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Vet For 911 Truth Insights
On WTC Tritium Levels

From Ed Ward, MD
Slowly but surely the facts are becoming known...
From: Alfons of Veterans for 911 Truth
Re: Prof Jones Accepts Validity of Forensic Fusion Evidence Testing for Ed Ward, MD's WTC Micro Nuke Theory
I am still not satisfied with explanations of the 55 Times Background Levels of tritium found by the EPA in the water under WTC 6 (why only data from 6?) The government's hypothesis is that it came from exit signs, watch faces, and gun sites. Tritium is luminescent; it glows in the dark, and is much less toxic than radium, which had been used
for such things. I thought it was peculiar that something lighter than air would fall or somehow get into the basement of WTC 6.
I suspect that the tritium in the water was hydrogen that was changed to tritium with some sort of nuclear reaction. By the way ground water surrounding a nuclear reactor has higher than background levels of tritium.
I had talked with Dr. Jones about the tritium levels, over dinner while at the Chicago 911 Conference, and I was not satisfied with his explanation.
I did some research into the byproducts of a nuclear explosion. I was stunned to found out that there are many different kinds of nuclear bombs, some of which have a very small radioactive finger print. I speculate that "they" have nuclear devices that one can't find out about that are top secret, and likely will remain so indefinitely. I would think a nuclear bomb maker would want to make a bomb that would have the enormous explosive power, but with little or no radioactive aftermath. There is a bomb that is a fission, fusion, fission sandwich, and if the last stage is replaced by lead, it will diminish the radioactive aftermath by about 90%. There are by the way higher than normal background levels of lead in the WTC dust.
I don't really trust anyone as far as 9/11 research is concerned; there are many reasons one would deliberately distort, or outright lie about the evidence. This is a high stakes game, and the suspects have tentacles of power that reach all over the place. One thing I can say with great certainty is that the government's story is full
of holes, and there are a lot of somethings very wrong with what happened on 9/11.
--Alfons v911t
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