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One Nation Under Surveillance
Jim Kirwan
The 2006 mid-term elections were supposedly about real change. Instead we have the same sell-out political hacks doing what they,ve done since 2000"which amounts to propping up an illegal and massively criminal administration that has placed all the power in the filthy hands of our self-appointed Decider. Between signing statements and the whole series of rogue executive orders that created the torture policies, the data mining files on all Americans and the ever-growing massive spying programs that date from 2001 to the present"this nation's internal policies are unrecognizable as being anything like what was once American life. We may as well dissolve the congress and courts and save some money: because all the power now resides within the executive!
This illustration above was done in 2002, and the only change in the situation, now five years later, is a democratically controlled, congress: yet they have proven to be even more compliant than the previously republican, body was. Some of the major differences now are that torture and eavesdropping are not only commonplace but quasi-legal, and we no longer have the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The National Guard from the fifty states has been nationalized, the treasury has been emptied, protest against the war in Iraq has been outlawed and our personal holdings can be seized without notice, at the whim of the Commander-in-Chief. All of this is supposed to make America and Americans safer in this time of war. The right of the citizens to question the actions of their government no longer exists"and nothing the Decider does can be against the law, because the Commander-in-Chief has decided that he and he alone shall determine what is legal and what is not. 
The above is all true. And before this writing: Spying on Americans without a warrant was a felony, and the government admits that they have illegally spied upon millions Americans, millions of times since 2001"yet because of the failure of the congress to Outlaw this outrageous behavior"no charges will be filed against government agents or the administration.
The "new legislation even lets the phone companies and the telecommunications companies off the hook for cooperating in collecting and storing all this information: sort of an advance pardon for failing to question any of the government's secret directives to them.
The United States has become a secret-stealth-state where nothing that this government does can be revealed to the public they are charged with protecting. That's one hell-of-a-way to run a country that is supposed to be a global example, "With liberty and justice for all. And because the congress and the courts have rolled over for the administration throughout this nightmare: the public will need to become very creative if we are ever to take back the powers that both the congress and the courts have given away, to what has become the Dictatorship that used to be a presidency. (1)
Some of the provisions in the most recent Executive Order include this:
"Essentially, in this Executive Order the President is assuming unbelievably vast powers to simply sidestep normal criminal or civil procedure, and to operate quite explicitly on the basis of guilt by anticipation, guilt by pre-emption, guilt by association and guilt for any reason in the mind of the decider. There is literally no limitation on authority, except that the person's actual physical being is unaffected.
However, a person so designated by this Order could be rendered into a non-person literally instantaneously. They could be stripped of every asset, have every financial or commercial opportunity denied to them. Worse, this literally creates a power to shun. Anyone who employs this person, who hires them, who pays them for work, lends them money to tide them over, who rents them an apartment, or allows them to sleep on the couch, who drops them a few coins as they panhandle would be liable to becoming subject to this order. The only protection would be to fire this person, to not hire them, to not pay them, to not lend them money, evict them from your apartment, kick them off the couch, and look away if you see them begging on the street.
If the potential implications of this make you think of Jews in Nazi Germany, think again. The Jews pre-war had it good compared to the potential of this. The most disturbing thing is that this Executive Order need not be actually used. Consider it as a weapon of intimidation. Most Americans are not rich. Most people live in apartments, they may have a house that the bank owns, they may have a car they're making payments on, they struggle with credit card debt, live pay check to pay check. We all live in these little islands of stability that can be so easy to disrupt. (2)
The entirety of this increasingly intrusive farce is due to the massive failure by the Neo-Cons when they attempted to create a permanent state of fear: "a national nightmare which they designed in order to have something that we must all be "protected from. Their fumbling ineptitudes and their criminal creations are still being used to give the appearance of a national perpetual fear. This they have called "the War on Terror which is a concoction from which only they can protect the public. But the public has grown weary of these exaggerations and projections, to the point that a new and even more deadly event may soon be coming our way. . . The history of this three-part quagmire is called "The Power of Nightmares (3)
Thankfully, this may bring us all to the final chapter for these failures that we call politicians"after which maybe we can all begin to get back to life and the living of it!
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