Unlike Bush, Hitler's War On
Terror Fought A Real Enemy

JB Campbell
In response to Jacob Hornberger's piece on Lew Rockwell today at:
You couldn't be more wrong, unfortunately for your readers. What an opportunity to reveal the truth about what America did to Germany and you just keep spreading lies and confusion. Of course, it is very important to conceal American guilt and responsibility for German genocide to this day. It was the model for our aggression against Iraq and Iran.
Why do you not mention the Communist terrorism that killed thousands of Germans during the Twenties and Thirties? You make it sound as if Hitler's war on terror was as contrived as Bush's. That was the real deal. The German Communist Party very nearly took over the country, as it did in Bavaria and other states. It was due to the Freikorps and the NS guys that it was unsuccessful. For that matter, it was only due to the SS that Stalin's Red Army didn't overrun Europe in 1941.
And you failed to mention our blockade and starvation of Germany after WWI, in which two hundred thousand Germans starved before Herbert Hoover, Henry Ford and Vidkun Quisling organized the relief and rescue of Germany. The whole country was starving to death when our bankers stole everything of value in Germany, including all their patents and gold. With no gold, Hitler had no choice but to tie the German currency to the productivity of the German worker. This led to an explosion in productivity and comfort for the workers within two years (and made war against Germany inevitable, just as Saddam's requesting oil payments in Euros and Iran's in yen). Read Hitler's declaration of war against the US and his comparison of how Germany improved with FDR's deliberate flat-lining of our economy until after Pearl Harbor.
Will you ever write an essay about Eisenhower's horrendous genocide of Germans after WWII? You will need to refer to James Bacque's two books, Other Losses and Crimes & Mercies. The first documents the starvation/exposure slaughter of a MILLION POWs and the second the slaughter of perhaps 13 MILLION CIVILIANS, in accordance with the Morgenthau Plan for Germany. 
And you should study the Jewish declaration of war against Germany of 1933, led by Samuel Untermayer, to coerce Germans to kick out Hitler. How did Hitler respond? With a one-day voluntary boycott of Jewish goods, which most Germans ignored on April 1st. You wonder in your essay why Germans would support him. It's because you have no concept of the degradation, humiliation and suffering we inflicted on Germany after WWI and Versailles. The German people knew that if they got rid of Hitler that they were marked for destruction in any event. He was the only person who could articulate what they knew because he had starved right along with them for all of the 1920s, after outstanding service in the trenches from 1914 to 1918, during which time FDR was speculating on Wall Street and committing skull-duggery with Churchill such as the sinking of the Lusitania plot to lie America into the war on England's side.
You guys keep claiming that Hitler burned the Reichstag building. What is your evidence? I'd like to know. FDR burned 2400 Americans at Pearl Harbor. Why don't you compare this monstrosity, done by an American president, with 9-11 instead of an accusation of arson against Hitler? Are you more comfortable in comparing Bush with Hitler than with the real monster, Roosevelt (and Churchill)? The Hitler slander depends on the big hustle of the Holocaust. In waving that shirt, you show either your total mendacity or total ignorance. Please view David Cole's video-taped visit to Auschwitz in '92, available free online. Then tell me if you still believe in the gas chamber fairy tale. Cole is an American Jew who paid dearly for his truth-telling in that video. - J. Bruce Campbell



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