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The Power Of Symbolic
Language And UFOs
By Ted Twietmeyer
I'll first caution you that some of this article may appear to be somewhat abstract in nature. We'll first lay a foundation with known technology, and then show what may become our future of technology.
Language - can it be defined? We tend to think of it as only a means for communication between humans. By most definitions of language, any given language must have a fixed alphabet or character set.
For programming computers numerous languages exist. These are not languages that hardware can directly use in most cases. Computer languages function to build a bridge between the hardware realm and human thought. (Most computer software engineers know little or nothing about the microchips on which their software creations run.) These languages are then compiled into machine code which the computer can understand. In the early days, it was first done using giant patch-cord plug boards that "programmed" a simply computer to do simple computations. Later magnetic and paper tape was used, to be followed by disk drives. But I digress a bit here - because computer languages are not our main subject.
Then there are thousands of spoken and written languages. In almost all cases a fixed alphabet is used. In Chinese, Korean and Japanese each language has more than 1,000 fixed symbols for every object and physical action that existed in the ancient world. These symbols were rigidly defined for each language.
For example, back in the late 1980s I looked at a datasheet for a first generation gate array microchip. The datasheet for the chip they wanted to use was to me from Japan faxed (pre-internet days) and consisted of both Japanese and English symbols. For example, nanoseconds did not have a symbol in Japanese, and the standard abbreviation used in the west for nanoseconds is "ns." This appeared on the datasheet.
A typical circuit board found in all electronic products today [1]
The circuit board example shown above is the result of hundreds of hours of electrical engineering work. This circuit board can only be designed and fabricated after all the electronic circuit design is completed. The silver dots (solder) you see which connect copper conductors (shown as light green lines above) to other components and conductors on the other side of the board, or to similar conductors INSIDE the board.
It might not seem to make sense now, but keep this image in mind as later we will be using this example which is why it is shown here.
Now we will surpass known technology and plunge into the unknown. None of this is currently being taught by any of our institutions of higher learning.
We will leave the comfort of a known 26 letter alphabet world and enter a different one. Suppose that there wasn't any limit to an alphabet for a given language? Imagine a language where you could create an infinite number of characters at will!
For now, let's assume we could design a circuit without discrete components and without soldering. It would require totally new materials technology and an entire new methodology of thinking about solving design problems. Without doubt, this would require us to use ALL of our brain - instead of just 10%.
There are numerous accounts of "strange materials" which UFOs appear to be constructed of. Are these nano-materials, living materials or something else that can partially exist in our dimension and another one? It may or may not be possible to replicate these materials with raw materials found on Earth.
UFOs often have writing on them. But is it writing or something else? When we look at a printed letters on a paper, no thought is given as to what the ink composition is. When we see what appears to be "letters" on a UFO object, we AUTOMATICALLY think these are letters, too. If we look at this from a scientific viewpoint, we cannot assume anything to be fact until it's proven. Theories must come first, and then be supported by experimental proof. With UFOs there is by design a serious lack of evidence. Yet there is no lack of witnesses.
Fig. 1 - One of two antigravity generators claimed to be removed from an alien vehicle. Click to zoom [1]
The above object shows unusual symbols on numerous facets. (See reference [1] for full size image.) It is not known for certain if this object is authentic. There are at least three possibilities for releasing this image and the associated text for it:
1.. This is a real object, and the man using the name Isaac is sincere in his reasons for releasing it. Why he is solely using a talk radio show for this is odd.
2.. The image release is being used as a means to USE the public to decode what the symbols mean. This would also mean that those who have possession of the images and information will be carefully watched and under surveillance. If true, this indicates that government experts are stumped. This is similar to the plot of the film "Mercury Rising" where a puzzle was placed in a puzzle book, to see if someone could crack it. In other words, this image is another black op.
3.. This object is a simple CGI hoax that gives someone a thrill to claim it's real.
Text that appears with this object on a website claims that through reverse engineering, it was discovered that these symbols form a circuit pattern which "programs" this object to perform the intended function. It is claimed that even supercomputers in the 1980's had difficulty composing the symbols. The two separate, I-beam like curved parts shown above are supposedly the "controls" for operating the device.
Fig. 2 - Kecksburg acorn-shaped UFO replica. [2]
On the Kecksburg Pennsylvania UFO, symbols were seen around the base of the object by witnesses before it was spirited away by military personnel. There has been a theory that the symbols were Russian, by these are not the Cyrillic language by any stretch of the imagination.
Are these symbols merely identifying marks of ownership - or are they a circuit pattern for an unknown type providing the propulsion function? If these symbols are part of the propulsion system's operation, then damaging just one of these symbols by a small space rock might have been the cause of the crash. A coating could be devised to protect the symbols, but perhaps the material in the symbols MUST be exposed to space for them to work. This cannot be ruled out until proven otherwise. A solar panel could be protected in space from meteors simply by mounting a thick steel plate over it. Of course, it would no longer function.
Fig. 3 - Roswell I-beam. This doesn't look like Christmas wrapping tape. [3]
If the above symbols are required for this object to function in the Roswell vehicle, it would explain why an alien race would go to the trouble to put markings on such a small part (note the person's fingers holding the object.) It's interesting to note that this basic I-beam shape is similar to that in Fig. 1, though this is a straight I-beam shape while the two objects in Fig. 1 are curved. Perhaps there is a specific reason for the basic I-beam shape. One common characteristic of an I-beam is symmetry.
If you were to disassemble the door on your car or truck you wouldn't find any detailed writing inside. An action performed by intelligent life from bacterium to higher life-forms throughout the universe has a purpose, even if we cannot recognize the purpose or function.
Prior to the early 1900's, a rectangular pipe was virtually unheard of and no useful purpose. However, radar changed all that and rectangular "pipes" made to precise tolerances were used to route microwave frequencies to and from radar dishes. In fact, there is a rectangular waveguide inside the cabinet of microwave ovens, too.
Fig. 4 - Rendlesham forest UFO symbols - this was drawn by an airman who also touched it. He claimed it was warm, smooth as glass and changed colors. [4]
Are these symbols part of a functional circuit which we cannot understand with our technology at this time, or simply a message to us like the Voyager golden record? Or perhaps this a label identifying who owns it? If it was a message from another race, then why didn't the vehicle leave it behind before taking off? These abstract symbols tend to remind one of the symbols placed on the Voyager spacecraft, which was launched in 1976.
Fig. 5 - Voyager spacecraft golden record [5]
In Fig. 5, we know these symbols have no functional purpose or play a part in spacecraft operation. Both Voyager spacecraft with this record have left the solar system. These two spacecraft continue to function well and still transmit images 31 years later.
Nanotechnology has created some amazing materials which perform on the microscopic scale. Materials technology has advanced considerably since the 1980s, which is when the picture in Fig. 1 was supposedly taken. Slowly our understanding of the strange quantum world is expanding from pure theory to experimental results. The most advanced of these results will never see the light of day for military reasons.
A popular and highly conservative magazine "Nature" is read by many scientists today. Some scientists consider it a crowning achievement to be published in that magazine. In that magazine, it was announced a few years ago that negative optical materials were being developed. These materials work exactly the opposite of glass and plastic. For example, a sheet of flat negative optical material acts like a lens to light while curved negative optical material does nothing. A negative optical material mirror will not reverse a reflection like a regular mirror does. If someone were to talk about material like this 10 years ago, they would be laughed at as a crank.
Materials technology could conceivably advance such that complex symbols printed on the surface will cause a specific function to take place. To accomplish this will require the work of those who are not afraid to think outside the box of today's science.
Ted Twietmeyer
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