, etc., etc. 07-12-07)
When I arrived at Cape Canaveral in 1958, I began investigating any stories I heard regarding UFOs. Lonesome George, strange crafts seen following our early launch of Juno, Jupiter, etc. I was also in the ONI unit at PAFB and heard some UFO events through that unit. In fact, I became their expert.
I immediately became friends with many veterans of our rocket research at White Sands Missile Range who would eventually join NASA a few years later. As we discussed my many years involved in the study of ET's and UFOs, they began to trust in me. I was a NICAP member and was beginning to establish what would become NICAP UNIT-3 at the Cape.
You may recall sending me a letter asking that I share whatever I learned with you. My security clearance was high and being new with our space program, I was not going to chance losing it for anyone. So I did not share my information, other than some with NICAP and Keyhoe. Dr. J. Allen Hynek also ask me to share with him. I did not. I met him at KSC.
These ABMA men and woman were working at White Sands and were associated with the German Rocket Scientists that came to the USA during Operation Paper Clip. Many were deeply involved, technically with the launch of captured V-2 Vikings, etc. They spoke of many UFO overflights in their area being tracked by radar, the monkey experiments, high altitude balloon releases, etc.
I was told of the crash and retrieval of a strange, what appeared to be alien object not far from Roswell and several alien bodies were recovered, one was reported to be still alive. It very much excited me as you can imagine. I have all the details of this in my book(s). They also disclosed the names of those German scientists and well known US Military and Scientific personnel that were at the crash site. So, I can claim to have known about the Roswell Crash since 1958. Long before your book and others were published.
Why did I not disclose my knowledge of this astounding event to NICAP, APRO, etc? BECAUSE, I had a HIGH security clearance and a position at the Cape and did not want to impact my job and my ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) status. You would have done the same, I am certain. Later, it caught up with me and my life has been drastically changed, as I am sure you are ALL aware.
Dr. Wernher von Braun and I met at Cocoa Beach on July 15, 1969 for a MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) pre-launch awards ceremony prior to the Apollo 11 launch the next morning. He and I discussed the launch, astronomy and I gained enough courage to ask him about the reported crash near Roswell. He was surprised to hear me mention Roswell. He then verified what I had heard about eleven years earlier at the Cape from his ABMA associates at KSC, concerning a crashed craft and aliens. I also spoke with Dr. Hermann Oberth and his wife, Tilly, the same night. We were all at Complex 39 the next AM with Senator Barry Goldwater, etc., and watched the historic mission to land on the moon.
Dr. von Braun died on 16 June 1977, age 65 in Alexandria, Virginia. Nineteen years after my initial knowledge of the (near to) Roswell crash happening. About eight years after he disclosed to me his being at the Roswell crash site and alien recovery he witnessed with other well known personnel.
What is sad, was that if he had lived about eight to ten years longer, NASA was seriously considering sending him on one of the early space shuttle mission into his beloved outer space in earth orbit.
All of you can believe this or not. I experienced it, of course, you did not. It will be in my book(s). IF the US Government allows them to be published.
Clark C. McClelland,
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida 1958 to 1992
Clark And Senator Barry Goldwater At KSC
From Clark McClelland
Hi Jeff -
Here's the photo of Goldwater and me at KSC, launch complex 39, on July 16, 1969. The day we launched the Apollo 11 to the moon for the first walk on the surface by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin that happened on July 20, 1969.



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