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Final Piece Of 911 -
Tying It Together

From Vicky Davis
watching these videos, I think I see the whole picture now:

Full Spectrum Treason -- The Objective force

Future Combat Systems -- The UP and UP

Forgive the hastily prepared webpage but I didn't want to take the time to make it nice.


Add to the above - more succinctly stated:

The key concepts in the documents are "shared situational awareness" and ubiquitous computing which - if I understand it - is just an obscure way of saying that 'all the world's a stage' for the war games. It's taking the gaming environment and integrating it into the 'real world' of the game players for 'shared situational awareness'.

Both of those things would explain why the Port Authority reported - something before it actually happened (one of the towers or WTC 7.. I can't quite remember) and why the BBC reported the collapse WTC 7 before it happened.

With the military link into the broadcasting network, it wouldn't have been difficult to inject images as well as information into their news gathering portals. Then with shill supplied supporting videos following the event, they (thought they) could control the "knowledge flow".

Vicky Davis
The Final Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle
The picture of 9-11 is coming together. FEMA - DARPA - Naval War College in Rhode Island (War Games)

Naval War College in Rhode Island plans the war games - but they are not games. They are terrorist attacks against the people of the United States - and I suspect other countries. Recall the Sarin (sp) gas attack in Tokyo? After that - using the same pitch line as with NYC, Toyko built a Command and Control communications center in preparation for a "terrorist event". The trick is that the Command and Control communications center becomes the hub for directing local governments from the central control point. The Central control point is managing both sides - the Special Forces terrorists conducting "effects-based operations". Local officials are instructed what to do to prevent "terrorist" attacks - if they don't do it, then an attack occurs.

DARPA - networked computer systems for "national security" On Sept. 11, Adm. John Poindexter was in charge of DARPA. TIA was ready to plug in.

FEMA - Disasters - training of local officials, implementer of the DARPA computer systems
Art Cebrowski - father of net-centric warfare taught there.

Thomas Barnett - 1998 - Planning a revolution
Coup d'etat minus 10 years

Philip Zelikow, John Deutch and Ashton Carter -
"Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy" The goal is to implement "market-based" governance - which is fascist government to replace the American System of government - effectively dissolving the U.S. government except for the facade. See Ubiquitous Computing below.

The coup d'etat - "game plan" - the command and control center - linked to all important agencies of government - would naturally include the media - broadcasters.
Under the guise of war gaming, terrorist acts are directed against the American people by the managers of the 'war games'. These are Hegelian Dialectics - shock the system to facilitate the implementation of solutions designed for the 'Total Information' police state.
Remember Columbine?

Ex. Virginia Tech Shootings
Following the shooting, a "incident review panel" was convened with Systems Planning Corporation (Dov Zakheim) leading.


C-Span Morning Session

Col. Gerald Massengill, Chair of Gov. Kaine's Independent Virginia Tech Incident Review Panel, makes opening remarks at today's meeting. Following an update by the panel staff, mental health specialists discuss services to students and the condition of Seung-Hui Cho, the gunman. The event takes place at George Mason Univ.
C-Span Afternoon Session

The meeting of Gov. Kaine's Independent Virginia Tech Incident Review Panel continues. This afternoon's panel looks at "Awareness and Strategies for Families and Survivors." Then the floor is open for public comments. The event takes place at George Mason University, in Arlington, VA.

6/11/2007: WASHINGTON, DC: 2 hr. 48 min.: CSPAN3


Among the least-known measures are plans to place the new command center near the twin towers of the World Trade Center to positive pressure, an idea being promoted by William Patrick, a leading biological terrorism expert. The $15 million crisis center, city officials point out, is far less elaborate and expensive than one already built in Tokyo, which cost an estimated $190 million.

New York officials disclosed details of the first attempt by New York and federal officials to play out a biological attack. The drill demonstrated the city's vulnerability to terrorist attack. On Wednesday, 15 April, more than 50 scientists, government officials and state and local emergency preparedness teams met in secret on the outskirts of Washington. They were confronted with a chilling scenario: More than 1,000 people in a 15-story office building in midtown Manhattan were attacked by a germ disseminated through the unfiltered air ducts.

Jerome Hauer - was onsite on 9/11 prepared with a story about Osama Bin Laden - interviewed just hours after the attack to begin the mantra of the official story of terrorists in Afghanistan.




The ambitious project, which will sprawl over 46,000 feet in one of the smaller buildings of the World Trade Center complex, will be large enough to accommodate at least 50 different city, state and federal agencies, and will allow them to coordinate responses to a myriad of disasters, from the smallest sewer explosion to the largest nerve gas attack.
Among its amenities will be back-up generators in case of power failures, a storage tank with enough water to last at least a week, and whiz-bang technology that will include a secure "red" phone for the mayor and video-conferencing, so he can see and talk to the president of the United States, if necessary.
Saying that the facility is "not a bunker" meant as a safety haven for the mayor, Jerome Hauer, head of the city's Office of Emergency Management, noted that New York City's emergency response system had become a model for other cities and said that the planned center was a natural next step in keeping that lead.
"This is something the city has needed for a long time, a state-of-the-art center with a sophisticated communications system, that is survivable so the city can continue to function," he said. "If there is a citywide blackout, a hurricane, a blizzard, this is the facility that will allow us to keep working, to make sure that
people are not in jeopardy."

