Please Help Aaron Russo
From Charlotte Iserbyt
Hello, friends:
Please, at the least, send Aaron a get well/appreciation card, and if you can afford it, a doantion to the fund for his medical bills which have reached astronomical proportions.
We have just been involved in helping the Cuddys and most of you responded wonderfully to that appeal. Your reward will be you know where.
It looks like our best people are under attack. "They" fear people like the Cuddys and Aaron Russo and others I could mention but do not want to do so since mentioning their names might just contribute to an accident or illness happening to them as well.
I consider Aaron one of the best. I met him when he invited me to Nevada to speak on "education"... back in the nineties when he was running for Governor. He is a great and courageous American. Many of you who have seen his film "America...From Freedom to Fascism" can attest to his talent, courage and patriotism.
God bless all of you who respond to this urgent message. Please pray for Aaaron and also that He protect all those who are in this battle for the preservation of our God- given Constitutional rights. We need batallions of angels at our side in these most difficult times.
Addresses for Aaron and his fund are:
Thank him now. Just click on the box provided to make your paypal
donation. Every stress-free moment is a healing moment. Bless Aaron now
with your most generous "thank you". Click here.
Yours in Freedom and Health,
Ilona Urban, Blakeley
Press Secretary to Aaron Russo
P.S. If you'd rather send a check or
money order, make it payable to:
All Your Freedoms, Inc,
P.O. Box 1213
264 S. La Cienega Blv
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
All Your Freedoms, Inc.,
P.O. Box #1213
264 South La Cienega Blvd.,
Beverly Hills, California 90211
Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt



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