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48,000 Curies Of Burned
Tritium To Leave WTC Residue
By Ed Ward, MD
48,000 Curies Of Tritium Would Have to Have Burned to Leave the 3.53/2.83 nCi/L of WTC Tritium Residue
Basic math calculations on DOE evidence of its relevant portions including ratios -
Basic math calculations on DOE evidence of WTC water dilution -
No one disputes the DOE report ratios for Tritium burned in the documented fire of 3,000 Curies of Tritium that left 195 Millionths of One Ci residue? Accuracy when reported by the DOE regarding actual tested values are hard to dispute. The data shows that the DOE conclusion only needs about 47,965 more Curies to account for the diluted amount of Tritium present.
Yet, the only responses I hear are how I am attacking OMG Dr. Jones, which is untrue and has nothing to do with the facts. I am definitely calling BS on some of his conclussions and ignoring evidence by giving a value of 55 times background levels of Tritium 'of no human concern'. How long does it take for 'peer review'? How long does it take 'peer review' to acknowledge it has major problems in ignoring thermonuclear devices? Wow, this 'peer review' BS is great. It gives a numerical value of the amount of Tritium residue at the WTC of 'below human concerns'. Any elementary school student knows you can not assign a numerical value to 'below human concerns', especially if they are 55 times the standard environmental amount. Yet these unamed 'peer reviewers' 'peer reviewed' right over it. The 'peer reviewers' ignored it also. 55 times the standard environmental amount should definitely be called 'below human concern' instead of just following the scientific value (method) and noting it's standard environmental amount.
This Tritium ratio information is as damaging evidence as the massive craters, 5 acres of seering land, molten metal, 2 billion pounds of dust, wilting cores, massive power, massive heat, etc, et al.
All evidence need merely fit within basic constant laws - once variables enter the equation only then need one be a 'nuclear physicist' OMG. Every bit of evidence must fit the devices used. Thermate and C4-like explosives did the precision work and tiny thermonuclear devices did the heavy lifting.
One need not be a 'nuclear physicist' to know that all evidence must be included. A background in basic physics is all that one need use. Any thing with variables in it is suspect and gets thorough inspection.
Not that we don't already know ''911' was an inside job'. The People don't seem to mind 911 was an inside job with the murder of 3k, for the murder of 665k plus 3k (true value 21k) more of ours, so why should they mind a tiny 'safe' nuking? The only thing nukes really does is: let a few people know why they are dying, let a few more know they will be dying, show that the depths of tyranny go much deeper than the shrub and the chain. Evidence seems to point to several other nations - Israel, Saudies, Pakistan are but a few of the other UKs.
For almost a century both 'major' elitist representatives have been committing treason of their Constitutional Oaths of Office. Millions of families destroyed for the elitist tyrants to retain control. Millions more will die the slow death of cancer thanks to vast and massive radiation waste and activity. What's the big deal with a couple of safe nukes? Those documents must be completely obliterated. The fearful public must be made to rise up against the 'terrorists'. The shrub and the chain will save US from us - big shrub-chain smirk. Wake up and read the facts with over 200 referenced links in the series on Micro Nukes in WTC. Wake up. If you think it's 1984 prediction, it's later than you think. Wake up it's Rex 84 reality.
Dr Ed Ward
For references/calculations See:
Breakdown of the WTC Rain and Firehose Water - 4 Million Gallons of Dilution
Update: Factual Evaluation of the DOE WTC Tritium Report - 911 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EdWard-MD/message/141



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