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UFO Photgraphed Above Marina
We received this photo from Stephanie and at first we thought it was very likely a typical reflection accident -- quite often people will snap a photo not realizing a lighting fixture is reflected in the glass in front of them. But when Stephanie clarified that she took this shot while sitting outside on a deck without any glass or window in front of her, the luminous object took on a whole new possibility! Note in the final image how intense the lights of the object are compared the the brightest elements of the daytime photo when the contrast is knocked up really high. We think she may have captured something here... Her email is as follows...
I was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina over the weekend and dined at Hurricane Moe's in Pirates Cove for dinner Saturday night.
My husband & I dined between 6-7:30 p.m. on an outside upper deck in the restaurant and had a great view of all the boats that were coming in to the marina.
While we were waiting on our food, I snapped a picture of the marina and all of the boats we saw lined up from our view at dinner on the deck.
It wasn't until I got home and loaded my digital pictures from the weekend that I noticed something I can't explain.
In the shot I took of the marina during dinner you can clearly see what appears to be an Unidentified Flying Object in the sky above on the left hand side of the photo.
We were not looking up at the sky while we were dining, we were more focused on the boats coming in to dock.
There was nothing flying that weekend due the high winds. The gusts were gale force both Saturday and Sunday while we were there.
I have no idea what it is that was captured in this photo, but as of now, it is an Unidentified Flying Object.
I swear this is the actual photo taken on my Palm Treo during dinner this past Saturday Night.
I am stunned at what appears to be flying/hovering in the sky somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean or Soundside.



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