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Bush's Trojan Horse For America
By Frosty Wooldridge

"Doing nothing is not a solution," said President George W. Bush last Tuesday at his news conference. "We need to pass immigration reform now."

Since he 'did nothing' before or after 9/11 to stop terrorists by leaving our borders open and he hasn't done anything for the past six years to stop illegal aliens, now he offers to enforce our laws with $4.4 billion from money paid by illegal aliens as fines to gain citizenship.

That's like saying police officers issuing speeding tickets will pay for the construction of the highway!

"Gosh Aunt Bee, that makes about as much sense as a hound dog chasing a porcupine to see how many quills he can bite!" said Gomer.

After 'doing nothing' for the past six years and clearly in violation of his oath of office, he arm twisted key senators to reintroduce his 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill' that was defeated in the Senate on June 7, 2007 by a massive outpouring of Americans protests.

Is Bush completely out his mind or will he go down in history as a cunning Trojan horse president?

You can't be sure. But, it's a fact he's playing citizens of this country as fools that will do nothing to stop his plans for dissolving the sovereignty of the United States. As shown for many years, Americans won't react until it's too late.

What Bush proposes stands as a Trojan horse. Except, in this case, Bush drags the horse inside the walls of his own country. Just as he lacked understanding of his invasion of Iraq, he's about to unleash this Trojan horse immigration scheme into the belly of America. It will prove deadly beyond anyone's understanding.

"The whole Senate bill is the horse," said Dr. John Tanton, publisher of www.thesocialcontract.com "The Trojan it contains is section 413, which will be taken as authorizing the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), which is mentioned by name, and behind and above this some form of an eventual North American Union."

Tanton said, "Here is what Robert Pastor, American University professor and chief architect of the NAU concept, writes in his book "Toward a North American Community" (Institute for International Economics ) on page 9:  "Second, NAFTA is just a free trade area, whereas the European Union passed that threshold decades ago, on its way to becoming a customs union (with a common external tariff), a common market (with free movement of labor and capital), and finally an economic and monetary Union."

"I am theorizing that Bush sees full blown North American Union on a continental scale as his ultimate legacy," Tanton said. "One that through its "free movement of labor" provisions that will vitiate most immigration control legislation as it applies to North America, including the present bill. In its grand scope, the NAU will overshadow in the long run Bush's blunder of the Iraq war. The Senate immigration bill is just the "carrier," the "stalking horse" for this larger concept."

If you look at the media running stories sympathetic to massive illegal alien migration, it's a prep job for 'soothing' and 'dumbing down' American citizens until they won't know what hit them. America's middle class degrades before your eyes in 2007. Once our borders vanish, if you think 20 million illegal aliens haven't done enough damage, you ain't seen nothing compared to what the next 20 million will bring.

As that Trojan horse with free movement of labor from south of the border ruptures our language, culture, economic and educational systems, social security, hospitals and prisons-we morph into another Mexico. In other words, the hound dog caught the porcupine's full arsenal of quills. Once another 10 to 20 million of Mexico's poor take America's jobs, we create a whole new poor class. Who cheers this Trojan horse? Big business, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-lateral Commission and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, that's who!

Inside that Trojan horse:

Jump legal immigration from one to two million annually
Legalize 20 million illegals on pathway to citizenship and voting
Add 400,000 annual Z-visas with no time limit
Can't deport an illegal who becomes legal until his/her fourth DUI
Legalizes 20,000 MS-13 drug gang members to continue their work
Encourages more anchor babies now at 380,000 annually
Endless chain migration of relatives from all over the world
Ensures the USA will add 100 million people in 30 years
Cost U.S. taxpayers a minimum of $2.3 trillion
Endless growth, expansion, traffic, infrastructure
Cause water crisis across America that will be irreversible and unsolvable
Create energy crisis that will cause enormous costs to food, heating and transportation
Fracture American society into bi-lingual confusion
Create two cultures both antagonistic to one another
Create new American poor class as immigrants degrade jobs and wages for all U.S. citizens

If you knew George Bush would lie to invade Iraq, would you have voted for him?  If your kid suffered death in that 'war of attrition,' would you have voted for Bush?  If you knew his grand scheme included dissolving America's borders via a shallow experiment of the North American Union, would you support Bush's guest worker/amnesty bill? If you knew the ultimate consequences would be far greater than Iraq as to the destruction of America, would you sit by doing nothing?

If your answer is "NO!" I suggest you get your rear end in gear to stop Mr. Bush from implementing his Trojan horse before you can't stop him. Start with:

www.numbersusa.com ;
www.alipac.us ;
www.patriotunion.org ;
www.firecoalition.com ;
www.carryingcapacity.org ;



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