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Prof Jones Gladly Assists
Testing Unaffected WTC Items

From Ed Ward, MD
In response to: "Prof. Jones Denies/Ignores/Misrepresents Proven Tritium Levels 55 Times Background Levels"
(reproduced in entirety -
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EdWard-MD/message/110 ) 
Jones inspires testing of unaffected WTC objects with another "super" discovery? The "super neutron" that traverses all mass infinitely? This is ground breaking physics - the "super neutron" (it's like super thermate but with neutrons - take a known object and give it super powers hypothesis). Jones tries to imply the "super neutrons" existence with denial of 18 floors (exclucing several basement floors that were much thicker) of 5 inch concrete slabs (with water content) with 1 inch steel (approx. - 8 feet of concrete and 1 foot of steel in 18 floors) (all other filler, 47 - 16 inch steel core columns, elevators, desks, computers, air, humidity, plastics, etc, et al, ignored). Has Prof. Jones, the renown "Muon Physicist", never heard of TVT or, like 55 Times Background Levels of Tritium, is he simply ignoring the laws of physics that support his hypothisis?
When Jones asks in his second email regarding 55 Times Background Levels of Tritium, "Wait, how can it be that these materials (intact umbrella/calculator in a briefcase) from the 18th floor were not affected by NEUTRONS?" http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EdWard-MD/message/113 ), I thankfully decline to waste money on testing materials protected by 8 TVT's (1 out of 100 million neutrons escape) of shielding. After hearing of only pieces of telephones, file cabinets, everything crushed beyond recognition in a pancake, the intact briefcase, umbrella and calculator is almost more astounding than the "super neutron" and the disappearance of the shielding effects of physics.
The sample is back on track for testing, and there are at least two more samples in the works. An appropriate sampling is 8 to 10 random samples (neutron effects are only about 10% of total nuclear weapon debris effects) before serious questioning the source for 55 Times Background Levels of Tritium originating from other than a thermonuclear reaction. Along of course with the 200 feet wide by 40 feet deep craters, massive wilted/vaporized steel beams, particalization of 2 billion pounds of buildings, melted metal pools, etc, et al.
I will gladly accept testing on anything affected by the blast - powdered debris, melted steel, any of the massive wilted steel beams, etc.
Prof. Jones still seems to bypass 55 Times Background Levels of Tritium - in only 1 liter of sample - there were 16 million liters of water at the WTC site - potentially Billions of Tritium Units with no verifiable source.
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Ed Ward, MD
Information on Radiation Shielding/TVT follows:
Radiation shielding is rated in "Tenth Value Thickness" or TVT. One TVT is the depth of shielding required to reduce the radiation to one tenth of its initial value (i.e., it stops 90% of the radiation). Twice the TVT will reduce the radiation to one one-hundredth of its initial value (stops 99%), and so on.
Water has a TVT of 25.4 (10 inches will stop 90% of neutron radiation - 20 inches will stop 99% of neutrons) centimeters vs particle radiation (including neutrons),
Optimum shielding of the radiation from particle accelerators requires knowledge of the attenuation characteristics of the shielding material. The most common material for shielding this radiation is concrete,.. We found that neutron transmission through the high-density concretes can be estimated most reasonably and conservatively by using the linear tenth-value layer of normal concrete if specific values of the tenth-value layer of the high-density concrete are not known. The reason for this is that the neutron transmission depends primarily on the hydrogen content of the concrete, which does not significantly depend on concrete density.
Shielding against neutron sources was introduced in Module 3. The best shielding is a material with abundant Hydrogen content such as water, paraffin, wax, or concrete. http://www.ehs.utoronto.ca/services/radiation/radtraining/module7.htm
Water is a good moderator, and so are many plastics materials. The water content of concrete makes it an effective neutron attenuator. Radiation safety in external beam therapy -
Neutron radiation can be stopped. Water delays and absorbs neutrons, but since some gamma radiation is given off in the process, dense shielding is still required. Damp earth or concrete protects from both forms of radiation. For example, only 12 inches of concrete or 24 inches of damp earth reduce neutron radiation exposure by a factor of 10 (TVT).
Neutrons - "long penetration (stopped best by water)"
http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/navy/docs/fun/nucsuppl.htm (a link of over 100 links in my first article on Micro Nukes in the WTC
http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/09/25/ward.htm ).
