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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Low Flying UFO,
Sometimes Stationary
Brian Vike
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Date: June 23 and 24, 2007
Time: Evening.
HBCC UFO Research Note - I would like to make this really clear for folks reading this report, and viewing the video clips and photos. The witness states that there is NO WAY that he was videotaping a landing or take off at the airport and the witness was not taping in the direction of an airport.
I telephoned the witness and he was really super about providing information about the sighting, and I did ask if there was an airport in the area where the object may have been landing, he said no!  -Brian Vike
Greetings - This is just a little bit of footage I have of what I believe is a UFO. It often shows up and just hovers for hours in the same place in the sky, without doing anything else. Other times, it flies in close and hovers/flies back and forth. This footage was NOT shot anywhere near an airport. The craft comes in near the downtown in a city where the airport is far northwest. I have other clips of it just hovering, and/or flying slow or VERY fast in more than one direction.I have a LOT more footage like this, as it has been showing up a lot lately. My name is (name, phone number and email address was removed from report).
Thank you to UFOINFO for this report. 
Additional Information by HBCC UFO Research:
Brian, The first clip in this compilation was just taken two evenings ago, outside my home. This is where the ball of light normally stops in. It is in the same position in the sky as I saw it from the hospital, and often hovers there for hours.
It is not consistently there, but will show up on the odd night.
The rest of the clips are back at the view from the 5th floor of Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, SK. Facing WEST to downtown.
My Father is a private Pilot, and also a hobbyist when it comes to cameras, etc. He knows the layout of the city, and also the limitations of my little cheap camera. He states that there is NO WAY that I was filming a landing or take off at the airport. With only twenty times zoom on the camera, I could not film the aircraft coming into the airport that low from where I was. I also assure you that I was not even facing north/north west enough to include the airport, where it possible.
If I was able to pick up the airport, and the craft was low enough to be landing, my camera would have shown a tiny image of any normal sized plane. As it is, this thing looks to be about the size of a football field, when compared to the buildings it is flying over. One clip shows it hovering at a diagonal in the sky. (Watch carefully, and you'll see it changes position, both parts of the clip taken within thirty seconds.)
I thought this was our satellite dish in town at the Innovation Place Research Park, but that dish is northeast (behind) where I was facing. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE to see that dish out that window. These "hospital visits" took place over two evenings - June 23 and 24, 2007.
Thank you to the witness for the report, video footage and photos. The video footage and photos are Copyright to DJC2007.
Video footage can be viewed at: 
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