Naval War College - War gaming "shared situational awareness" ubiquitous computer systems

Live Fire System Test - 2001 matches 9/11 with official story line of "terrorists" - John Deutch, Director of the CIA stole files from the CIA. Those files probably included the "Al Qaeda" database. That's how the pictures of the alleged terrorist network was prepared in advance by the traitors who pulled off 9/11

Knowledge Management

Effects Based Operations Model - The computer system for managing crisis

Institutionalizing EBO is a complex undertaking that requires the development of new doctrine, the education of the forces in the EBO concepts along with the development of a common lexicon of terms, the adaptation of the current command and control processes, and the development and use of tools that support effects based analysis.

Since 2000, the DoD components have conducted experiments and war games to develop and test approaches for making effects based operations work in the real world environments. In most cases, there were no tools specifically designed to support effects based thinking. A few organizations such as the Air Force Research Laboratory, IF Division at Rome, NY and George Mason University have developed prototype tools for relating actions to effects in a quantitative manner to support the development of models of situations that can be used to perform trade-off analysis in course of action development and selection. GMU has had the opportunity to use the tool it developed, called CAESAR II/EB, in the Navy Title X war games, Global 2000 and 2001, and the Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) J-9 Joint Experiment, Millennium Challenge 2002 (MC-02).
The influence net provides an environment for modeling of the causal relationships between actions by our forces (Blue) and effects on the adversary (Red). It uses a graphical representation comprised of nodes that represent actions or effects and causal relationships between the nodes.

WIGS - Ubiquitous Computing -
(note: this document is talking about the military but they will be the "governance managers" behind the scenes - networked to the private sector institutions of business and visible government (i.e. militarized police) - see http://www.channelingreality.com/NAU/Transpacific_Multimodal.htm

The U.S. military is in the midst of a transformation. While business leaders moved quickly to put computing power in the hands of individuals, the military establishment has been less responsive. Network Centric Warfare is a current U.S. Navy initiative to leverage the power of the computer to restructure forces from the bottom up. Instead of a strict hierarchy where decisions are pushed down, networked warfighters will cooperatively pursue the strategic goals of the commander in a much more decentralized fashion. Essential to the idea of Network Centric Warfare is the proliferation of ever-present information systems, or Ubiquitous Computing capabilities, where the computer (or rather, the networked computing capability) is no longer the focus of human attention, but rather, becomes invisible. This paper summarizes the introduction of CommandNet, a group support system, into a large-scale wargaming environment to create networks of concerted actors and develop ubiquitous computing relationships.

Knowledge Management and Collaboration in an Effects-Based Operations Environment
New warfighting concepts are currently under development to improve the ability of future Joint Force Commanders to rapidly and decisively conduct particularly challenging and important operational missions as they transition to the fighting force described in Joint Vision 2020. This paper describes one element that is part of these new concepts: knowledge management and collaboration as conducted to support effects-based operations. Collaboration offers great potential to better enable warfighters to plan, monitor, execute, and assess activities across the spectrum of joint functional areas. Collaboration is also essential to develop a shared situational awareness among heterogeneous, distributed team members. Effects-based operations is defined as a "process for obtaining a desired strategic outcome, or 'effect' on the enemy, through the synergistic and cumulative application of the full range of national (military and nonmilitary) capabilities at all levels of conflict." This paper reports on the results of a survey administered during an experiment conducted to help refine the effects-based planning process. Suggestions for improving knowledge management include developing business rules for working in a collaborative information environment and improved display capabilities to help planners track information and documents during different phases of the planning process.
Effects based Operations - Entities - Last slide of Giambastiani's

Admiral E.P. Giambastiani

What Jerome Hauer was doing in NYC was implementing the 'command and control' center that fits into the 'interagency' component of the grid.

WIGS - Tenet 3. Communications of the corporate or commander's intent.

Total Information Awareness Systems - implementations underway
Government access to credit and corporate records (including purchasing profiles)
Command and Control Systems in local areas like NYC - WTC 7 - and militarized police

NAIS Premises and Animal Tracking

Real ID - including biometrics - adults and children Chipping Children

Smart Highway systems with GPS tracking, corridors and intermodal commerce zones (i.e. SmartPorts) aka Regional Economic Development Zones

National Medical Information System

Integrated school-Workforce Development system for national labor management

9/11 was the shock to the system to allow the perpetrators of the coup d'etat against the United States government to implement the central command and control systems that gives them the capability to control the country behind the curtain. The war in Iraq will give the perps the money they need to split from the U.S. government and become self-supporting - to make it a truly global, totalitarian system. The central command and control center could be at the Baghdad Embassy just as easily as it could be in Washington DC. (Note: investigation needed to see what kind of computing and communications systems are being implemented in that embassy).

In fact, the
transportation system that is being built supposedly for trade is just the kind of access needed for Chinese invasion of the United States - as managed by the traitors who executed the coup d'etat against the United States government.
At the same time, they are dissolving the United States as a nation using the fraud of "free trade" and the 'Security and Prosperity Partnership - which is a break with loyalty to the United States and constitutional government




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