The shielding effect of various materials to radiation is usually expressed in half-value thickness, or tenth-value thickness: in other words, the thickness of material required to reduce the intensity of radiation by one-half or one-tenth. Successive layers of shielding each reduce the intensity by the same proportion, so three tenth-value thickness reduce the intensity to one-thousandth (a tenth-value thickness is about 3.3 half-value thicknesses).
The intensity of nuclear radiation (neutrons) decreases with the inverse square law like thermal radiation. However nuclear radiation is also strongly absorbed by the air it travels through, which causes the intensity to drop off much more rapidly. (Air will even stop neutrons.)
Summary:DIN-6847 is the most suitable standard to estimate shielding requirements in medical radiotherapy installations using linear electron accelerators. Its calculation method is based on the tenth-value thickness concept for which values given by curves and tables are recommended in DIN-6847. These parameters have been estimated for both primary and secondary X-ray beams using the MCNP code based on the Monte Carlo method. Results show that DIN-6847 values are conservative for secondary X-ray beam, but not always for direct radiation. The methodology used has been tested using the mentioned code and results are consistent.
Nuclear Radiation - Nuclear radiation comprises only 15% of the total energy released by a nuclear weapon except for the Neutron bomb. In contrast, blast and heat account for 50% and 35% respectively of the total energy. The sources of radiation from a nuclear weapon burst are as given below:
· Neutrons. These are emitted at high velocities of up to 1/30 of that of light and arrive at the ranges of interest within few tens of microseconds to few tens of milliseconds.
Underground Burst. The greater the depth of the burst, the larger is the reduction in thermal and immediate nuclear radiation emerging into the atmosphere.
· Detonation of a nuclear weapon produces Blast Wave also called shock wave, which travels at a very high velocity. Blast account for 50% of the total energy released by a nuclear explosion.
Thermal Radiation
· Thermal radiation accounts for 35% of the total energy released by a nuclear weapon except the Enhanced Radiation Weapon (Neutron Bomb).
http://www.caps.org.pk/Papers/March2002.htm (a link of over 100 links in my first article on Micro Nukes in the WTC
How much energy is displaced as neutrons in any nuclear explosion is dependent on the type of nuclear device used, but we do know that "only 2% of the total radiation dose from Little Boy was due to neutrons."
"Fwd: Yes, glad to help -- materials from 18th floor No Tower available to you for short-lived radioisotope testing!"
(My full response will follow later today. I most definitely do not accept testing on objects that are unaffected by the blasts. I will accept testing on anything affected by the blast - powdered debris, melted steel, any of the massive wilted steel beams, etc.) - Done
Ed Ward, MD
(Jones' response reproduced in full -
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EdWard-MD/message/112 )
Jim Mortellaro
I hate to burst the good professor's bubble, however there are other reasons for the high background level of Tritium gas. Tritium is an isotope of Hydrogen and is used not only in nuclear bombs, but in (sit down, you're not gonna believe this) EXIT signage.
Heck, I should know, I used to consult for a company that was the leader in Tritium Exit signs. These signs were used wherever power was unavailable, difficult to access or otherwise where loss of power constituted a serious emergency for marking EXITS.
Tritium gas is placed in a tube(s) which spell out the signage. For example, "Sortie" in French or "EXIT" in English. They were used extensively in prisons, as prisoners were reluctant to fiddle with bulbs, breaking them, etc., if they knew the signs were radioactive. And they are. But in small amounts and with particles which decayed which were not dangerous unless inhaled in large amounts over an extensive period of time.
These Tritium signs were also used to save power, since they are self powered. The Tritium gas in the tube is accompanied by a luminescent substance. As the Tritium decayed, alpha particles hit the substance and it 'glows.' Ergo, self powered.
After the first attack on the World Trade Center, we sold many tritium exit and other signage for use in the WTC buildings.
Now I am NOT implying that the Tritium was all signage. I am, however, stating that Tritium signage was in use. Extensive use. Period.
Jim Mortellaro
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty
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Reply From
Ed Ward
While I thoroughly enjoyed Jim Mortellaro's reminiscing of what he did in the old days, it has nothing to do with the WTC and is false information.  The DOE report, "Study of Traces (55 TIMES Background Levels) of Tritium at the World Trade Center" (http://www.llnl.gov/tid/lof/documents/pdf/241096.pdf) clearly states on page 7, 5. Sources and Fate of Tritium at the WTC, paragraph 2: "We were informed by PANYNJ authorities that there were NO TRITIUM SIGNS AT THE WTC, only photluminescent ones (Lombardi, F.J. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, personal communication, 12/10/2001). This entirely consistent with our observations."
Ed Ward, MD



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