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Palestine: Zionist Starvation Plan
By Mary Sparrowdancer
© 2007 Mary Sparrowdancer
Over 6000 (six thousand) Palestinian refugees from Gaza, including children, babies, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly, and unarmed civilians have been stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border of Gaza for over one month now.
Stranded in the scorching heat, they are without adequate shelter, food, or money with which to solicit help because the Zionist Israeli military regime decided to close the border passage between Gaza and Egypt. The Zionists had earlier built an enormous wall between Gaza and Egypt, destroying hundreds of Palestinian homes without notice in the process. The wall is a wall that is too high to be scaled, and those now trapped on the other side of it are being denied by Zionists reentry into Gaza. The Palestinians of Gaza cannot go home. (1)
In addition to this sadistic and prolonged torture of the innocent, according to Gush Shalom, (Gush Shalom is a Jewish peace movement- true Judaism is opposed to Zionism) "services of Western Union and DHL in the Gaza Strip were discontinued under Israeli and American pressure, making it impossible for families to send money to their trapped relatives." On July 2, 2007, Gush Shalom sent "a strong protest to Prime Minster Olmert and Defence Minister Barak, and also a letter to representatives of the European Union. (2) (3)
Stranded now in what former Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya describes as "appalling conditions," the death toll of the tormented has begun. Twenty-eight have died. In what should be causing flags of great concern to be raised, the EU personnel who monitor the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt are being sent home because it appears the border is going to remain closed. Chillingly, one must quickly ask if this is tantamount to removing potential foreign witnesses from a scene where a plan of torture and murder by the deliberate acts of withholding food and water from a civilian population could be underway. (4) (5)
Many of the Palestinian refugees now stranded at the closed border had simply been in Egypt seeking medical treatment, while others had fled the fighting that recently took place in Gaza. The recent fighting was carried out by the Zionists in what they referred to as "routine operations." The "routine operations" took place after Zionist tanks, aircraft, and military bulldozers left Israeli boundaries, crossed over the Gaza borders and then entered the Gaza refugee camps where they killed eleven, wounded dozens more and further demolished Palestinian homes and property. It should be noted that this is not a "war" between two militaries. It is a completely unbalanced slaughter of civilians. The incursions are Zionist-Israeli foreign military strikes taking place within Palestinian lands, and the military attacks have been against what has historically been a largely unarmed, unheard, and unprotected civilian population of Palestinians. The Zionist military has been portrayed via controlled mainstream media as victims, while the largely unarmed civilians have been portrayed as "terrorists" if they even attempt to protect themselves in their own land from the tanks. (6)
Among those wounded in the latest "routine operations" by the Zionist military aggression into Gaza refugee camps, were children and a young documentary news cameraman for the Al-Aqsa TV satellite channel. The cameraman, Imad Ghanem, 21,who was filming footage of rescue efforts, was gunned down by a tank as he filmed, and then several more shots were fired into him as he lay helpless on the ground next to his camera. Only one side of this military occupation in Gaza has tanks. Both of the young man's legs were later amputated. Although Israel claims it does not intentionally fire upon news media members who are gathering footage of Israeli military activities within refugee camps, other reporters also claimed to have been fired upon during this military incursion, as well. (7) (8) (9)
Having completely cut Gaza off from the rest of the world and even from 6000 of her own Gaza citizens, the Zionists have also blocked all import and export routes. Food and other supplies cannot get through to the Palestinian refugees stranded outside of Gaza, nor can supplies get through to the Palestinians being held as prisoners in their own homes in Gaza by the Zionists. The money is no longer flowing. Businesses are closed. Many refugees are homeless as a result of continued Zionist destruction of Palestinian property. But, none of this has been enough for Zionist Israel. Now, just out of the world's sight and behind those tall, ugly, Zionist walls that no one can see over, the Palestinians are being deliberately starved.
I contacted Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Omer who writes for The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs and asked him how bad the food situation was for the Palestinians in Gaza at this time.
"I just talked to a man," Mohammed replied, "he said that he has nothing to feed his kids and his family. He made it clear that things are so bad for him and his five children now due to food shortages, he goes to get bones of cows in the market."
The desperate family apparently boils the bones in water, but other than this they have no food.
"He has no money!" Mohammed said. "It's very bad here!"
According to an article written by Palestinian journalist Khalid Amayreh, "Israel, which is shamelessly telling the world that it has ended its occupation of Gaza, is still in tight control of the Rafah crossing, effectively turning the entire Gaza Strip into the world's largest concentration camp." (10)
As stated in the brief clip of the documentary, The Wall of Hate, (produced during or before 2004), which focused on the enormous walls that Israel has been building within and around Palestinian lands, "If the international community cannot stop Israel's apartheid wall and the destruction of people and their livelihood, then humanity is at stake." (11)
Humanity is now at stake.
Zionist Israel, which is a military/political war-state funded by billions of US tax dollars, has been deliberately taking life, limb and land away from the Palestinians for over sixty years now. It is a war machine that is bringing humanity to a disastrous point of no return. Americans need to act immediately to block any further funding of Zionist fanatical terrorism, and most importantly, we need to demand instead that immediate humanitarian supplies and an immediate money flow be restored to the Palestinian refugees living within all concentration camps of Zionist Israel.
The entire world should demand that the 6000 stranded refugees receive immediate humanitarian supplies as well as entry back into their own homes in Gaza. Their reentry will be into the concentration camp of Gaza, but that is all they have. It is better than standing at the border and dying under the sun of exposure, dehydration and starvation. And then, immediately, we, the world, need to come together as human beings and liberate all of the Palestinians-all of the world-from Zionism. We need to liberate the Palestinians from their state of torture and despair.
We need to liberate the Palestinians from starvation and from the concentration camps, the same as we once liberated the Jews and other minorities from similar torture. The long list of crimes against humanity and war crimes carried out by Zionist Israel must end immediately.
We, the entire world, need to confront the disgraceful and horrifying truth that is now before us. We have inadvertently permitted and supported the ongoing torment of the Palestinian Semites for sixty years by the cruel hands of a barbaric political state that is not a "Semitic" state at all, and which further has no heart, no decency, no Constitution, no "democracy," and no willingness to abide by any laws whatsoever.
It has no business occupying Palestine. (12) (13)
* * * * * * * * *
Mary Sparrowdancer is a writer and the author a bestselling book, The Love Song, the special edition of which will be published soon. www.sparrowdancer.com . You can reach me here, but please know that I block any sort of messages that are not humanitarian, peaceful and respectful. mary@sparrowdancer.com
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