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The Ten Lane
Jim Kirwan

All part of this wonderful new economy that has been so carefully planned for us by the North American Union (our very own division of the New World Order).

In fact this marvelous new economy is so fantastic that it has been kept SECRET from most Americans. The Money for the new trilateral state has just been unveiled, yet there has not been a whisper of resistance.Not even any interest at all in this several trillion dollar takeover of what was the United States. Please note the dates on the new money below -  It's 2007.

How did this all get started? Well the public got its first glimpse immediately after Katrina hit - when FEMA basically refuse to rebuild the City of New Orleans.

This had more to do with taking the land that had belonged to the poor, and giving it to the rich, a lot of people thought.But outside the spotlight something much more sinister was taking place. New Orleans with it's trade union work force entrenched in that international port - was quietly being replaced by a new and slave friendly port in Mexico. From that port much lower fees and charges could enable the vast empire of Wal-Mart and the other giant stores to receive goods, far more cheaply: load them on sub-standard Mexican trucks, and then, as soon as the new 10 lane private highways are completed , (with US taxpayers picking yup the tab).

There will soon be this very guarded private channel for both trucking and rail, to rip right up through the middle of this country - to deliver the crap that China continues to sell to every American through all the discount stores that have become so cherished in this cheap, cheap, cheap new world order: where rock bottom prices are favored over quality or function - always. This is the new American Standard in almost every area of life at least in the USA.

The recent explosion over the lead-paint in toys, was at least publicized - because otherwise the brain-dead American families would not have even noticed any of the toxic flaws in the myriad of toys they continue to bury their precious children with. American men for their part don't seem to care that virtually every tool, every plumbing fixture, appliance and or trinket in Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and the like comes from CHINA. The goods are cheap knock-offs many of which simply are dysfunctional from the date they're purchased. Nothing 'Chinese works right, standards of measurement and codes are routinely "off" or ignored, which leads to a hell of a mess when one is trying to remodel anything. When there is an American version of something available the price can be as much as four or five times what the version from China sells for, But if you need to have something that works, like a plumbing valve that will actually shut off the water flow, or a wrench that doesn't shatter under pressure - or a hammer that remains usable beyond a few months - well then you need to buy the American brand, if you can still find one!

The major missing consideration in everything about this problem is the population increase (encouraged by the extreme right - to provide cheaper and cheaper labor)- everywhere)...This increase created new paradigms, more food, more clean water, more fuel is always needed because the planetary population is exploding. Hence, the costs of every thing must rise.  

Instead of major corporations actually paying their workers a reality based salary - one that would allow them to buy and use the things they either make or control - they have opted to keep the lion's share of everything and treat their workers like their own private plantation slaves. This works especially well when government assists the corporations in flooding virtually every profession now with the poor from other places - driving down the prices they must pay, to get the work accomplished.

"American Standards" were always high, but that assured the buyer much more, by way of getting their money's worth. The price was higher because businesses were monitored and products were checked for both quality and safety: in the factories and in the stores. All that changed with OUTSOURCING. This is a one-way street: The jobs and profits are exported, all the regulations were dumped and the former employees were left to whatever could use them.

Now the colleges. have become diploma mills that teach nothing useful - except networking to stay connected. It's another fraud upon the youth and the innocent in Amerika - and it is costing the society far more than those huge tuitions that must be paid back. There are no jobs waiting for the ignorant graduates that looked to the diploma as a ticket to success - there are only jobs and opportunities for the connected to be had, and only if you have successfully murdered your private conscience in the course of "becoming educated."

The wonders of the NAU will put an end to all these contractions - because it will mark the founding of the new Fortress Amerika, which shall be fascist-friendly and dictatorial in nature.  Collectively we shall have so many SECURITY agencies, prisons, slave labor camps and all that goes with that - there will hardly be any need for anything like a real society anymore.

And this is the major flaw - What's the point in enslavement of this or any other population if there is no one left to buy anything among all the areas where they have worked so hard simply to obtain and maintain TOTAL CONTROL?

This is a comic-book fantasy, created by people who have never had to work for anything, people who have never risked their lives doing anything that they actually believed in, because they have no compassion - and their only inner drives seem to amount to only MORE, MORE AND YET STILL MORE. It seems to matter not at all, that in this process - everything that the world has been working toward for the last hundred years has now gone up in smoke.

- kirwan



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