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Labor Secretary
Elaine Chao's Racist
Remarks About US Workers
Job Destruction Newsletter No. 1721
I was quite stunned to read Parade magazine yesterday. In it, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao is quoted saying that American workers not only have bad attitudes and lousy work ethics, they also need to dress better and to have better personal hygiene. Let's be blunt -- Chao thinks American workers have bad body odor. On top of all that, Chao thinks that Americans need to take anger management classes!
After reading the article several times in stunned disbelief, I decided to call Parade magazine and ask where the source of those quotes came from. I talked to the contact person for the press release who told me that the author of the story, Lyric Wallwork Winik, interviewed Chao. She didn't know for sure how the interview was conducted but most of Winik's interviews are done in person or via telephone.
She was quite interested, and somewhat surprised, when I told her that that this article is starting to get a lot of notice in internet blogs and chat rooms. The Parade website allows comments if you wish to express your opinion about Chao's negative attitude towards American workers.
Make no mistake about Elaine Chao's motivation for making these racist and offensive comments. Her purpose is quite transparent -- she wants to denigrate American workers in order to justify the importation of foreign workers by using guest worker visas such as H-1B, L-1, H-2B, TN, etc. The jobs she doesn't destroy here in the U.S. she wants to offshore.
These negative attitudes towards American labor shouldn't be tolerated, but it does seem fashionable nowadays. Corporate toadies like Chao are manipulating our sense of self esteem and value to instill an inferiority complex in us so that we will accept the destruction of the American middle class.
Elaine Chao shouldn't be allowed to hold a public position, especially one like the Secretary of Labor, but as we all know her anti-American attitudes are shared by her boss, President Bush. Why aren't Americans marching down the street demanding the immediate dismissal of public enemies like Chao?
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http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2007/edition_07-01-2007/ Intelligence
Intelligence Report
By Lyric Wallwork Winik
Published: July 1, 2007
How Safe Is Your Job?
You could lose your job to a foreign worker -- not because he's cheaper but because he has better workplace skills and discipline. That's the message Labor Secretary Elaine Chao hears from U.S. executives who are worried about America's competitive future. While losses are low thus far -- one study estimates that only 280,000 jobs in the service industry out of 115 million are outsourced each year -- that could change. Beyond the cheaper cost of labor, U.S. employers say that many workers abroad simply have a better attitude toward work. "American employees must be punctual, dress appropriately and have good personal hygiene," says Chao. "They need anger-management and conflict-resolution skills, and they have to be able to accept direction. Too many young people bristle when a supervisor asks them to do something."
As for our job future, Chao notes that most of the fastest-growing jobs today are in industries requiring advanced knowledge and skills and are "very high or high wage." But critics say we're not doing enough for those without a higher education. "Today, only 30% of the workforce has four years of college," says Jared Bernstein of the Economic Policy Institute. "Instead of factory slots, there are slots for security guards and food-prep workers."
Every Sunday, PARADE readers turn to Lyric Wallwork Winik's Special Intelligence Report column for domestic and international news that affect their lives. Winik is one of America's most respected young journalists. She has written nearly 25 cover stories for PARADE and has interviewed such prominent movers and shakers as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, First Lady Laura Bush, former Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
Winik's work has appeared in The New York Times, the Washingtonian magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine, Moment and she is a regular contributor to Forbes FYI. In 2000, she received the Simon Rockower Prize for Excellence in Feature Writing from the American Jewish Press Association and was a finalist for the prestigious Livingston Awards, given to the best young journalist under 35. Winik is the author of Run East: Flight From the Holocaust, which was nominated for the National Jewish Book Awards, and is at work on a second book.
A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University and elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Winik was the class poet for the 1988 graduating class at Princeton. She also holds a master's degree in American history from Johns Hopkins. She is married to Jay Winik, the historian and New York Times best- selling author of April 1865: The Month That Saved America.
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