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True US Bush Iraq-Afghan
Wars Deaths At 21,000

The Voice of the White House
WASHINGTON, DC -- "In the last four years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the unreported death toll of American military personnel is in excess of 20,000 (20, 871) and the wounded who had to be evacuated from the combat areas for out-of-theater hospitals are in excess of 56,000. This is from a highly classified report sent by the Pentagon to the White House and is of a severely restricted circulation.
This is entirely logical based on the number of troops engaged in both theaters and the duration and increasing deadliness of the bombings, snipings and clandestine mortar and rocket attacks. There is growing public disbelief in the 3,000 plus figures given out by the Pentagon and their paid bloggers but the press steadfastly refuses to even question this issue or even dare to hint at the truth.
Eventually, it will break and when it does, Bush will join Blair in Tanzania and raise elephants.
Families of the dead are always notified but the public is only shows the ca 3 per day when the actual total runs between 9 and 20. This is probably the best-kept secret of the war and God help any reporter in the national media who prints any of this or any member of the DoD who even hints at knowing about it.
They have hidden the huge number of deserters (mostly in Ireland and some in Germany) which is over 7,000. The obedient press here acknowledges these desertions, minimizes them and claims that most of those who ran off, 'eventually come back'. I have news for idiots who report garbage like this; they do not come back.
On the other hand, the dead can never come back and the wounded are shoved aside, not discussed and will be left to rot, literally, in substandard military hospitals or nursing homes.
This will all come out but the Bush people are frantic to keep it locked in the woodshed until they have all left office and gotten lush jobs in the private sectors. Think tanks and major corporations are usually the final resting places for these vultures, when a deep hole in the ground would be far more fitting. Let's give the maggots something to chew on. Even a hungry hyena would draw the line munching on such carrion."



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