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Internet And Talk Radio
Are Saving America

By Frosty Wooldridge
Senator Trent Lott this week erupted in front of the cameras, "Talk radio is running America," he said. "We have to deal with that problem."
If you're a burglar and someone shines a light on your activities, sure enough, you must deal with the 'problem' of being caught. Lott suffers distress from being exposed by talk radio. That illuminates his problems: lack of integrity and violation of his oath of office.
Lott knows no one shined a light on the 1986 amnesty. No one questioned the seven subsequent amnesties by Trent Lott, Teddy Kennedy, John McCain and the rest of those cockroaches running around the halls of Congress. No one questioned these 'noble' men's disregard for enforcing those laws they created to serve a greater master-U.S. Chamber of Commerce and corporations. Today, we know Lott lies, McCain hides, Kennedy gorges and the rest of the Senate of the United States serves illegality over and above the U.S. Constitution.
"Well Aunt Bee, if you're being lied to and cheated by politicians, what would you do?" asked Opie while rocking in the big rocking chair on the front porch in Mayberry.
"I'd call Andy Taylor to expose them for what they are doing to us common folks," said Aunt Bee. "Or, maybe we should call the radio station"
If not for talk radio hosts like Denver's Peter Boyles and Gunny Bob Newman, George Putnam in Los Angeles, the John and Ken Show, Roger Hedgecock and dozens of others-Trent Lott and company would have shoved S. 1348 down America's throat like a bar lizard drugging his victim for a date rape.
Talk radio gives voice to the voiceless! The Internet exposes gut level truths.
In a brilliant piece in the Magic City Morning Star, June 16, 2007, gutsy journalist Jan Herron wrote a column, "THE BAGMAN COMETH."
"How brazen of "We, The People," to inject our opinions into the debate!" she said. "English speaking talk radio listeners are the voices of intelligent and informed American citizens who are not buying snake oil from sell-out senators such as Trent Lott."
Herron referred to the fact that the U.S. Senate's amnesty bill offers American citizens a 'bag of date-rape' poison. She said, "Trent Bagman Lott must be referring to Spanish talk radio as to who is trying to "run" and "ruin" America. Perhaps Lott needs to tune into Spanish talk radio, I'm sure he'd feel right at home with his "pro-amnesty" compadres."
Peter Boyles, on KHOW 630 AM exposes Bush's support of the amnesty with a reasoned approach with expert witnesses. One of his guests, Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, told the audience that 103 million people would be added to America in 20 years if the bill passed. Costs exceed $2.3 trillion for American taxpayers. You could 'feel' a collective gasp from hundreds of thousands across the airwaves. Rector mesmerized the audience. Boyles goes eyeball to eyeball with John Temple, publisher of the Rocky Mountain News in exposing biased reporting. Roger Hedgecock's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" in Washington, DC in March illuminated millions of listeners across the nation of the real aspects of S. 1348. George Putnam pounds away like a U.S. Marine who never stops defending his country. Jan Herron hits the keyboard while the radio hosts speak into the microphone.
"Devious and vigorous forces want to continue the flow of illegal aliens into America," Herron said. "Trent Lott has joined the other bagmen in trying to push through yet another amnesty against the will of the people. The scheme seems staged, the fix is in, and our comments have no place in this scheme. "We, The People" are a real threat to Lott, Graham, Salazar, Kyl, and other bagmen. They want for us to become "Unplugged."
Herron continued, "Congress fails to represent American citizens. Are we to conclude that those who have not spoken up approve of our country being invaded with illegal aliens, or are they just "chicken little cowards" as Trent Lott? Either way, Lott or these cowards shouldn't be in office pretending to represent us, because they do not. And these same cowards shouldn't take for granted the tenacity of "We the People" or underestimate our willingness to do what needs to be accomplished to preserve the sovereignty of this country. We will tune into TALK RADIO as we darn well please, Mr. Lott!"
"We the People" voiced our opinions in sending the "NO AMNESTY" message to Congress last week," Herron said. "It's obvious Senator Trent Lott takes, "We, The People" for granted as he now has added his name to the list of bagmen singing the President's praises.
Herron exposed little known facts: "California is a prime example of the "open borders catastrophe." California's 1965 population of 18 million has now doubled to over 36 million, largely from immigration. It's projected to 56 million in 30 years, again from immigration.
"A full 96 percent of California's 1990s-era population explosion came from immigration.
"California's Central Valley is heavily agricultural and a breadbasket for much of the nation. Within 25 years, 50 percent of that agricultural area is slated for bulldozing to accommodate housing and services demanded by increased immigration.
"California must now build one new elementary school every day, 365 days a year to accommodate that explosion, much of it illegal aliens.
"California's multi-year drought of the late 1970s has now spread to other Western states. Imagine the disaster when future California droughts affect 56+ million thirsty Californians!
"Today's California is tomorrow's America, a future of wall-to-wall bodies, social unraveling, destroyed resources and an exhausted environment created exclusively by mass immigration. It's coming to your state soon!
"The illegal alien invasion must be publicly and factually disclosed to every American. That disclosure must be based on facts, not the emotional rhetoric and deception of politicians and biased "politically correct" news media. Policy decisions must be made openly and recognizing the opinions and needs of Americans, not pro-illegal immigration vested interests who buy and pay for elected officials.
"Radio talk show hosts are now doing the job Congress refuses to do!"
With Jan Herron exposing them across the Internet and Peter Boyles shinning a light on Trent Lott, Americans stand a chance of preventing this country from falling into the same chaos now affecting Britain, France, Holland and other countries overrun by immigration.
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