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Shocking Photos Of Rainwater
By Lesa Jones
Please forward to as many as possibleto find out what these bizarre items are in the rainfall. See Photos Below
Numerous states are reporting veryyellow fallout from the skies in the rain over the past few days. Images of thousands of strange things...and 'elements'...arebeing foundin this precipatation all across theglobe.
Here in the Western US, cobweb type fallout and these two different 'micro bug' things in the photos below areamong many others bizarre 'creatures' I have documented over the last 8 months. If anyone can get this material analyzed it would be a great service to our planet. I have numerous samples ready to go.
We have got to get this outin the open. All these different things in the rainwater DO NOT disappear when it evaporates. These items then starts to degrade plasticsand grows on glass surfaces.
I have videoof the one bug 'spider' types and it is seen moving around and making egg shaped little masses. Please we have got to have a united front on this issue beforeit gets so out of hand that there is no way to save us from these particulate pollutants and whatever else iis falling from theskies.
Look at all the rain and storms in recent days...they could be coating every inch of every space on the ground. Wake up and gather your own samples and see for yourself.
Speak UP, this is a big an issue asglobal warming and war...Just because we can't see it easily with the naked DOESN'T mean it won't hurt all of us and our children and our Pets. These things are on all of them. They're also in ourhair and on our skin.
Thanks for your time and I thank you from all the little people who are afraid to speak up or are too sick to make their voices loud enough to be heard.
The Bumble Bees are just loaded with the web like structures and the yellow round fallout from the last few days...
Aproud American who loves her country and what is left of her freedoms...which are slowly being stolen from us as is the clean air which we used to breathe...
More pics if you would like to see them:



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