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Jimmy Carter Replies To
Reader About Mugabe

From Jan Lamprecht
A regular American reader on my website, who I believe also fought in Rhodesia, wrote a letter directly to Jimmy Carter. Carter's handwritten reply can just be made out, wherein he says that he did condemn Mugabe.
Not that it amounts to much... but I suppose it's better than doing NOTHING!
I confirm, that from our viewpoint, Andrew Young was a total jerk of the highest order. In THE PIED PIPER, by Dr Richard Cummings, it is recorded that Andrew Young fought with Allard Lowenstein over installing Mugabe. Lowenstein did not want Mugabe in, but Young disagreed. Young said to Lowenstein they must "get rid of the whites" and "worry about the consequences later"! Well... it is now *L ATER*... and the whites are gone and the country is a complete flipping RUIN thanks to Andrew Young's appointee. Thank YOU Andrew Young - you complete prick!
Before too long, I will publish an eBook written by a school chum of mine who served in the Zimbabwe Police from 1981-1984, and who FIRST HAND picked up the bodies and remains of many black Matabele people whom Mugabe had slaughtered. Some of the atrocities will shock you... I'd say it is even more hideous than the beheadings which the terrorist ragheads in the Middle East love so much. When I see Joe's anger below at Carter and Young - well - when people see what my school chum wrote about the first few years of Mugabe's rule, you will see that he was a monster from the outset - just as we whites said all along.
And by the way, African Americans know less than nothing about Southern Africa, and let it be on their heads that Robert Mugabe is now in power there. -- Jan
This was the email Joe cc'd to me along with the photo:-
As I see it, Sands, Jimmy Carter, on the recommendation of his UN Ambassador - Dr. Andrew Young - employed the full force of the CIA under Stansfield Turner to:
1. Topple Rhodesia and
2. Install R. Mugabe.
3. Record and blackball "yanks" serving in The Rhodesian Forces.
This treachery ALSO involved supplying Mugabe's side (and no doubt Nkomo) with every bit of military intelligence they could gather about Rhodesian military operations.
Andrew Young championed lifelong Marxist Mugabe over all the horses in the race. Young selected the most sinister - Mugabe - and pressured UK's foreign sec. Dr. David Lamb to GO WITH MUGABE. (Young also pressured Mugabe to run in the SECOND majority election circa April '80. You will remember Mugabe boycotted the FIRST). According to Robin Moore in his WHITE TRIBE Dr. Lamb acquiesced to Young's recommendation "because Young was black."
So while beloved Carter was getting his Nobel Peace Gong in Oslo - Dec. 02 the killin gs and farm takeovers were peaking in Zimbs.
Yet Carter continues to get a pass on his contribution to "modern" Zimbabwe. I keep asking him to step up to the plate and swing away at his old protege'. R. Mugabe. As you can see he is getting a little testy.
This was a fax I sent to The Carer Center (they do not have e- mail). Carter attached this hand written note to my fax and mailed it back to me.
The Rhodesian Bush War was over a decade before The Berlin Wall came down. WE saw it as a classic Cold War chapter.
It is my feeling that the millions wasting away in Zimbs, and refugees like all The Hendersons, are victims of Carter Foreign policy.
Ps. Carter Center Fax #404 331 0283
Pps. Of course everyone you know WHO WASN'T THERE THEN will say I am WRONG. A given.
1980 USA - Soldier: Rhodesia Delivered To The Soviet Union
By Jan Lamprecht
I just had to show you this. This comes from one of the regular visitors to my website: Joseph T. Smith. Joe was an American volunteer who fought in Rhodesia against Mugabe and communism! He was one of those few Americans who came all the way to Africa to fight for our cause!
He actually fought with the Rhodesian African Rifles which was basically a unit of black soldiers commanded by whites. He was a Captain.
But look at this news headline. Look at what he told the San Antonio Express News on 8 March 1980. He predicted that the "whites will flee". Correct hey 60% of whites (which included me and my family), left in the next 5 years. The remaining 70% then fled in the next great migration of 2000-present.
Note the news article said 230,00 0 whites remained. Well, the last figure I heard from Rhodesian sources is that about 30,000 whites are left in Zim!
Take note of the mention of communism in the article, and also by the Joe, who was there.
And after some years of pretending to be a moderate, Mugabe showed his real fangs. I fear the same may happen here in S.Africa. The fake "moderation" will give way to complete madness. - Jan
Here is a short note from Joe Smith to a friend of his:-
I appreciate your contempt for Jimmy Carter. I witnessed his huge & successful effort to install Robert Mugabe throughout 1977, 78 & 79.
While I was there fighting for the Rhodesian side - against a communist takeover - Andrew Young and Carter organized a massive CIA effort (Stansfield Turner) to topple Rho desia and install R. Mugabe.
If you are interested i! n more i nfo and book references please let me know.(PIED PIPER by Richard Cumming (p. 195-200, p,445) & WHITE TRIBE by Robin Moore). I WAS there for the last 37 mo.s of The Rhodesian Bush War.
In PIED PIPER (ALLARD K. LOWENSTEIN AND THE LIBERAL DREAM) Lowenstein attempted to talk Young out of selecting/championing R. Mugabe. This book was recommended to me by Jan Lamprecht, perhaps the world's expert on communism in Southern Africa. 26.5 yrs later one wishes Lowenstein had tried a little harder.
I made comments below a month before the April 1980 elections, the second election, that Mugabe "won."
Ps. The Reporter-Bill Graham- wore a hearing and gave me the middle initial of "T" instead of "C." He got the rest right.
USA: Excellent Article Predicting
Collapse Of Rhodesia & S Africa
By Jan Lamprecht
Here is another excellent piece of journalism from Joe Smith one of the Americans who fought for Rhodesia in the 1970's.
Here is more of the excellent work he did back home in the various newspapers trying to tell people what was really going on here.
Take note of the comments about the Soviets using blacks as cannon fodder. --Jan



From: Joseph C. Smith
To: Uta
Cc: Jan Lamprecht
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007
Subject: "A SHIT DOCTOR" gets published
Dear Uta,
Retired Master Sgt./First Sergeant Herb Friedman just published my story "A SHIT DOCTOR" today on his very informative
"RHODESIA PSYOP 1965-1980. ' ' http://www.psywarrior.com/ RhodesiaPSYOP.html
Scene below happened in 1977 in Maranda Tribal Trust Land when Sgt. Wilson( My Platoon Sergeant) & I were members of "C"Company,
1st. Battalion, Rhodesian African Rifles. I am congratulating Wilson for his successful completion of a 7 day patrol- with MY platoon- while I lounged around basecamp, in flip-flops, recovering from' typhoid.
Two weeks earlier Sgt. Wilson and I -and all of my African soldiers- drank from a small pool of water like dogs, on our hands and knees.
Just happy to get the water. Only I got typhoid.
Sgt. Wilson, who would have been a great Sergeant in anybody's army, is featured in this story, a true account. It fell to Sgt. Wilson to tell me I was a "Shit Doctor." (Our mission was to find and kill communist terrorists, when they would let us.)
(MSG Friedman adds' his own humorous vignette at the end of my piece. You can't believe the funny things that happen in uniform.)
Lieutenant Joseph C. Smith with Platoon Sergeant Major Wilso
There was VD in Rhodesia, and one American who traveled there -Capt. Joseph Columbus Smith- recounts his only foray into Bush Medicine.
Private Dube told me one morning; 'Ishe (Boss), I've got VD!' It's 0400 and I am furious. Our 10 day R & R is just over and this is the first patrol of our six week deployment. 'Why didn't you say something to the medic back at the base'' Private Dube has no answer. We are about to deploy into a hot Tribal Trust Land and I suspect Private Dube just wants an extension on his R & R.
Maj. Lionel Dyck, C. Coy' Commander, hears everything and orders the medic rousted from his cot. 'Medic, give Lt. Smith five ampoules of penicillin and five syringes. (He turns to me) Lt. Smith I want you to give Pvt. Dube'a shot every morning until the medicine is gone.' Major Dyke is angrier than I am. He can't let Private Dube get away with this!
We launch the patrol and the next morning at 5 am I am awakened by the sight of Pvt. Dube's naked right buttock. "I'm ready for my shot Ishe." It is a nippy winter morning and I fumble for the cold ampoule and warm it by rolling it between my palms before sucking out the thick white serum with the syringe. I jab him in the upper thigh but notice the milky white serum trickling down Dube's black leg. Whoops! My first shot ever! Might be Dube's first too. Not a good beginning for either of us.
Next morning the shot routine is a re-run of the first. The white penicillin runs down Dube's rump to his ankle. I'm not getting the thick penicillin warm enough. It's not getting it into Dube's rump! I' m ever hopeful my technique will improve by the third shot.
Meanwhile the patrol is uneventful. No sign of communist terrorists and while crossing a wide open area I move everyone into an on-line formation. To my left I hear a thud and see a small puff of dust. One of my guys has fallen flat on his face in the open with no cover and no concealment and he is muttering up a storm. I get everyone down and send my brainy African Platoon Sergeant, Sgt. Maj. Wilson over to investigate my fallen soldier who is still muttering something into the sand.
A giggling Sgt. Wilson' returns and reports that Private Dube is the fallen soldier. 'Why the hell are you laughing and what is Pvt. Dube muttering about'' I demand
"You don't want to know sir" says Sgt. Wilson who is still giggling' like a school girl but now has small tears in his eyes. Something is just too funny for words! "I insist I want to know and he again insists I don't." Finally I pull rank and demand the truth.
"Private Dube says you're a shit doctor sir!" Sgt.Wilson blurts it out but has to look away he is laughing so hard. I organize a small patrol to escort a still muttering Pvt. Dube back to base camp. Luckily I have injected no-one since.
Comments of MSG Herb Friedman, Ret. -
"I can feel Lieutenant Smith's pain (and Dube's too). The military has a terrible way of assuming that every member is proficient in numerous skills, often leading to problems for everyone involved. When I was in one organization the Army decided that it wanted close to 400 people checked for cholesterol. Someone noted on my 201 file that I had once been a medic (although a good 20 years earlier). When I protested that I had not drawn blood in years I was told 'You still have a 91B MOS in your 201 file and it is just like riding a bike, it will all come back to you.' I was called into the commander's office, told to pick a team and that I was now the NCOIC of the cholesterol control group. We managed somehow to get through bleeding 400 people without killing anyone, but it was a close thing."


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